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  1. Leet speak is retarded. And, if you speak it for any other puropse than to make fun of it, then you too, are mentally challenged. The truth hurts, but it's so.
  2. Farewell. He's getting his respect now. RIP
  3. I think they both own the place.
  4. obi


    I am hardly scared of anything. I'd fight a giant if I had to. There are only a few things that I do absolutely hate, and those things scare the Bejesus out of me. Those things are- Spiders- big or small, it doesn't matter. One gets in my sight, I'm paranoid the rest of the week. Seaweed- I HATE yucky toes. I get the same reaction of the seaweed as I would if I were being attacked by a great white shark. Sounds stupid I know, but I don't like not beeing able to see what's underwater. Needles- well, everyone hates needles, so I feel better about that. and last but not least: Bad Breath. I am always fearful that I have bad breath, I don't really know why. Maybe that doesn't count as a fear, but I hate it nonetheless. BTW, for all of you guys that hate heights, I LOVE being in high places. I don't know why that is, either.
  5. obi


    I don't know what he's talking about either, so here's what I'm going to do....... *turns this thread into the official Metal Gear Solid 3 thread* erm......kidding, of course......
  6. Only among the good preachers. Seriously though, 4-wheeling beats skateboarding anyday of the week. Want me to prove it? Let's have a race. Let's climb rocky hills. Let's go through wood paths. Any time.
  7. Home cooked? My parents aren't great at that. However, I LOVE ordering a pizza from Dominos, getting a sub from either Baldino's or Fire House subs, or going to Zaxby's and eating tons of chicken strips with honey mustard sauce. Don't mess with Zaxby's.
  8. That is God's way of saying Skateboarding sucks. Or maybe that's just what I like to think. Anyways, skateboarding sucks. Get a four-wheeler. And one more thing, if I see another post entirely in leet, I am going to personally shoot the poster. *loads gun*
  9. Yes, but don't encourage his trollism by talking about him after he's gone. He'll just see it and ocme back. Again. Nothing personal mind you, and it's not a warning against you, just a bit of information.
  10. Either the Jedi Power Battles forum or the Cantina from the original JK.net boards before the merge. *sigh* *breaks hip*
  11. CLOSE'D! Um, Stop flaming and insulting, everybody. And iamtrip, don't make stupid polls. And stop being stupid all together. No offense.
  12. Happy birthday you two. And you too, flux. And you too, whoever else.
  13. Well that bites >_> Maybe there'll be something downloadable on LIVE or something that can let you put them at each other, or maybe even controll one of them. THAT would be cool.
  14. The pc version was cheaper for some reason, but I couldn't tell you which to buy. My pc is so stupid and dumb, if I tried to install BF, it would simply explode.
  15. It's something I've been wondering with those four force-users running around..... Is there a way to get the Jedi to battle each other? I have yet to see Luke battle Vader on the field or Mace battle Count Dooku. Anyone seen it? I hardly ever see them on the battlefield in the first place, but I want to see 'um go at it!
  16. 18 here. I'll be 19 next August. >_>
  17. It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's SUPERMOD! *poses* *feels lonely at night *
  18. Things I need- To shower Things I want- Battlefront (Getting it tomorrow) Halo 2 (Already paid for it in full ) Star Wars dvds (Might have to wait a while though =( ) To see the Smallville season opener (SOON!) Things I recently got- A girlfriend. Life is good, ladies and gentlemen.
  19. obi


    I've beat it already too. My character is 43 and he looks just like Obi-wan from AotC. Really, hair, beard, and cloths. I wish I could get a screen shot. He rocks. Plus, I put two augmentations on my master katana and it glows blue like a lightsaber Game rocks. I'm still playing it even though I beat it.
  20. Yea, Welcome to our humble forums. If you have any questions, ask, and we'll try our best to answer it. Hope to see you around
  21. Yea, threads like this are to go in the Sliced Tauntaun. I moved it, so no worries.
  22. It's given me powers to ruin other forumer's forum life. And a truly awesome power it is. I'm watching you.
  23. obi


    Go get a nap, Phreakeh. Get as much sleep as you can. For when Fable arives, you shall find yourself lacking it. Cherish the rest you can get now, because it's going to be a rarety. Seriously.
  24. Cut the mushies, you maggoty dogs! Back to yer cells with ye! Don't ask.
  25. obi


    Wow. I've been playing it for several hours now........ Must......get......sleep..................... It does rock, btw.
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