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  1. Well, the description of the Ahto Spaceport Cantina is "Stop in and chat among your fellow Knights about anything and everything!". I don't see what the problem is.
  2. Does anyone know if it will be obtainable through the Xbox Live Marketplace?
  3. I chose both, I like the idea of Revan (former dark-side) returning to light and the Exile using his "wound in the force" power for evil, but I also like it vice-versa.
  4. Really? I always thought Batman and Robin was cake compared to Batman Forever. @Chainz- Thanks
  5. http://www.cnn.com/2008/SPORT/football/08/07/favre.trade/index.html For those who watch ESPN I am sure you have seen the topic on Brett Favre staying or leaving the Packers pop up about every five minutes, but after many long weeks of wondering what will happen next, it is done. The three-time MVP for the Green Bay Packers has been traded to the New York Jets.
  6. I agree, except it was mostly the Marvel ones. Ironman was schweeeet though.
  7. WATCH -> Synopsis on story (from imdb.com): Intresting or not worth seeing for a superhero movie? Your thoughts?
  8. I got through the game fine without ever having to use them, although i'm sure it would help .
  9. I hope if they are put into the game (which they probably will be) that they will all be allies and help you in missions rather than in the other games where there were some that fought you.
  10. 1. Juhani 2. Visas, she is more loyal IMO 3. Definently Visas 4. Juhani 5. Not sure...
  11. There's my vote, kinda looks like Keira Knightley too.
  12. That's a good idea , if you don't pay back the loan on time thugs come after you.
  13. So after beating 10 times after 10 times in a row, he gives you more and more of a discount? Or does it only happen once. That's the alternative I usually use.
  14. The trailers get sweeter and sweeter every time I watch them. Especially when the Joker laughs at the end, it's just BA.
  15. Bastila?!?! Nope...no way. I thought I was gonna get Bao-Dur.
  16. Well, the exile got "betrayed" much worse than Kreia, I think. Not only was he exiled, but he was cut off from the force . Kreia was just "stripped of her power", but could still feel the force. Maybe that is why she became so hateful of it.
  17. The KotOR era is my fav, because there is so much story during the time, especially during the Tales of the Jedi comics and of course the games.
  18. What about Exar Kun, had a double-bladed saber too.
  19. Which of these weapons do you use in KotOR? Go as in depth as you want, down to stats and upgrades even. I myself love to use a blue double-bladed lightsaber and red if darkside.
  20. And the continuance of the story into TSL was very good as well.
  21. I wasn't really complaining, I was just curious at first who was voicing Vader and when I found out it wasn't James Earl-Jones I said bummer because I hadn't heard him speak in any of the trailers, so I didnt know whether he sounded good or bad but I did later watch one with the new voice actor and he does sound very good.
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