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  1. ((Why is everyone killing me? :xp:))


    Javir's words were striking a cord with Varik. Did he really kill him for the good of Onderon? As much as he told himself, maybe Javir was right. Maybe it was just excuses he made to cover up the fact he slew him.


    Varik snarled. He was trying to trick him. "You snake. There was no other option! If you had been jailed you'd have been free within weeks!"


    "And what if I wasn't jailed? Did you ever think of that?", he shot back. "If I was found guilty of treason I would have been executed. Or did that little detail slip your mind?"


    Varik froze. That little detail did slip his mind! He never thought of that.


    "No, you're lying. That wouldn't have happened. You would have covered your tracks. Many of the politicians who were sided with with Republic strongly were already dead. You would have... you would have gotten a lesser sentence. You had too much pull. What if you weren't found guilty? You would've found a way to...", he stammered.


    "You acted without thinking of the consequences, or what could have been! You murdered me out of your misguided crusade of revenge!"


    "It was not revenge, it was vengeance!", Varik exhaled. "You took everything from me, Javir. My family, my home, and even my planet. And for that, there could be no quarter."


    His surroundings changed, and suddenly they were in a large estate. The floor was littered with the bodies of Javir's personal guard. Javir was kneeling on the floor, his hands amputated. Varik was standing several meters to his left. This was Javir's estate. And all the damage, all the carnage, was by Varik's hand. This place was in his dreams, his nightmares, his thoughts when he couldn't sleep. This place haunted him.


    Off in the distance, two figures emerged. Varik was unable to discern their features due to a dark veil surrounding them. As they moved closer, the veil began to lift. One was a man in a brown cloak, the hood draped over his head. The other was a twi'lek in light armor, his blaster unholstered. It was Kif. Then that meant...


    The man in the robes lifted his hood, it was Varik, although something was off about him. They stopped just in front of Javir. He ignited his lightsabers.


    "Varik.", Kif counseled. "You can't strike him down. No matter what destruction he's wrought, he still needs to stand trial. Killing him won't bring them back. You know this."


    Without warning, Varik struck Javir in the arm, he cried out in pain. Varik kicked him onto his side, and pressed one of his blades into his shoulder, as far as it could go. As he left it there, he started delivering light strikes with his other saber, Javir screaming all the while.


    "That was for father, that was for mother, that was for...", the dark Varik muttered after every strike. His robes slowly got blacker after each one.


    Varik jumped. This never happened. He remembered it plain as day. He decapitated Javir, swiftly and cleanly. He didn't draw out his death like this, torturing him and relishing every strike... Or did he? As he watched, he wasn't so sure.


    "Varik, what are you doing?", Kif cried out. "Stop this nonsense!"


    The dark Varik turned towards Kif and sneered. His eyes were a sickening yellow, and he brought his blade diagonally through Kif's collarbone, cleaving him in two and killing him.


    That was what snapped Varik back into reality. Now he knew this was a trick. He heard whispers around him, and suddenly everything around him stopped.




    Varik froze, that voice was very familiar. "Who is that? What is going on?", Varik asked, bewildered and looking around.


    It is Korre, your father. I am here to help you.


    "F...father?", Varik stammered. "It's been so long, father. Please get me out of here."


    I cannot. And I will not. The demons that you face here is unresolved guilt from your past, and you must overcome them if you are to become strong enough for what is yet to come.


    "What is yet to come... do you mean the Entity?"


    If that is how you refer to it, then yes. It seeks to turn your fears against you, use them to break your spirit and finally consume you. You must accept your guilt and fight that which you fear most. I will help you however I am able, son, but you must break through this illusion by yourself.


    Varik knew what he had to do. He ignited his lightsaber and turned to face the dark Varik.


    Time came back to normal as the dark Varik turned towards the all-but-dead Javir. By this point, its robes were completely black and its skin was a sickening gray. It pulled out its lightsaber from Javir's shoulder, and it ignited both of its lightsabers. Both of its blades seared with heat in a shining blood-red color. It brought up both its blades to bring down upon Javir.


    Varik jumped and intercepted it at the last moment, his violet blade locking with the two blades of fiery crimson.


    This time, Javir wasn't going to die.

  2. ((Light, I really like the nod you gave to Styke and the old Brotherhood. Brings back some memories.))


    Varik was still on the ground, trying to will his way to get back up when he saw streams of dark energy head towards him.


    Oh no.


    He blinked, his vision was getting darker. Suddenly, his surroundings changed. He was laying in the middle of a market square, and the skyline was dotted with buildings set ablaze. All around he saw charred rubble and collapsed structures. It was Onderon, his homeworld.


    What trickery is this?


    He stood up and looked around in bewilderment. He heard footsteps behind him, and turned. A tall lean man in his late 50s stood several meters away, and was dressed in the garb that was attributed to the affluent Onderonian politicians. Varik shuddered.


    The man's lips curled into a smile. "Hello Varik."


    Varik froze. It was Javir, also known as Darth Serazin. He was a Sith Lord, who had ties to the royal family of Onderon. He was responsible for infiltrating Onderonian politics and attempting to take over Onderon in the name of the Sith Empire. He was the head of the Council of Lords, and was behind numerous assassinations of people who were known to have close ties with the Republic, including Varik's entire family. Varik hunted him down and killed him before he was able to stage a coup and crown himself King.


    But here he was, standing before him. This was a trick, it had to be. He rubbed his eyes and his breathing picked up. "But... but I killed you!"


    But it looked so real. Was it really a vision?


    Javir laughed. "Murder would be a more appropriate term." He clasped his hands behind his back and moved forward. "Or has your memory clouded so easily, Jedi?"


    Varik glared at the dead man. His fear and confusion suddenly turned into sweltering rage.


    "MURDER?!" His fists clenched. "You were too dangerous to be kept alive! You had too many allies, you had to die. I did what I had to do to ensure my world wouldn't fall to the Sith!" He spoke with conviction, but he felt doubt. He knew what he did was wrong, but it had to be done. Or did it? The Jedi would say otherwise.


    Javir stopped a few meters in front of Varik. "So, is that your justification? Do you tell that yourself to make yourself sleep better? To make yourself feel like a hero?", he snarled. "I was weaponless and at your mercy. And you cut me down in anger."


    Varik scoffed. "A Sith Lord is never at mercy." Javir's words were resonating with him. His doubts grew, but he refused to show it.


    "I can see the truth in your heart.", Javir said. "And I saw it in your eyes that day. You didn't kill me for some noble cause. You didn't kill me to save Onderon, you killed me because you wanted revenge.", he smirked. "You may tell yourself you did it for the greater good, but murder is murder. No matter who is on the other end of the blade."

  3. Having been in mid-strike, Varik was the least prepared of the group when the Entity released a shockwave. He went flying, unable to manage any sort of recovery as he slammed into a rock face. He tumbled into a heap, dazed and confused. It took a few moments before he pushed himself off the ground, shaking his head to regain focus.


    He was pissed.


    He ignited both his lightsabers, and charged toward the Entity, propelling himself into an overhead strike. A Force push shoved him back before he was able to complete the strike. He got up almost instantly, lunging at the Entity with renewed vigor.


    They clashed ferociously in a display that would look magnificent to an outside observer. Varik heard shouting, but he ignored them. His attacks were sharp and quick, but the Entity's were faster. He twirled and made a parry. He was barely keeping up with it. It was getting stronger. But how?


    He upped the ante. His attacks were stronger, more fierce. The Entity was making more parries, more feints. Varik was keeping up. They continued trading until they locked blades.


    "I won't be the one who falls this day.", he snarled.


    The Entity broke the lock and knocked Varik back. He rolled and jump back up, and then unleashed a flurry of strikes. It struck back with a series of its own, almost too much for Varik. They locked blades again. Varik was using Juyo extensively at this point.


    He was getting tired, his attacks heavier but more sluggish. They traded blows. Varik was sweating, his breathing heavy, but kept going. He was going to take this thing down, he had to. He was getting slower. He was making mistakes. He missed a strike with his left blade and left his back exposed. He just barely spun and parried with his right blade.


    They traded strikes and Varik kicked the Entity. He then overestimated a strike and had to duck to miss the blade. He raised both of his blades and slammed down hard against its blade. He made a blunder and staggered. He went again. He gave three heavy blows. A vicious counterattack by the Entity followed. He misjudged one of the strikes and ended up losing his left lightsaber, the top part of the hilt getting cut off.


    He paused. He glared at the Entity with fire in his eyes. He was determined to bring this thing down.


    "You will pay for that."


    He fought with the ferocity of a caged rancor. He decided to apply Makashi more extensively instead of Juyo. He wanted to destroy its lightsaber. He wanted it to burn. They traded quick strikes and parries. Varik made a wide overhead slash. The Entity saw it coming and moved out of the way easily, and made a horizontal swipe, the tip of its saber searing Varik's left shoulder.


    He screamed, and fell on one knee. He was desperate, this fight was too much. He got up, and in one last act of defiance, charged toward the Entity, forcing all of his strength and body into one punishing blow. For the first time, the Entity staggered backward. Varik went to strike again, but his energy was spent. This strike was pitifully weak, his arm far off to the side.


    It was met with him barely able to block a swipe from the Entity, and a series of strikes afterward, and he stumbled and fell to the ground. His lightsaber deactivated as he was kicked to the side and it focused on the others.


    He was a fool. He felt like a damned idiot. And now he was likely going to meet his end because of it.

  4. As Varik was about to bust Light's chops about showing off, he felt a dark presence. He saw the Entity for the first time - a figure blacker than black, and he felt a twinge of fear.


    "Whatever injury that blaster bolt gave we're going to have to ignore.", he said to Light. "You know what to do. Let's finish this."


    "I normally don't need to use this, nor do I normally feel the urge to use it. But you and your friends are a special case. I will cut each and everyone of you apart and spread what's left of you across the planet."


    He clutched his lightsabers and he ran at the Entity, locking his blades with the Entity's as it momentarily broke away from Zarev.


    "You overestimate yourself, bastard.", he said through clenched teeth.

  5. Varik ignited his lightsabers and disarmed several troops that were close-by to him, and threw one of his lightsabers to cut the barrels off several of the other troops' rifles. He Force pushed some of them away and redirected blaster fire from several others as he made it to where Light and Avriela were.


    "Well this is certainly familiar.", he said, grinning at Light, "Us against overwhelming odds? We need to stop getting ourselves in these situations."

  6. Varik had been largely paying little attention to those around him. He was leaning against a bulkhead, emptying his mind and preparing for the upcoming battle. There was a possibility that it may very well be his last. He still experienced a stiffness in his legs and wasn't fully rested, but this was the most physically able he could possibly be at this moment.


    "Alright everyone. Time to go."


    Varik marched toward the ramp and leapt. He used the Force to slow his descent as he landed on solid ground. He was the first one off the ship. He gripped his lightsabers, his eyes filled with intense focus and certainty. He was ready.

  7. Varik stood with his arms crossed in the main hold, his eyebrows furrowed at the holographic display in front of him. Three Sith Harrower-class dreadnaughts and two Republic Valor-class cruisers formed a makeshift blockade of Voss, firing upon any ship that was heading toward the planet. Further off was a Sith battle group, which had all but been destroyed, and a smaller Republic group, headed by the Hope's Star.


    Karking hell. How are we supposed to get through that? They're expecting us. A direct hit from any of their turbolasers will turn this ship into dust.


    He groaned, rubbing his face with his hands. He looked back at the display, the Sith battle group had been completely decimated. Then it hit him. He paused, and zoomed in at the Republic battle group. Four Thantra-class corvettes - one heavily damaged, and several freighters and interceptors littered throughout it. Compared to the Sith battle group, it was relatively unscathed. But it wouldn't be for long. He knew what he had to do.


    Varik marched out of the room and into the cockpit.


    "Vlalkor I have a plan but you're not going to like it. We're going to use the Republic battle group as cover to get to the planet.", he paused. "It's our only option."


    He didn't much like the idea of sending Republic soldiers to their deaths, but what other choice was there? The reality was that those soldiers were going to die anyway unless if the battle group pulled out and left for hyperspace immediately. The Shan wasn't fast enough to avoid sustained turbolaser fire from five cruisers, much less have the shielding and armor to sustain more than a handful of hits.

  8. ((Sorta went on a nonstop Alice in Chains addiction for a little bit.))


    Daimonos trekked down a winding canyon path, looking upwards where storm clouds ominously loomed. It would not be wise to remain outside for much longer - storms on Malachor were rarely present. After a few minutes, he made his way out of the canyon and stepped into a valley, with a large chasm that split through it. At the opposite end of the valley was a large, ancient structure, with a thin curved bridge extended outwards across the chasm.


    Daimonos walked forward, taking long, slow strides as he walked over the bridge and stopped at the doorway to the structure. Something was wrong. Something just felt wrong. He moved his hand and opened the door, taking a slight pause before entering the Trayus Academy.


    As he walked down the central hallway in the foyer of the academy, numerous shimmers began to flicker throughout the air. Without warning, several Sith assassins appeared to materialize out of thin air, and various marauders and the like came into view from the shadows. Quite curiously, The Watcher was not amongst them. Those who had recognized Daimonos quickly fell to their knees in respect and fear. The rest soon followed, albeit much more so in fear and awe. The aura that he gave was one of sick, twisted wickedness; not malevolence, but extreme trepidation and discomposure. Complete amorality. Anyone within his vicinity who felt the Force would immediately sense his unique presence. And even those who didn't would feel very uncomfortable.


    It was at this moment when he came to his realization - the disturbance, so to speak. The Masters were dead. And in their place was a powerful presence, although it would be more accurate to say a lack of a presence. One filled with contempt, hatred, and arrogance.


    He stood silent, completely still. He made a motion with his hand that beckoned the Sith around him to rise, and they moved out of his way, vanishing just as quickly as they materialized. He walked deeper into the academy, determined to find the source of this... enigma.

  9. Baha I noticed that too.


    NAME: Raik Vrand

    AGE: 637

    RACE: Krogan

    PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Krogan Warrior

    PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Belligerent, Shrewd, Forceful, Blunt, Tenacious

    SPECIALIZATION: Soldier; Krogan Warlord

    FACIAL IDENTIFICATION: Unarmored; Armored

    WEAPONS TRAINING: Shotguns, heavy pistols, assault rifles, inferno grenades

    CLASS POWERS: Blood Rage, Carnage, Concussive Shot, Fortification

    BIOGRAPHY: Powerful and respected krogan. Hails from Clan Raik, notable for their legendary ferociousness. Very little is known about Vrand, other than that he has been in countless conflicts and areas of warfare. Ended up on the Trinity, either as security or a hired mercenary. Frequently butts heads with Kallic, but he holds immense respect for the salarian.


    NAME: Drefu Neos

    AGE: 31

    RACE: Drell

    PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Drell Assassin

    PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Reserved, Terse, Logical, Composed



    WEAPONS TRAINING: Sniper rifles and heavy pistols; Martial arts (Hapkido, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Tang Soo Do)

    CLASS POWERS: Reave, Pull, Throw, Warp, Stasis, Extreme Fitness

    BIOGRAPHY: A very silent, very professional marksman. Proficient in various styles of martial arts. Powerful biotic. Not much is known of him aside from various assassinations across the Attican Traverse and Skyllian Verge being attributed to his name.

  10. He who rend both heavens and earth.


    A bloodied, broken man was chained to a stone slab, screaming various obscenities as he was surrounded by several dark-robed men. At the head of this gathering was tall, slender man, with long silver hair draping down his back. His features were expressionless as he raised his hand, and his compatriots flanked the stone slab in a semicircle, extending their hands as well. At once, the screaming man suddenly became consumed in a bluish-orange inferno. He anguished in an inscrutably painful immolation, writhing and screaming as his flesh seared. The purple glow emitted from the flames reflected in the eyes of Daimonos, standing erect as he drained the lifeforce of the man.




    I am God, and all other gods are my imagery. I gave birth to myself. I am millions of forms excreating; eternal; and nothing exists except through me. Yet I am not them - they serve me.


    That occurred a few days ago. Just another sacrifice to Daimonos, just another man whose power was snuffed to augment his own. Many would call him immoral, sick, and twisted, but what was so wrong about the utter annihilation of one's enemies?


    Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


    He walked upon the surface of Malachor, barren and desolate, with jagged spires and valleys shaping the landscape, and an ominous green aura permeating throughout. The air fluctuated with hate, anguish, and betrayal. Something felt off, very off, as if a great power had suddenly been extinguished by something lesser - but at the same time yet so much more.


    He continued onward.

  11. Yes I have an excuse to use Daimonos again!


    NAME: Daimonos; the Occultist


    APPEARANCE: Arkanian. Long, flowing white hair. Tall and lean. Very pale. (Disregard pistol. Pistols are dumb.)

    AGE: 43

    WEAPONS: A dull yellow lightsaber; Force-imbued Sith blade; the Force

    SPECIALIZATION: Sith Alchemist/Sorcerer

    SPECIAL STRENGTHS: Near unparalleled knowledge in long-lost arts of Sith alchemy are various black magicks.

    WEAKNESSES: His skill with the blade is rather poor, at least compared to his Force abilities. Used to be much better in years past. There is a high possibility that Daimonos suffers from some form of mental degradation (possibly megalomania). Has a tendency to make many uncomfortable due to being a death worshiper.

    ROMANCE: No interest whatsoever.

    BEAST COMPANION: Any sort of sithspawn. Has a preference for tuk'ata.


  12. Daimonos basked in his meditation within the Trayus Core. It brought him a sense of tranquility, so to speak, on this silent and desolate world. The Jedi will pay for what they have done, he will make certain of it. However, his meditations interrupted; he felt the pulse again. It was stronger and clearer. He was uncertain about its origins, but he was certain about one thing - whatever it was, he was confident he could use it to bring about his vengeance upon the Jedi.

  13. Valek awoke in the Cargo Hold on the Ebon Hawk, with his weaponry slumped all over the floor. How unprofessional. He got up with a groan, and he felt like crap. What the hell happened? He distinctly remembered facing that one Dark Jedi and then Tyrannus, but nothing much more than that. Shaking the though, he collected the many grenades and shell casing scattered across the floor. Must've passed out when I got on the Hawk or something.


    He rubbed his head as he placed the last grenades on his belt. He holstered his weapons and then donned his helmet. His boots made a reverberating metallic echo as he walked through the corridors of the ship. He ran into Xandros.


    "Hey Xandros, what happened? I appear to be having a case of amnesia.", Valek asked.


    ((I'll try not to disappear this time. :lol:))

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