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  1. Just a suggestion, can you put in an option to not use the close-up of Spiffy the dog? It sorta looks out of place, since it was from the EGA version.


    I like the addition of Spiffy but I think the image could be a bit better quality. Were any other versions of Spiffy produced other than the EGA version? It does look very pixilated compared to the other graphics.

  2. "Ultimate Classic Version Builder" suggests that this is less than it actually is. I suggest something more along the lines of "Reverse SCUMM Edition" or "Ultimate Talkie Edition". Basically something that emphasizes the new "talkie" feature, the new "ultimate" additions, and the reversion of the Special Edition to the original SCUMM edition.


    I got it, "The Secret of Monkey Island: The Monkeys are Speaking Edition".

  3. Thanks for this latest update. It seems immeasurably better than the old updates. I feel confident that I can give this version to my friends who have never played Monkey Island before because they disliked the lack of "talkiness".


    One question, though. Has anyone found a way to get LeChuck's Revenge SE working with talkie in ScummVM? Since this project seems to be wrapping up, I'd really like a copy of LeChuck to work in ScummVM. Since LucasArts actually linked talkie to the original LeChuck in the Special Edition, wouldn't it be much easier to adapt for ScummVM?

  4. Meh, it doesn't matter to me anymore. I got an invite to try out a VMWare Fusion beta test like a day after posting this, borrowed my friend's PC copy of EFMI, and just beat it last night (with some help from a walkthrough. I never was great at figuring out Guybrush's crazy item combinations). I guess I don't need a Mac version anymore. I still hope that Residual gets done with Grim Fandango soon, though, because I also want to play/beat that.

  5. Many years ago, Aspyr released Escape from Monkey Island for Mac OS 9.2.2. Mac OS X Panther then came out within months, pretty much ruining any ability to subsequently play MI4. It has been many years now and Aspyr made it clear in 2005 that they have no intentions to release MI4 for OS X.


    Since the Residual program is taking so long to work, is anyone here interested in porting MI4 for OS X? I know absolutely nothing about programming so could really be of no assistance, but this seems to be the most active Monkey Island modding community out there (and it sadly isn't that active). Any thoughts?

  6. I agree with Silvor. The project still hasn't left Beta yet no one seems to care. There are still major problems and no one ever notes them or tries to fix them. Simultaneous speech doesn't work and there are still lines that don't speak as early as 1 minute into the game. The game isn't finished, just as Silvor said.

  7. With everyone talking about the installer, I understand that all spoken lines are now correctly assigned to the text-lines in game? No more mismatches?


    They are not all fixed. I got it installed correctly but all simultaneous speech either doesn't work or cuts off and a few lines here and there don't work. I wrote up a list earlier but no one commented on it or offered to help.

  8. 1. I just selected the SMI folder and it worked.

    2. Yes, direct ScummVM to classdub or rename and move classdub to somewhere else (probably the ScummVM folder).

    3. Any version probably will work just fine but I believe LucasArts used the CD version for this remake.

    4. Do you mean the new CD audio files? They don't get converted. You have to do that separately and figure out the order that they go in. I tried just renumbering them (subtracting one from each track#) but that didn't seem to work entirely. I still haven't figured this part out entirely. If you mean the original audio files from the original SMI, then those are the ones you are hearing behind the new speech.


    I hope that helps.

  9. Thanks. It was there waiting for me. However, all the audio problems I noted in an earlier post are still present...mostly when multiple people talk simultaneously (e.g., the three pirates).


    I was also wondering if there is any easy way to get the new Monkey Island music working with the original MI? I figure it's something simple, probably just decompressing a file or something, but I'm not sure how.

  10. Speech.info is somewhere in your MI:SE files :) Try searching in game folders (Data?)


    Ah, so it is. It is in the Audio folder. That little part should probably also be added to the instructions.


    Okay, so I've successfully implemented The Secret of Monkey Island (CD/Talkie) edition. There were numerous errors in the mkspeech.exe install, stating something like 4100 things were modified but the remaining 4000 had errors (I neglected to write down the numbers unfortunately. I do have the missing.txt file, however if anyone wants it). Now, onto errors I've encountered in the first 10 minutes of play.


    The Pirate Masters (?) in the SCUMM BAR are not very good at simultaneously chanting. "The Three Tests" (or whatever it is) didn't have audio, nor did a caption a bit prior to it. When they chant "Grog! Grog! Grog!" together, it comes out more like "Gra Gra Gra", being cut off at the ends. The next round of chanting also doesn't have audio nor does the trio of "Har Har Har"s. I'm guessing that simultaneous voices just don't work well with the speech implementation. The first and last lines of LOOM man don't play sadly.


    I rather figured that there would be some audio errors since this still isn't out of beta, and overall it is very well done. I especially like the reimplementation of the dog in the bar. If there is any fairly easy way to correct these text problems, I can try, if someone could just give me some pointers. Thanks for all the hard work! This talkie version is awesome!

  11. Alright, I've attempted this check off list but run into a few problems (note: I am not a programmer in any way, but I can follow lists fairly accurately).


    First problem: xWMAEncode.exe could not or did not convert my files. The command prompt just blinked on the screen and disappeared again. I have a copy of Monkey Island CD music which I used instead since I couldn't convert the real music. I don't think this will cause an issue.


    Second problem: This is the major issue. mkspeech.exe doesn't work for me. While the patcher works just fine, mkspeech tells me that it "Could not open "speech.info", whatever that is. Without mkspeech working, the entire talkie-conversion doesn't work making my efforts all in vain. I can't get the new mi1new.txt file or monster.so3 nor move on to step 10. Just to make sure things don't work at this step, I tried it on Scumm and it player just like it were the normal CD version, no talkie.


    Can anyone help me with a solution to this problem? I'm so close to getting it all done but this one step seems to be killing any progress I've made. Thank you!

  12. I'm just going to go ahead and post that step-by-step list here since the link was the wrong one and navigating two different places was becoming rather difficult (I didn't add/change anything, so still follow the corrections above):


    Well.. Isn't too hard to compile this project but you need read whole thread carefully. Sometimes you need search for needed tools using google.


    OK. Here is what I have done (if I shouldn't write this all step-by-step instruction, moderator please delete this post).


    0 ) YOU NEED TO BUY Your own copy of The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition!

    1 ) After install you need get MI CD files that are inside SE version. Extract Monkey1.pak and get classic/en/monkey1.* (tool to extract: http://helicoid.de/scumm/extractpak.zip).

    2 ) Extract audio\MusicOriginal.xwb (tool to extract: http://helicoid.de/scumm/unxwb-mi.zip).

    3 ) Now convert xma files to wav (tool to convert http://www.enbclan.com/download.php?f=/cod5/xWMAEncode.zip).

    4 ) Convert WAV files to MP3/OGG/FLAC. Rename them starting track1.*

    5 ) Extract audio\Speech.xwb (tool above)

    6 ) Convert WAV files to MP3 (OGG or FLAC are not supported yet).

    7 ) Now You need patch Your Monkey files that you extracted - You should backup files then you will have original files if you fail (here is patch http://www.mediafire.com/?yymeyajyzh1)

    8 ) After patching extract scumm script with command scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -of mi1.txt -h -H (the tool: http://hibernatus34.free.fr/scumm/scummtr.exe).

    9 ) Now if you have all MP3 files and mi1.txt in one folder you can make monster.so3 and mi1new.txt (here is the tool: http://helicoid.de/scumm/mkspeech.zip)

    10) Now compile scumm script into the game files with command scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -if mi1new.txt -H

    11) Monkey files (Monkey1.000 and Monkey1.001) copy with all 24 tracks and Monsetr.so3 to the same directory and use ScummVM to play..

    12) Enjoy and say Thanks to the authors!


    Thank you jott, LogicDeLuxe, cocomonk22 and all other hard working on this project!


    PS. I have found SCUMMBLER (and needed environment) but I don't know how and when use dialog splitter :(

    PS2. Using all steps described above I can play with speeches but sometimes there is no voices or voices are messed. Can I correct it manually?

  13. Any update on the progress of this project? I've been looking forward to a talkie MI1 and 2 for years and this looks very likely to happen now (and no, the new graphic-intensive remake does not count...I want pixels! I mean, I have the new MI:SE, but I want to turn it into an old MI with talkie...ya know what I mean).

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