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  1. Yea, those are good songs too. Except you, pie. You scare me. About the link- It doesn't want to work for me, so I'll just attatch it if it's small enough. Edit- it's too big, darnit. Try this link. http://houseofmud.com/freakgirl/DominickTheDonkey.MP3
  2. It's that time of year, so post your favorite Holiday music! Mine is something unique. It's Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey! Ee-aw Ee-aw! Edit- link fixed
  3. Quitting and not working is not as cracked up as it sounds. You'll run out of money relatively faster than you thought, trust me. And that's without buying extra stuff you do not truely need to live. Car insurance is the only thing I have to pay for, and it's a killer on me. I only have enough for one more payment, and then I'm broke. I've been looking since the end of August for a job, and as Sithy said, they always hire the morons instead of me. (I feel your pain, IS) So take it from a quitter: IT STINKS. If you make $6.00 or more an hour, keep your job. If it's minimum wage and your boss treats you like that, ask for lesser hours or time off. If he/she doesn't allow any of that, then call it off. But remember, you need as much money as you can get this day in age.
  4. This comes for my love next Christmas: (wish me luck) But that is nowhere near paid for yet. So, untill then, this is what I'm getting her: It's not quite like that, but it's close. She LOVES to sing. (And she actually can sing nice, too)
  5. A hundred? More like a hundred bajilllion dillion zillion million thousand times. .9. Times 10. Thanks for understanding though.
  6. Seriously guys........all I did was make a joke. No debate post was intended. Everyone else was saying that they wished it was true he was arrested, so if they think that, they obviously didn't vote for him, therefore I made the post. Don't turn this silly thread into a debate, please. (by "silly," I mean non-serious) It was a joke, nothing more.
  7. Hm......... it does sound lame......... Then again, I could probably point you in the direction of worse shows than that here in the US. *cough* Surreal Life (amongst others) *cough*
  8. I feel as if I am the only one on the entirety of LF that voted for Bush. Oh well, I don't care if I'm alone. He won. ha.
  9. You are wrong. There are three types of people. Those who like Bo' Selecta, those who do not like Bo' Selecta, and those who have no clue what in the wide world of sports Bo' Selecta is. I fit into the third.
  10. obi

    New Job

    God blesses indeed. A truely inspiring post as to how good things work out if you just let them. I'm happy for you, man.
  11. You've all been waiting for it........... Obi Clause! (see av)
  12. Korn and everything Korn related sucks anyways. I wouldn't be surprised if the video sucked.
  13. I hope it turns out good. Even though it's a good director, it doesn't mean that the movie itself will be good. Good directors have screwed up before.... I wish they would hire me to play Master Chief. I can do an awesome impersination. Seriously.
  14. Never heard of them..... Anyone heard of Crossfade? They are from a place that's just about right up the road from me. And they ROCK.
  15. Here's a pic of my cat. My mom calls her Mrs.Kitty, my dad calls her Kitty-Scratch, and me, Well, I call her Pork Chop. I don't know why, really........... Anyway, the cat hates the camera, so this is the best shot I could get, and you can't really see her face, but she's very tiny.
  16. Who cares? That movie sucks anyway.
  17. *kills you* *notices he was voted twice as nicest swampie* *mutters angrily at self and brings you back to life* Grr -_-
  18. The empire is his fault..........
  19. Classic games? Those games suck (Except for Shadows). As far as the xbox games are concerned, I liked them. In fact, I'm keeping fable, and instead trading in Return of the King or Jedi Starfighter. I just don't play half of that stuff anymore, so it's worth more trading it in to me. Like I said, I'll probably have some cash left over after I get The Third Age. So it won't all be for one game. BTW, is the combat system a little like Kotor? It looked like it in the Screenies.
  20. I've only heard "Somebody told me" and it sounded kinda stupid. =\ I might grow to like them a little if I hear any of their other stuff.
  21. I'm trading in my N64 along with Shadows of the Empire 64, Ken Griffy Jr. Baseball 64, Battle for Naboo 64, Spiderman 2 for the xbox, and Fable(I just don't play them anymore) all for Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. I think I'll get a little extra amount of cash too, but I wanted to know..... Is The Third Age any good? Am I getting a good deal?I've read some reviews, but I trust the people of the swamp more than I do some of those review sites.
  22. Well, we have a winner, so I'm closing the thread. Not because anyone did anything wrong, it's just kind of pointless now that it's all said and done.
  23. The ceremony, yes. But wouldn't you say that's the most important part of a "union" ? Can you imagine the lawsuits that would come out of a minister's refusal to marry someone because it's a gay couple? It's really something I didn't want to see. Being a minister myself, I would not marry a gay couple, but that's a different arguement for a different time.
  24. People go to ministers to marry them all the time, man. True, they can do it through the government, but most people do it through a church. (Don't tell me they don't, because I know for a fact they do). As for the rest of the arguements, I'm not going to offer a defense of my part, because frankly I don't care. Bush wins, yay. The guy I voted for wins. Kerry wins, yay. 97% of the people here will have someone new to complain and moan about. I mean really.... And toms, that pic rocks
  25. Abortion doesn't kill babies? Um, not to sound rude, but .............wha? That's what abortion is......a baby murder.....a baby-b-gone.....a bye-bye-baby....a.......you get it.....
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