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  1. I'm still planning to finish this project soon.

    In the meantime, here is a reupload of the last beta: http://www.fileden.com/files/2012/2/1/3258380/MI2_Ultimate_Talkie_Edition_Builder_0.2.zip


    I've not been on here in a long while now - probably not since my last post in this thread back in 2010 - so to check back and find some news of this project was a nice surprise!


    I'm really glad to hear this project isn't dead. If you would like me to continue testing and bug-reporting from where I left off last time, I'd be happy to help out again. = ) I'm employed in a full-time job now, so would have a bit less time for it than I did last time around; however, I'd be happy to put in the time when I can to make sure we catch as many bugs and instances of changed dialogue as possible. This project wasn't far off of being as complete and polished as the MI1 Talkie Edition project, and I'd love to help out again in taking it that extra step to completion.


    Obviously I'd wait for a new version to be released before getting started, though - I'm pretty sure I reported everything I could find in the previous version, and if work on a new version is continuing again there's no point in me reporting things that might already have been fixed in the upcoming edition.


    Will keep my eyes open for any updates in future. = )

  2. Plus, on top of the above point, this version also aims to fix bugs and, to some extent, art goofs present in the original game. Being run from the original files rather than through the SE's interpreter, it also avoids any bugs that are the fault of the interpreter executable. There's also corrections to text etc. such as instances where the makers of the SE forgot to change some lines to match the altered dialogue; plus the ability to play with the original unmodified dialogue if you want, something that is not possible in the SE. Also, the ability to turn the narrator on and off, depending on whether the narration bugs you or not.


    Overall, it just aims to be a 'complete' version of the classic version of MI2, with voice acting, as few bugs as possible and more customisation options than the SE's classic version allows. = )

  3. Finally got around to playtesting the latest version of this - got a little distracted going through the MI2 Ultimate Talkie Edition those first few times, haha. ; ) I've done a complete playthrough and am now double-checking the beginning of Part III, keeping a close eye on Herman's dialogue. While most of the glitches in his dialogue scripts seem to have been fixed, one notable one is still present. The glitch I mentioned for the previous version after telling Herman I'm here to rescue someone is still present - Guybrush still added I think she's on that ghost-ship underground. even though I hadn't yet seen the ship. Herman still said I told you about them borrowing my banana picker and never returning it, right? at the end of the dialogue; although this line only appears in RC4 when you've already talked about the banana picker, the line still makes no sense here as the conversation is about the ghost pirates, not the cannibals.


    Will let you know of any more bugs that I find - am currently replaying the beginning of Part III a couple of times to double-check Herman's dialogue some more. Will let you know if I find anything more. = )

  4. It does work most of the time, though. It seems, the complex finale music sometimes takes all resources. Probably the same limitation as with the water fall.

    Also the campfire crackle is known to suffer from this.


    Yeah, I just completed an Easy Mode playthrough to test for additional bugs/typos, and the SFX for both worked fine this time. Didn't find any additional bugs/typos, by the way, and the Easy-Mode-only dialogue seems 100% fine as far as I can see. = )


    Shame it won't be fixable for the campfire/waterfall/elevator, but understandable as that's just due to the limitations of the game engine. Good to know the bag should work properly all the time when the SE SFX for it are implemented, though.

  5. I think, I leave it to any graphics enhancements projects, just like I did with MI1. There are quite some inconsistencies in the drawings, which fortunately don't interfere with gameplay.


    I figured that would be the case. Thought I'd better mention it to make sure, though. = )


    Have finished Parts III and IV now - not much at all from these! Part II was definitely the meatiest part, I think. Anyway, here they are:


    Dialogue Changes

    LeChuck's Fortress:

    I will then take your bones... = I will take your bones...


    Talking to Chester on Dinky:

    How hard could that be? = How hard can that be?



    You know, this doll reminds me of the Stretchy Muscleman I had as a kid. - I know this line has already been changed to match the audio, but I would suggest one tweak to the text: re-instating the from the original Stretchy Strongman™ version of the line. ™s are a staple of Monkey Island, and besides, most other "products" in MI2 have one - see Stan's Kozy Krypts™, Ash-2-Life™, or for an example from the same scene, Junior Ultra Soldier Commando Assault Vehicle™. As a result, I feel Stretchy Muscleman™ would work better here than the current version without the ™.

    But you've got to see-- = You've got to see--

    No chance, you'll just rip out my lungs when I get close. = No chance, you'll just rip my lungs out when I get close.



    -In the first scene of Part III, the delivery man with red hair looks miscoloured. The darkest shade of his skin is instead incredibly bright. I am guessing this is probably something like the Bartender issue I brought up before and thus cannot be fixed, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

    -The Parrot on Dinky has whistle sound effects that still overlap with some of its' dialogue. Since all these SFX are replaced with voice clips in the SE, I'm guessing this will be eventually fixed when the extra/updated SFX from the SE start being implemented.

    -In the Finalé, the elevator and Juju bag are missing sound FX. I know adding sound to the Juju bag was mentioned as a fix that'd already been done in the v0.1 update list, so this confused me a little. Don't know if it makes any difference, but the room I used the bag in was the Mêlée Island back alley.


    That seems to be it for now! Obviously this was only a single playthrough, so I didn't get to test quite all of the available dialogue options, but I was as thorough as I could be within that limitation. Hopefully this playthrough as a whole has captured a good amount of bugs + changes. = )

  6. This is no true color game. The colors are limited, and so is what can be done with these effects. If you look further, you will notice that the fishes in the background have the wrong brightness in cutscenes, ie. the same as Largo/Bernard. That won't change either.


    Ah, righto - my mistake. Should have realised there'd be a limit on effects of that sort.


    Anyway, have just finished Part II and have a mammoth list of bugs and dialogue changes ready for you. That's probably the largest part of the game out of the way now. I might see if I can do Parts III and IV all at once when I next get the chance to play, since they're both pretty small and self-contained.


    Dialogue Changes:

    Talking to DeWaat on Booty:

    What? They doin' a treasure hunt again this year? = What? They're doin' a treasure hunt again this year?


    Looking at the Spit Plaque:

    It's a plaque with an old-looking gob of something on it. = It's a plaque with an odd-looking gob of something on it.


    Talking to Elaine:

    You know, I do have work to do. = You know, I have work to do.

    Go tell it to your mamma. = Go tell it to your mother.


    Talking to the Fisherman on Phatt:

    I think you're just trying to get your hands on my pole. = I think you're just trying to get your hands on my fishing pole.

    I'll give you my prize-winning pole. = I'll give you my prize-winning fishing pole.

    Think I'll just drop a line right here. = Think I'll drop a line right here.


    Looking at the mirror at Rum Rogers':

    That's a nice looking beard. = That is a nice looking beard. (Unless the SE subtitle for this replacement line really says "That's" rather than "That is", in which case just leave it as is - I haven't had a chance to check this, so thought I'd mention it regardless).


    Delivery Men in Scabb Island Swamp:

    Hey, Rich. I could use a hand with this one. = Hey, Rich. I sure could use a hand with this one.


    In LeChuck's Fortress (cutscene):

    You will regret a lot more if he finds another. = You will regret it a lot more if he finds another.


    On Captain Kate's Ship:

    This ship is so small, the rats leaving it are humpbacked. = This ship is so small, the rats are leaving it humpbacked.



    -Talking to DeWaat on Booty, the line Well, if it's a party your looking for... has a typo; your should be you're in this context.

    -At Stan's, I'm pretty sure the line Making plot reservations now insures you a space at our popular Scabb Island Internment Park™... has a typo - the context of the line suggests that insures is actually intended to be ensures, as in "guarantees". Not sure about this one, though.

    -During the bone dance, rib bone is consistently mis-spelt as rip bone in all of the lines sung by the skeletons. This doesn't affect any of Guybrush's lines or the lyrics written on the paper as far as I could see.



    Booty Island:

    -In the Antique Shop, if you talk to the parrot while the antique dealer is talking, after finishing its line the parrot doesn't stop its' talking animation. Instead, the animation will continue until the dealer finishes his remaining lines of dialogue.

    -At Stan's, Guybrush still points the wrong way if facing the coffin and selecting the dialogue option How much is that coffin?. Adding the same check to see which way he's facing that you added to the Could you show me that coffin again? dialogue option should fix this.

    -Sometimes, when Stan is in the coffin, if you open the coffin just as Stan's line is ending, even though the coffin is open his next line will be said in the "coffin closed" muffled voice and his talking animation will not play. Sometimes this also affects it the other way - if you close the coffin sometimes he will speak his next line in the "out of the coffin" voice. This seems harder to do than the other way around, though.

    -At the Spitting Contest, there's an art goof - the banner on the far right reads "Pirate's Spit Contest!" rather than "Pirates' Spit Contest" as it should. Originally all the banners were incorrect, but this was fixed sometime between the demo and the full game; however, this banner was apparently missed when they fixed the other two.

    -At Governor Marley's Party, when the skeleton guest says It's alright., the audio says Yep. instead. This seems like it's probably using the wrong audio file, rather than being a dialogue change, as the same Yep. is also correctly used elsewhere.

    -Also at the party, the Pig-mask guest on the far right seems to have the audio files for his (cheap sexual innuendo) and (mindless retort) lines the wrong way around - currently his (cheap sexual innuendo) is a reply to the clown's (cheap sexual innuendo), while his (mindless retort) is him telling his own tale of innuendo.


    Phatt Island:

    -In the Jail, When offering the bone to Walt, Guybrush's whistle sounds occur at the same time as his dialogue lines Here, doggie doggie. and Here boy! It would be impossible for him to whistle to the dog and speak at the same time. Is it possible to make each whistle happen just before each of his lines instead?

    -Also in the Jail, When talking to Captain Kate, Guybrush's line, I can explain, I--, gets cut off earlier than it should.

    -At the top of the waterfall, when I used the monkey on the pump, the waterfall sound cut out after Guybrush had taken the monkey out of his pocket but before he'd actually used it to turn off the pump. Not sure what caused this.


    Scabb Island:

    -At the Voodoo Shack, the bug I mentioned before where the Voodoo Lady has two heads when taking Rapp Scallion's ashes from you still occurs. It looks like her head from her sitting/talking animation stays in place while her body plays the animation for taking the ashes, resulting in her briefly having two heads.

    -On the close-up of Rapp Scallion's coffin, this bug occurred. Rapp Scallion's map piece was the third I got. Guybrush's line, That makes three map pieces - only one to go! occurred at the same time as Rapp's disappearing animation. Although the audio for the line played, no text was displayed despite being in Speech and Subtitles mode. Is this Rapp's animation interfering with the line? If so, is it possible to delay the appropriate

    That's the (X)th map piece line until after Rapp is done disappearing?



    One last question - I didn't include this in the bugs list as it would involve heavy modification of a background, and I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for this project, but: are there any plans to fix the lack of any floor outside the Woodcutter's door in Woodtick, or will this be left as-is to preserve the original background art as-is?


    Anyway, hope that's not too mammoth of a list for you! = ) I've tried to be incredibly thorough on this playthrough to maxmise the amount of bugs I'm catching, so I'm afraid it's quite a large info-dump at once. Will let you know as soon as I have anything more, k? Until then, keep up the good work! = D

  7. Finished Part I - here's a complete list of bugs & dialogue changes I noticed so far:


    Dialogue Changes

    While being mugged by Largo:

    There are no police on Scabb Island! = There's no police on Scabb Island!

    Maybe I should make you one out of cement! = Maybe I should cut you one out of cement!


    Talking to Captain Dread:

    There's no way he'd let me leave. = There's no way he would let me leave.


    Getting a job in the Bloody Lip:

    Now go strap on an apron and get to work. = Now go strap on that apron and get to work.


    (I know some of these are incredibly minor, but thought I'd document them anyway to get the most detailed list possible for you.)



    -When looking at your riches at the start, the line This maybe a lot of money, but it's nothing compared to how rich I'll be when I find Big Whoop. has a typo; in this context, it should read may be rather than the word maybe.

    -If Largo discovers you in his room, his final line of dialogue, So, get the $#* out of here!, gets cut off by Guybrush leaving the room. Is there any way to force the scene to not change until the line is finished?

    -When you have the completed voodoo doll of Largo, let Largo kick you out of his room before you get a chance to use it - the audio for his line Get out of my room. cuts off partway through.

    -The Bartender in the Bloody Lip is the only character not affected by the lighting - Guybrush, Largo and Bernard are all darkened when in the bar, and adjust brightness depending on where in the bar they are, but the Bartender does not and looks unusually bright compared to everyone else as a result.


    That's all I found in Part I. Will post again with anything more when I've completed some more of the game. = ) Loving it so far though. Particularly nice to hear the other "Nice" variations implemented, too. Excellent work!

  8. Just downloaded v0.2 - have literally only just started a new playthrough, but just had to post a message to say I was very glad to see that, as well as the updates listed above, Fink's lines in his Scabb Island song have been switched back to the correct order!


    Also, I've noticed one dialogue change that's been missed already at the start of Part I, when Largo's dangling you from the bridge:


    Maybe I should make you one out of cement! = Maybe I should cut you one out of cement!


    I'm looking forward to seeing the graphical fixes mentioned in the updates list, too. = ) Will be sure to let you know about any bugs I find, as usual.

  9. It seems odd, that those particular scene has real time processing, while most samples have effects already added, like Rapp Scallion and Stan in the closed coffin.


    I assume scenes with real-time processing (Underwater, Big Whoop Pit, Underground Tunnels etc.) are done that way because Guybrush can look at his inventory in these scenes (with the exception of the intro version of the Big Whoop pit, which was possibly just done for consistency with the later version). If the audio was pre-processed, you'd have to have variations of nearly every inventory item's audio descriptions (as well as other global dialogue such as "Nice." and "I can't move it." etc.) to match each location. If you didn't, you'd have the rather jarring effect of only some of what Guybrush says having the correct reverb. Wheras, for the coffin dialogues, only Rapp Scallion and Stan ever use the effect, so it can be pre-processed with no worry as it doesn't affect any global dialogue.


    That's something to consider if you do attempt to implement this with pre-processed audio. If you could, it'd be totally awesome and greatly add to the atmosphere - indeed, I loved it in the SE. But you'd have to do something like add a check to see which room you're in to most of the global dialogue, and have different variations for rooms with different reverb effects. I'd imagine it'd probably be a LOT of work to implement.

  10. Did you notice more lines not in the list above?


    Off the top of my head there's only one that I can remember right now, from Guybrush's mother in the ending scene:


    You don't know what kinds of murderers and white slavers might be hanging around a place like this. = You don't know what kinds of murderers and ne'er do wells might be hanging around a place like this.


    I'll make sure to switch to Speech and Subtitles mode for my next playthrough though - that'll make any dialogue changes that we haven't spotted yet a lot easier to catch. = )

  11. Having completed the game now, I haven't come across many dialogue bugs. A few instances exist where the dialogue doesn't match the audio due to changes made in the Special Edition (talking to the Antique Dealer about Visa, mentioning the Stretchy Strongman to LeChuck in the finale and a few others I forget right now), but as far as actual bugs that's about it aside from the instances I already mentioned.


    ...Except for one pretty major dialogue bug in Part III - When LeChuck is holding you in his torture chamber, when he says the line "You see that candle over there?", the audio cuts off after "You see that c-" and skips straight to the next line.


    Love what you've done with the credits - did it take much effort and reworking to get the music to transition differently to include the bone song and campfire theme? By the way, I like the way it uses the version of the campfire theme from the beginning for the Ultimate Talkie Edition credits before transitioning to the correct whistle-only version for the "do something constructive" suggestions, but is it possible to make it change between the two happen closer to when the suggestions start popping up? At the moment it waits for the song to do a full loop, which means a lot of the suggestions still have the full version of the song playing over them.


    Also, I loved the placeholder text in the Ultimate Talkie edition credits. XD Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet and all that... cracked me up when I noticed. I assume they'll be replace with names as more people test and submit suggestions, but it was awesome to see.


    Excellent work so far, overall, anyway! = D

  12. This was intentional. The recording is very strange and somehow sounds horrible in the original order. Maybe it doesn't matter in the SE, since they didn't even bother to beat match the vocals here. But since I did, I noticed that it sounds much better that way. I got the suspicion, that the singer actually got the lines mixed up when he recorded them.

    I see your reasons, but doing this completely messes with the flow of the song and means the lyrics and rhyming patterns just don't work as they should. I'd honestly just return it to the original order, as I'd rather have the song make sense and sound a bit off for two lines than have it fit the tune at the expense of the structure of the song itself.


    Besides, Fink's a pirate, not a singer - he knows piratey songs, but nobody said he had to be able to sing them well. ; )



    I would also suggest re-instating the "Nice!" variations (at least as an option, like with Spiffy's closeup) simply because the one chosen just isn't as funny to listen to as the others, regardless of quality. There are other voice clips with the same quality issues anyway (Such as "The one and only, sugarbear!" and especially "Now all I need are a few voodoo ingredients.")

    If this is true and other lines exist with the same quality issues anyway, then I also am totally on-board for requesting the re-instatement of the other "Nice!" variations. = )


    Finally, an animation bug I came across in Part II - when handing the Voodoo Lady Rapp Scallion's ashes for the Ash-2-Life™ mix, she briefly has two heads during the animation where she takes the ashes.


    Am very much enjoying playing this with the voices - great work so far, LogicDeluxe! Will let you know any more bugs I find. = )

  13. I'm almost certainly being thick here, so apologies in advance, BUT -


    on running the "Fan Patch" version out of SCUMMVM, I automatically get the "you need to copy MP3s to get the nicer music" message that comes with normal SOMI on SCUMMVM. But there are two directories full of music under the Talkie Edition... what do I need to do to get a choice of them to run?




    Select the game on the ScummVM menu and click "Edit Game". Go to the 'Paths' tab. You'll then want to set the Extra Path to either the CD music folder for the CD version music, or the SE music folder for the Special Edition version's music.


    Hope that's useful. = )

  14. Ah, great to hear you're looking into that, LogicDeluxe. = ) Apart from that, I haven't encountered any further bugs in the new version apart from the two minor issues listed below - I'm not even sure if the first needs fixing, though the second would be nice if possible.


    In the opening credits. I usually play with the subtitle speed right up and on Speech Only mode, which is why I noticed this. There are three screens of credits that have to fit a large number of names on-screen at once, and thus use the regular speech font rather than the large credits font. Of these, the subtitle speed seems to make no difference to the first one ("Additional Art By..."), but makes the other two ("Testers..." screens 1&2) disappear really quickly. Is it possible to make the latter two unaffected by the subtitle speed like the first one, so that they can be readable no matter what your subtitle settings are?


    Also in the opening credits: In Original CD Music mode, the first few notes of the music from the opening scene (with Guybrush and the lookout) play just before the opening credits end and the scene changes to the lookout point. I know this is because the lookout scene's music is a part of the track for the credits music - presumably the timing is a little off, not leaving enough silence between the end of the credits and the start of the lookout scene's music. Is it at all possible to split this track into two before the conversion to OGG/FLAC, to avoid this issue? This only appears to be an issue with the CD Music, not the SE Music; though presumably the track would need to be split in both to maintain consistency.


    Sorry to have so many questions etc. I'm just trying to give as much information as possible, even on little issues, to make sure this can be the best and most bug-free version of SoMI available. = ) I really appreciate all the effort you put into tracking down and fixing things!

  15. Excellent, this works amazingly. = ) Good to see it booting up correctly in Speech-Only mode. I haven't got to the Caverns of Meat yet on this playthrough, but I'm also glad to see from your update list that the problem with the verbs has been dealt with.


    To clarify on my earlier point about Herman, I've played through again on this new version (RC3) and it's still present. Providing he has mentioned the banana picker to you (or thinks he has), the following always happens on the "My name's Guybrush. I came here to rescue someone" option:




    Well, perhaps I could take you back, too...

    ...but I've got to rescue the governor, first.

    I think she's on that ghost-ship underground.



    Oh, OK.

    I told you about them borrowing my banana picker and never returning it, right?


    The line in italics makes absolutely no sense in that context, since the ghosts aren't the ones who borrowed the banana picker. I can only assume this happens due to a bug somewhere in Herman's dialogue script - the line is correctly added to dialogue relating to the cannibals, so presumably there's a bug or a wrong reference somewhere that also adds it to the end of this unrelated dialogue.

  16. You did play the latest version, right?
    Yep, the latest version (RC2) is definitely the version I'm playing.


    And reading a certain memo is indeed supposed to enable the "So you're not the only one on the island?".
    Ah, right - that's probably why that happened then, since I'd read all the memos I'd come across. Good to know that isn't a glitch. = ) The whole thing with thinking he's told Guybrush about the banana picker might still be worth double-checking in the scripts, though, since I hadn't been told about it by Herman or gone to the cannibal village yet at that point in the game.
  17. Couple more little bugs:


    -Occasionally when changing to a new screen in the Caverns of Meat, the verbs will briefly flash Green/Brown for a split second before returning to their usual purple colour.


    -Can't remember if either of these are in the original game, but they confused me a bit when I ran across them on this playthrough. When talking to Herman by the pond (after filling it with water, without having spoken to him there when it was dry), I could ask "So you're not the only one on the island?" even though he hadn't previously told Guybrush about the locals (though admittedly, I had read the memos), and he seemed to think he'd already told me about his banana picker even though he hadn't. He also appended the line "I told you they took my banana picker, didn't I?" to the end of the conversation after Guybrush tells him he thinks Elaine is in the caverns under the island (the end of the "I came here to rescue someone" dialogue option), which seemed out of place.


    Just in case it makes any difference, the settings I've been playing on are: Narrator ON, Fully-voiced mode, No Spiffy Closeup.

  18. One small issue - as of RC2 I have been using your fan-modified version of ScummVM, and have re-added the game under "Secret of Monkey Island (Fan Patch)" as listed in the versions menu. However, even with this version of ScummVM, I can't get the game to start off in Speech Only mode; even though the settings are set to Speech Only, the game always reverts to Speech and Subtitles on loading and I have to change it manually. I'd prefer to be able to boot the Ultimate Talkie Edition (and the MI2 one, when it's out) in Speech Only mode rather than manually changing it every time I load the game up. Is there any way to fix this? = S

  19. Ah, brilliant - should have known you'd have thought of this aspect already. Sounds like a good way of doing things, especially as it means it's consistent with how you've done the SoMI Ultimate Talkie Edition. = ) Shame about cutting the other "Nice" variations, though - the fact there were numerous takes of the line stopped it from getting annoying too fast, IMO. When you say lower quality, are some literally of a lower bitrate than others or something? = S


    I'll be sure to give the game a thorough playthrough to check for bugs once the installer's released! = D

  20. One issue which I'm curious to see if you can address - the Special Edition alters a few lines of dialogue; the "Nice <object name>" lines are replaced by various takes of Guybrush saying "Nice!", and the lines for when Guybrush inhales helium from the balloons have been altered (presumably for copyright reasons).


    Obviously if you're using the Special Edition audio, the text will have to be made to match the audio unless you want unvoiced lines (unless, in the case of the helium balloon lines, the originals are there too - both exist with filenames listed in the speech document that lists which line is allocated to which filename, though as far as I could see the actual files for the unaltered versions of these lines didn't actually get compiled into the game).


    My question is - is it possible to introduce a check to see which mode the game is in (i.e. Speech Only / Speech and Subtitles / Subtitles Only) within the SCUMM script, to tell the game to do one thing in one mode or another if in a different mode? If so, would you be able to implement checks for these instances of changed dialogue, so that if you're playing in Speech and Subtitles mode the subtitles would match the SE audio, but if you were in Subtitles Only mode you'd get the original dialogue? = ) Could be good for completists if doable. Personally, I'd be happy just to have the SE dialogue, but I know some people would prefer the original to be in there somewhere, even if only accessible with voices turned off.

  21. Great news, I was hoping you'd go on to do an MI2 Ultimate Talkie Edition. = )


    If you're planning on fixing graphical issues like in the SoMI Ultimate Talkie Edition, I've got a couple here to watch out for:


    -On Phatt Island, the creases in Guybrush's "WANTED" poster disappear once you've pasted Kate Capsize's brochure over it.


    -Guybrush's shirt is dark grey while diving to the bottom of the ocean, rather than white like everywhere else.

  22. Just played the new version - checked out some of the fixes etc. near the beginning of the game and I'm loving it so far! = )


    Not sure whether it's still worth working on my version of the Spiffy closeup, but I'll carry on with it when I've got time - mine is scratch-drawn based on the scan of the EGA version, though I've made sure it's aspect-ratio corrected. I'm partway through altering the proportions to look a little more realistic, similar to the added realism between the original EGA portraits and the VGA ones in the original game. I've added a bone, too, as the SE did it to match the small sprite in the SCUMM bar and I think it makes sense. I haven't had much time to work on it for a few days though, so at present it only has very basic shading. If anyone thinks they can replicate the shading style used on the VGA portraits, if you feel it'd be useful for me to post what I've got for you to mess about with then let me know, I guess.


    Either way, if the current edit of the SE one is to be used (it's probably far more professional-looking than the one I'm attempting from scratch), it needs altering a little to fit in with the style of the other portraits. I'm a fan of the idea of shrinking the dog down and adding the leg back in (that way there's room for Spiffy's dialogue to appear above him rather than overlaying him), but it'll need to be modified a bit to look more like the realistic style of the other portraits - particularly the shape and texture of the tights/socks or whatever it is he wears down there on his leg. The dog's fur could also do with a little dithering to make it look a little more realistic; the only other main problem I can see is that the blood dripping off the bone doesn't entirely seem to fit the style either - it could do with redrawing, as at the moment the stylised blood looks more like some sort of web. I know some people say that the more realistic portraits clash a little with the rest of the game, but since all the others are already in that style I think it's important to make sure the Spiffy one fits in. If you reckon it'd be more productive to attempt this than to continue with my own scratch-built version, let me know and I'll give it a shot.


    Also, one dialogue bug I've noticed so far; while talking to Spiffy, if you choose to say "A-ROOF!" as your second dialogue choice, Spiffy will reply "A-roof?" in his own voice, but then say "Ruff" in Guybrush's voice. = S


    Finally; hoping LeChuck Norris will be willing to produce a version of the dock with just the extra dock + ships added and none of the other changes; that and editing a version to remove the ships and just leave the new dock! That's one change I could get behind, as it adds a little more piratey-ness and the ships in dock have appeared in at least one official version of MI1 (the SE). = )

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