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  1. "I ca........" Im not going to say it
  2. Because they evoled from squid. I read that somewhere
  3. Forgot that u need to copy then paste
  4. I dont get it is that something from your childhood?
  5. and Kylilin i love that avatar. Krillin was my favorite character in DBZ for some reason.
  6. I forgot that I had a recorder so I recorded "May the force be with you" no background music. its a wav file because i dont know how to convert it to mp3. It will be fuzzy so i dont know if it will be good enough Can someone convert it. http://www.geocities.com/bobafett10186/taunt.zip
  7. Cant wait any longer. But the zip file is going to be huge and i have 56k Another taunt "Take evasive action"
  8. Im the only Mon Calamari well at least i can hide in the water when atst walk by.
  9. When was the last update like two months ago? Just have to use the ugly Anakin model.
  10. I want to help so if you find out how to. I'll try. And on Rogue Squadron theres an Ackbar death sound.
  11. I prefer the no hood but im not sure if i have any games with Ackbar except Rogue Squadron 2 Rogue Leader but how could i record it? Its for GameCube
  12. Sry for this being off topic but... I might get Metroid Prime not sure but right now i am trying to finish Super Mario Sunshine and Star Fox Adventures. I hate Star Fox right now because you have to press a rapidly to push MuscleFoot into this pit. grrrrrr im pissed off!!!! Please dont reply to this cause i dont want Kman to get angry at any off topic posts but i just had to get it out of my system. Sry Kman PM me or AIM: BFett101 to talk about it. or help me
  13. I dont think this thread should be closed. I hate ppl who want threads closed. Never get to finish pissing ppl off.
  14. How about "May the force be with you" or us? i dont remember I need to go watch Return of the Jedi.
  15. I really don't know what my second character will be but it I might be a human or trandoshan
  16. What happened to November 11 lol j/k Thats fine only if you get it done!
  17. I was invited to Everquest also but i wasnt invite to Star Wars Galaxies' beta 2 either
  18. I didnt say it was ok He say quit DOING it like i have been doing it every day but i did it four days ago on the same day.
  19. uhmm I did all those posts in the same 10 minutes
  20. All I have to say is: "You are not nice Jan!"
  21. I knew that there are going to be alot Zabrak but Humans I didnt expect alot of us. Well 2 votes for them doesnt mean that there is alot going to be them. Twi'lek, Rodian, and Bothan are going to be rare.
  22. What im going to be is in my signature
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