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  1. Agreed, unless the PSU that comes with it is from a good brand like cooler master, thermaltake or antec. But you'll never find those that comes bundled with cases. However, in this case i wouldnt mind going with that bundled PSU since you're on a tight budget.


    Overall seems pretty decent for a budget PC, ive no objections. :)


    Hey buddy, glad to see you're still around lol


    anyway, fiddled with the specs alittle.


    Snagged a new case

    put in a Rosewill Stallion 500W power supply

    And switched out the 1950 Pro with a Radeon 3850


    soooo i think im good to go. just gotta do the fun stuff now.

  2. It's been a long time since i've visited the swamp. Not for any specific reason, mind you :p


    Anyway, I'm starting a new project using my evil tax money I'll be getting soon, and what better to use it on than a new computer :) And what better smart people to help me than the smart people at the swamp lol.


    So here are the specs and links. Not 100% sure if this mess will work, but it's fun to try lol. Big note here, I'm on a budget of $600 at the most. currently im at $503.92 plus shipping. So i have very little wiggle room.


    My biggest question mark is the powersupply. there's a 400W with the case i've selected, but should i opt for a new one?








    Graphics Card












    Hard Drive



    Operating System





  3. Personally i think the movie had too much humor in it.


    The droids were funny and all, but some parts weren't even trying to be funny. AKA Palpatine having digestive problems when i was fighting Mace Windu.


    It was freekin hilarious when Yoda too out those Royal Guards though......priceless lol

  4. I bought the PS2 right when it came out.......then a year later bought the XBox when the price dropped. I'll probably be doing the same thing this year if the PS3 has that internal hardrive i've been hearing about that Xbox has ommitted from their system.

  5. Originally posted by IG-64

    The problem with backwards compatibility is that the original Xbox ran on an nVIDIA graphics processor. When software makes calls to a chipset to produce visuals it uses code specific to that hardware. Xbox 360 runs on an ATI graphics chip meaning that code from last generation games will need to be recompiled or emulated in order to work on the system. Does this mean that consumers will have to chuck their beloved Xbox libraries? Not necessarily. There is a chance that Xbox 360 will have the ability to emulate the old system, though nothing has been announced as of yet.



    Taken from IGN's FAQ's page.


    Whoa, i was reading that and im like "IG IS SMART???" :eek:


    Way to dissapoint me IG :rolleyes::p

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