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  1. Absolutely, it would be nice if they re-released it with TSLRP put in but that's not going to happen.
  2. EA has fired up Undercover's website and I must say by the looks of the screenshots and videos, this one's gonna be good, very good. http://www.needforspeed.com/undercover/home.action Also, read this.
  3. ^Hope it's cozy in there. (Indeed it is Rorschach from Watchmen.)
  4. I wonder if people sleep walk and jump onto their bed and then miraculously wake up before they land .
  5. The closest thing I've had to that was a dream where I was in a helicopter at a very very high altitude and a person in a pilot suit with an insect head pushed me out, I fell for like five minutes until, I swear, "fell" into my bed. That was one of the most freakiest dreams I ever had.
  6. ^I forget who that guy is but I think he's in Mulan?
  7. The Beginning is the End is the Beginning - The Smashing Pumpkins I fell in love with this song after the Watchmen trailer.
  8. My dreams usually connect, it's actually pretty cool when I think about it. One time I had a dream of me walking on the side of the road and a black mustang speeds by, then months later, I'l have another dream where I'm actually driving the black mustang and I'm speeding down the same road!
  9. I have have played both many times and in my opinion they both have the same graphics capabilities, BUT the 360 runs a bit smoother at times and I'm very happy with the one I own.
  10. First Bernie Mac and now Isaac Hayes, what a very sad week. May both of them R.I.P.
  11. I have a feeling the next one will blow us all away.
  12. I always do Korriban first if dark and last if light, and I try to get HK and Jolee as soon as possible.
  13. Well EA took a serious slap to face by profits being only half of what Carbon made. Now the next one (Undercover) looks pretty interesting actually sicne it's going to be alot like Most Wanted which imo, was the best one. 400th post!!!
  14. I agree, actually some of the stuff on there is borderline TV-14 and MTV shows it now.
  15. I agree, it was heartbreaking to find out there was no "free roam" anymore.
  16. Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, Magic School Bus, Sesame Street, Arthur, Reading Rainbow = Best Childhood PBS Shows Ever.
  17. @Darth Zayne- Geez, cut the guy some slack. Even if he does lose the bet (which I think is ridiculous) you can't just make him leave. In fact, I think the mods would make you leave for talking to him like that.
  18. ^I'm tempted to photoshop the lamb angel's head with Harrison Ford and the rabbit with George Lucas.
  19. Nice to meet you Jacob, and thanks for the info.
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