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  1. Your criticisms are greatly appreciated! They are dead on, so I take no offense. I agree with all your points, and I like what I saw of your Zam. I know we have dealt with the same character, and respect your thoughts. Yes, I would like to add polys, How can I get a count in 3Dmax? Im only allowed so many for the head, torso, and other parts right? Ive been really carefull about using too many (maybe too carefull?) I may need your help, I'll let you know this weekend, or next week. I know the hands look funny right now. I more or less just slapped em on. They are going to get more work. I think its important, because they are tough, and I want to do everything from scratch. It's important to me to learn this modeling thing, it's something that ive always wanted to do. Damn its tough! Also (and anyone can answer this), I ended up with "doubled edges" all over the helmet. How can I get rid of these without deleting polys? I messed it up somehow. Is it really a big concern? Mars out!
  2. Thanks for the interest in the rifle. Those guys at JK2files & JediKnight2 must be busy. I hate it cuz I see new posts all the time. Sometimes I wonder if they just dont like weapon models, but then again... They havent posted every skin I've sent in, so who knows. So how can you get it? well Ive sent it to our good friend Psyko, maybe he can get it up for download. Mars out! Oh! One more thing... Once you guys get the rifle, let me know what you think. There will be a version 2, so think of this as beta testing.
  3. well dont think a thing like boobs goes un-attended! They arent sagging, they are restricted by the chest plate (almost pushed in). They in (most photos) are positioned just slightely below the shoulder frame. The idea in tho movie was to confuse the viewer into wondering if Zam was a male or female assassin. I will consider your comment, and give it a second look:D I may have positioned it too low. Why its blocky? Well the game will smooth out the polys (to my knowledge), Right guys? It can be smoothed out in the program, but I just put out the rough screens. Thanks for your comments, Mars out.
  4. Yep... of course . After first release, should anyone want to do a varient of some sort, just let me know. Mars out! Smooth shaded pics? Sure, but Ive been slamming our good friend "KsK H2o" with screen shots. I'll do that a little later. Mars out yet again!
  5. Sorry forgot the .jpg attachments, Try em again, I fixed the link! *******Also******* I Just sent the Zam rifle out again to both Jk sites, They should show up... I hope... If someone want to host the pk3 for download, let me know and I'll send it your way. Mars out!
  6. **********new screens********** Thanks again H2o!!!!! http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamfullfigure.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamfullfigure3.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamfullfigure4.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamfullfigure5.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamfullfigureveiled.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamfullfigureveiled2.jpg Mars out!
  7. *********EVEN BETTER NEWS*********** I just finished the Zam model, Don't get too excited though... It's just the model! Now comes the hard part... getting it on the skelaton, and in the game. This may actually take longer than the modeling process (for me). Its going to be a rough road from here on out! I know you guys will help me (you know who you are). I am excited, and can't wait to get Zam finished. A little early to say this but... Adi Gallia is my next one;) Mars out!
  8. Yup! It was... Although, I'm not sure if it will make it to the posting there. They can be slow sometimes. Mars out! ****Good news**** More pictures posted by H20, I'm sure you will all get a kick out of what's been done so far! I'm basically working the forms, nothings been attached to the skelaton. I am considering a Zam varient with the veil covering! Possibly Zam's airspeeder for map constructions. We'll see... Mars out! http://www.talocan.net/mars/zam_riflescrn2.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamtorsoshot2.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamtorsoshot3.jpg http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamtorsoshot4.jpg
  9. I got some Great news!!!!!!!! The Zam Rifle is now completed, Thanks to Locutus! He has been very very helpful, and we both have been punching away at this thing. I am going to go ahead and put out version 1 (version 2 will come out with the zam model). Version 1 has the reticule and gun model with completed skins. Version 2 will have sounds and edited fire blast. I plan to send the pk3 out tommarow, so keep checking http://www.JediKnight2Files.com I have played around with the rifle and its way cool, much better than the disruptor (in my own opinion:D ). Only bad thing is that the rifle clips the player's elbow just a tad (to be expected with the long rifle design). Mars out!
  10. Well the project is moving along. I must say that im about to pull my own hair out. I am happy to report that I have made some great changes to both the helmet and face. The goggles were way off on the last screenies. It's hard to get any detail shots of em, but I think im close enough (unless someone has good pics of the goggles). I changed the brim of the helmet to look more sweeping. Only thing slowing me down is that I dont have the skelaton available. Psyko is sending I hope. Im a little reluctant to do more modeling without that, Also, if anyone has the "space monkey tutorial" (not the appendum) please send it I dont want to disappoint anyone who is following this thread, so I'm doing my best! P.S. It looks as though the rifle is moving along as well, I just got the maps, I may start skinning that even though I don't have the glm/pk3 yet. Mars out!
  11. Thanks H2o and Jolts! You guys cleared a lot up for me. I have one more question, (sort of embarrased), but when you talk about "weighted"... what does that mean? You have to understand that I'm basically a newbie. I have my ideas of what that means, but maybe you can clarify I appreciate the detailed info! Sincerely Mars
  12. Whats STL check? Is that an option in 3Dstudio max?
  13. Yeah I agree, Im really worried about polygon count, I used a lot on the helmet, head, and now the body. I'm trying to keep it down, but I dont want to lose too many details. I actually modeled the hoses on the torso, and the crescent buckle. My concern here is that when it gets animated, are those things gonna twist and look funny? Another point with the nose, nothing is attached (like the nose), should it be? Everything at this point is one modeled shape. Does the nose or any protrusions have an effect on UVmapping, And whats with the overlap warnings when doing the map? Is that from the nose? I guess Im a little nervous about getting in all that detail and finding out that it was modeled wrong (as far as rigging/skinning details go). What kind of things should I be concerned about when making the model? Are there things that im doing that may make the job harder down the road? Mars out!
  14. *****screenshot is up**** http://www.talocan.net/mars/zamcollauge.jpg courtesy of KSK H2o Mars out!
  15. Thanks to everyone for showing interest in the model. Heres what ive done so far... 1) refined the head model 2) finished the helmet 3) attached the helmet 4) finished the target reticule 5) sent Zam's rifle to "Locutus", in turn I should get the rifle skin out quickely. 6) started the body. I want to take a moment and thank "Locutus" for helping me on the rifle, He is the one responsible for "Jangos" Westar pistol. Ive been thinking about a pre release on Zam's rifle; however, it will be included with the Zam model on release. Thanks again, Mars out! Oh one more thing, stay tuned... screenshots will be coming soon!
  16. Hey you just keep the ideas a rolling. I hadnt even considered the rifle till you suggested it! I may even do a pistol. I now got a contact who is helping me on weapons. Ill post more as it become available. Mars out!
  17. Well, Hey I understand where your coming from. We should work together more often At any rate Im grateful that you wrote that detailed advice, I actually could follow it. The only thing that was giving me a problem, was trying to understand what an Alpha channel was even for... now I know! Thanks man! Mars out!
  18. Thanks man! It worked. It was hell, since I tried to save it as 24 bit... because of that it didnt work. It took me all day to figure that one out! I am spent! End result... An awesome reticule that is very close to the one in the movie. I plan to release it with the rifle pack. Mars out!
  19. I wish I could say I knew it all, but I am nothing more than a refined artist with just a few tech skills. Im learning thanks to helpfull persons (like yourself)... really thanks! Mars out!
  20. Maybe that's it. I have adobe photo shop. What do I need to do? do I just use the transparency tool? Mars out!
  21. I may take you up on this. My hands are full, and I just got started. I appreciate your kind words friend. I hope you don't totally give up on your Zam Model, she looks great! Your work is incredible. Mars out!
  22. awesome, thanks. If this will help... I found the shader, under "Shaders/effects" sniper rifle under "models/weapons2/disruptor Images were under "gfx/2d/cropcircle1.jpg, 2, and glow Thanks for your time man!
  23. well I think so... I found 3 files that are the reticule images. cropcircle cropcircle2 cropcirleglow If I edited them and saved 'em as a Targa 32bit, would that mess em up? I added effects, shader, and model folders. am I missing something here? If you have messed with these thing, maybe I can send you what I got. Write me at neomarz1@sbcglobal.net Mars out!
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