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  1. how bout a new idea completely.its called car wars.theres luke cardealer,darth viper,chevy-the-truck,and everyones favorite,han bumper.they fight with baseball bats instead of lightsabers and its not the force,its the horse power.
  2. uh,i may not be on the un-council,but he has been found,or at least said to be on the game.for dreamcast,he is there,somewhere.so dont feel bad. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  3. uh,i may not be on the un-council,but he has been found,or at least said to be on the game.for dreamcast,he is there,somewhere.so dont feel bad. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  4. not much.about 8 dollars an hour. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  5. actually,i would love to continue role playing.but my computer has had problems and i just got them fixed. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  6. well,i was nothing really.i was just a game tester.what i did was just play the game before the product came out and tested it.i decided whether to edit it or go ahead and relese it. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  7. i know you where just dyin to play my role play.thats why all of ya posted at once on star wars:the rebelion.i ended it quikly because you guys didnt post as much as i thought,and i thought it to be a re-run of my last role play i started about the sith graveyard one.so dont call my role playing horrible because you didnt join in.dont blame me a bit. ------------------ George Lucas:"buy my products!make me money!"
  8. well,darth kun.im gonna make this short.i went ahead and finished because hardly anyone posted and tried to help out make it last.but think what you want about the short role plays.but just remember my reason.it was a good one. ------------------ old ben kenobi:everyones favorite jedi.
  9. hey guys,i used to work at lucasarts.i quit around the premere of masters of teras kasi.but i tell ya,dark forces 3 sounds real good.i think they should put where kyle gets mara in dark forces 3.that would be neat. ------------------ old ben kenobi:everyones favorite jedi.
  10. hey!i have an awesome idea.the role play i started and is still going,anakin turns to the dark side.so why dont you wait till thats over?that way,it will be in order. ------------------ old ben kenobi:everyones favorite jedi.
  11. guess what mr.windu. i am a writer.i write star wars books and ministories all of the time.of course,they are based on the old trilogy(after return of the jedi). i just dont get them published.my stories are usually 8 or 9 chapters long.my short stories are about 3 pages. ------------------ old ben kenobi:everyones favorite jedi.
  12. im from good ol georgia.the rebel state.im 13. ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  13. i just had an interesting online chat with the jedi ki-adi mundi.he said i was the most feared jedi in the universe.he also said i could kick his butt in a lightsaber battle.its true! he also stated he was on the game pac man for regular nintindo. ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  14. dude,that would be one of the coolest things in the whole world to have an ACTUAL WORKING LIGHTSABER. i think that we are in a new age of technology and make an actual lightsaber.but i bet they would sell it for like 5 thousand dollars or something.but it would be awesome to have one. ps to jedi kanigget: keep me informed on this please! ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  15. yes. i do. i like what is being done now though. but if you want to start another,fine with me. but mine is not ep1,2,3 based. my idea is for the rebelion and the empire. i am a smuggler by the name of HAN SOLO.you might know him. my character is a smart mouth and cunning and a person with great luck. i choose this character becouse i can act like him and i have his attitude. any other suggestions? ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  16. as i land the falcon on coruscant,i see half of a building blown to smitherines.i see a bunch of men standing with sabers ignited.i walk over to see the problem.i see them fighting as i take out my blaster.i run inside that building,as i ran to an air lift.it took me too where the men where fighting.i look to see rage. "YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i pull up my blaster and aim for the back of rages head. i am about to shoot when plo koon yells"wait!he is one of us!" he yells.too late i shoot the blaster,the bolt is about to hit the jedi's head when plo koon pulls his saber quikly and slashes right behind darth rage,reflecting the shot away. "what do you mean? after all he did to you in the outer realm? your on HIS side?" i am very confused,i can hardly speak. "like i said,you stubborn human,that was a test." rage said. "test? a TEST? you tried to kill them!" i said. " and me! you ran after me with your saber!" "what are you talking about,human?" he sounded confused now. "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!" i heard an evil laugh. i turned to see where it was coming from................................ ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  17. i also found mr.ki-adi mundi on that game wwf smackdown.he has all the rocks moves. ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  18. you all are stupid!he isnt on any of those games!he is on pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! i cought him with a ball and use his jedi powers for my power!!! now thers something you dont see everyday. ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  19. i stand to my feet,barely.i can hardly keep my balance. i see 2 more men standing there."who are these people?" i ask plo koon. "these are two jedi here to help defeat the evil sith." "MORE JEDI!!!!!!!!" i say. "yes.allow me to introduce myself.i am darth rage;excuse the name,im not a sith.and this is my companion ferry katarn.we are here to help you jedi." "im not a jedi.just a poor boy stuck in the outer realm." "why did you come here?" "this stupid jedi's sences started to ring and we just had to come." "couldnt you just say no?" :: plo koon to darth rage:i used a mind trick on him.he dosent know.::: : ok::: "hey!what are you two doin? your not tryin that mind reading fodder are ya?" i ask. "well,we just saved your lives.we saw you needed help and deafeted this swamp creature for you too live.looks like you got banged pretty hard." "shut up." "ha ha.lets go. i sence a huge trembleing in the force." darth rage said. "i feel it too."plo koon said. "as do i." gary said. "me too."ferry katarn put in. "well,i feel a headache in the force.lets rest,then we shall continue." "no. the time for departure is now. if we do not move quikly,the sith will." "awwwwwwww.my head really hurts-" "oh well.lets go."darth rage commanded. ~who died and left him in charge? i really,really do not like this guy~ ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around [This message has been edited by obi-wan13 (edited May 13, 2000).] [This message has been edited by obi-wan13 (edited May 13, 2000).]
  20. we continue to move through the swamp as we are stopped on our tracks by a huge,snarling rancor. "i thought these creatures where captured to serve the hutts." plo koon said. "thats true.i myself have encounterd this creature once before.get ready for anything." the rancor took one look at us and walked away."thats weird." i say. " i thought we were lunch for a parcec.i guess it changed its mind." gary said. "i wonder why he walked away." i said.then i turned around and i was stareing at a huge beast,much larger than the rancor."uh......guys,we have a problem." i said as they turned around also. the huge beast slashed a huge claw at me and i jumped to avoid it.he swung at gary.another miss.then at plo.yet another miss from the creature to the jedi.he swung at me,i tried to dodge,but i failed.the huge,flat,paw smashed against my body as i fall to the ground in pain.~ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwcccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh!~ he swung at plo as i heard a sound to faint to me but probably loud to them as i was almost unconsious.it was a humming noise.i heard the humming grow louder and louder.then a screech.i heard a loud thud as the ground shook.something had gotten rid of the animal.but what? ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  21. oh wait,there are 2 plo koons.never mind that last post.my mistake. sorry ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  22. what the force do you think youre doin? you are starting your OWN role play?this happend to me last time.i will not let it happen again.people just left one role play to start or join another role play.DONT! ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  23. ............suddenly an eye poked out of the water and made a moaning noise.i saw plo and gary fall in the stagnant water.i was then standing by myself.then plo's head popped out of the water.i saw him gasp for air as the alienn went down again.then gary did the same thing. i saw the eye pop out again,then went under. i saw what had them.a dionaga.they lived in dirty water and ate basically anything.i took out my blaster as the eye popped out again. i shot its eye. it screeched loudly.as i felt a tenticol rub on my leg and i jumped to avoid it.~theyre almost drowned! i have to do something!~ i swam under water. i put on a pair of planetary night goggles. i saw the tenticals.i aimed and fired from atop the water. i went down again,to see if it had any affect. and boy did it! i saw it release gary and plo as they started floating.~oh no!too late!~ i swam over and grabbed them both and brought them to the surface. "chewie! come quik! bring the medical aid kit!" i saw the wookie runninng with a white object in his hand.plo and gary werent moving."give it too me!" the wookie gave me the kit. i used the breath intallizer(much like an oxygen tank) on plo.he started coughing and he sat up slowly.i used it on gary.he did the same thing. "ugh!what happend?" gary asked. "a dionaga,thats what." i said."chewie,go back and guard the falcon.this will be a while.................................." ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  24. "im ready.lets go.ill get the wookie to fix up your ship later.here,this aought to protect it for a while." i set up a huge,thick sheild around "the messiah" we walked on board the millinium falcon. i sat in the ****-pit ready for lift off,then hyperspace."hold on,mr.koon.this ship is fast." "im ready." he said.i lifted off and typed in the coordinates.~here we go~ ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
  25. "ill tell you what.were going to the outer rim?why even pay me? i will use my kind hearted side."~they ARE jedi. i really dont want to die at this early age.~"ill do it for free.lets go." ------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around
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