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  1. Just got reply, Toonces says that he will send me some stuff soon. Can't wait to skin him. Maybe me and Gray can work on this together. Mars out!
  2. Just curious, are the clipping problems (with the robe varients) gonna be tweaked?
  3. Hey Arco, are you aware if Toonces is working out clipping problems with the robe?
  4. Hey Arco, just wanted to say Mace skin looks great! I am becoming more and more impressed every time i see it. Honestly, I think you have nailed the skin tone, and the facial lines look more natural, since the first screenies. Mars out!
  5. forgive me, but Toonces hasn't let me in on who is doing the taunts for the Obi-model. If your lined up for this, please let me know. Are you actually going to set up the pk3, when were in the finishing stages? Please post back, Mars out!
  6. Hey Deetox, Yeah we want sounds for this model, I just e-mailed Toonces. If your interested in doing the taunts set up, e-mail Toonces or post here. I dont know if we have anyone lined up, at any rate we would love to look over anything that you may have. Mars out!
  7. Jolts, This is looking really good, I'd love to skin him. I talked to toonces about morphing his Obi model to Anakin. It looks like all the major characters are gonna come out together. This is truly a cool moment. It's amazing how these models have not made it on the scene sooner. Keep it rolling, Mars out!
  8. Just wanted to let you know Arco, That your skins are inspiring me to work harder on the "Obi Project"! I'm learning some things from your work (Of course I am good, Ego... Ego...) well stuff looks great, textures are awesome. Mars out!
  9. You have quite a clean photo, a lot of my photo sources show a dirty tunic. I am going to re work the colors to find a good medium between the 2. Mars out!
  10. I agree with your points, The hair looks pretty crazy up close (this I know), one problem I find when using characters with realistic (fine detailed hair) is that it looks like salt and pepper when being rendered in the game. Also colors (when being rendered in the game) tend to be way lighter than the actual textures. Example: Obi's tunic is cream colored, but in the game comes out to be way to white... I may adjust this not sure. Yeah, I agree on the "lack of texture" as well. I tend to like a smooth look, which is my own flaw. I am going to work this out. Thanks, Arco. I really have hoped to here a critique from you. Thanks again. Mars out!
  11. I just got an excellent idea! Im gonna do a "Dark apprentice" Varient... With a Black robe. The robe seems to cause a lot of clipping, but if Obi's outfit was all black, it would be less apparent. Mars out!
  12. I just finished an Anakin varient of the Obi Model. Toonces may post it soon! Mars out!
  13. Ok, Good news here I am working the skin out! I should have a full rough in tonight! I'm sending Toonces some screenshots, so stay tuned. It's looking real good. I got to get some web space, so I can get some screenshots out!
  14. I Agree the model looks pretty good. How bout the polygons under the eyes (Obi). Do you think that is good enough?
  15. Well actually I wasnt aware of the Obi Wan thread. Yeah Ill go Post it there.
  16. Hey Toonces, I just put the facial texture on the Obi Wan model. Seems to line up fairly good. Here are the noted problems I see... The facial texture lines up just about perfect (Tex did pretty good) 1) Face seems to thin, I had to squash my texture to fit it. 2) Needs more polygons under the eyes (traingle shapes very apparent when in the game). 3) lips are too full. I sent my new e-mail to you, so write back, and I'll send you what I got. Mars out!
  17. Qui Gon VM3 just went up on http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=6913 This is not The Qui Gon model, This is only the last version of my Qui Gon VM, Mars out
  18. there was chaos, and then came Mars! lol Toonces... send me those flats for Obi Wan, I'll skin it in 3-4 days. That should take the heat off. Oh and the glm. file too if availiable. Mars out! Ill mail you...
  19. I dont think its the model at all, The skin is good... I would just do a quick overlay on a photo... That would reveal the problem areas. Mars out!
  20. ok.... so I'm clogging up the forum. Arco.... on the second thought, the color looks fine. The Eye brows need to be blended into the brown a bit (less solid black definition), maybe scratched through with the brown to break up definition... air brushed a long the top side (or blended). I think the tendency to make em black is natural, but it comes across to sharp to me. Anyone agree? It may just be my own preference. Thanks Arco, bye
  21. Yeah it does look great, a lot better. I think Mace's "upper lip cleft" is less defined, and the cheek/maw lines are smoother (less defined). I have to say one thing about the color, Samuel is a very dark man! He isn't quite as reddish brown as most of the "promo photos" show! I think that the photos were altered to be less threatening (just a theory). He is different colored than he was in Pulp fiction (a make up alteration), keep in mind that you can't hide his true complexion (even with make-up). Yes it will be a redder brown, but not much. Really... yours is a lot closer, but in "Jedi Power battles" the game, he has the right color. It's more of a burnt ashy brown. If you have time write me back, and I'll send you some Ref's (neomarz1@msn.com) Great job Arco, I knew you could do this one justice! Mars out! oh one more thing... Samuel has some wide laugh lines on the corners of his mouth, of course the don't show quite as much without expression.
  22. ok Toonces heres my 2 cents on the mace model. Ive looked over all the profiles, and I would have to say they are very close! My only complaint is that there is too much upper maw, That is to say there is too much distance between the upper lip and the nose. It didnt seem to stand out so much till I started messing with the face texture. I think the eyes seem to be placed right. One of Samuel's predominating features would be his widely spaced eyes. I think the eyes shape could be adjusted to be more "lidded", or less rounded on the topside. His eyes to me seem to almost be a "D" shape (with the "D" on its side)... more flat lidded along the top, rounded on the bottom. I realize this may be hard when accomidating the "3D Orbs" used for the eyes. Gosh... I sound like im a know it all, I hate reading my own critiques. Its late now im going to bed... these are just sleepless ramblings, so dont take em to seriously, Mars out! Hey I just realized I made another mile long laundry list for you... Sorry! lol
  23. Well the skin hasnt shown on either site yet, send me your e-mail at NeoMarz1@msn.com. Ill send you the pk3
  24. Well I am using a totally refined face texture, it's one of my best! Also it features both a Sith, and a shirtless trainer varient. I had a taunt, but the darn thing wont work. Not sure what the problem is, everything looks right! I also changed the colors of his attire (yet again). I know people probably won't like the skin varients, because it's Qui-Gon (why mess up a perfectly good character?), but hey... you have to have something new for a third version (right?). The biggest thing is the face texture, I plan to use the same one for the upcoming model (if things work that way). I just put it out... it should show up soon (but then all the jedi sites have been un-attentive lately (especially Jediknight2.net). Mars 0ut!
  25. That would be awesome if you could! I know I'm a bit pushy, so don't feel bad if its a no-go. I havent actually talked directly to Tex about the model, but I was under the impression that he knew I was interested. He may not know anything about me wanting to skin the model. At any rate let me know. I would love to do team colors for mace! If you still got my E-mail, send me the flats. Mars out!
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