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    Yeah, all the versions i've played before this one never had the tank move.......odd addition. EDIT- and this version also seems incrediably easy........i would suggest playing this only if you have 2 players.
  2. You can still do that.....just turn off salary cap in the franchise mode screen.
  3. I can play Madden 04 and 05 and plainly see the difference between the two
  4. They do make one mighty fine football game
  5. Soooooo leggy..................................................how's that Mac treating you?
  6. So wait, lemme get all this straight. PC's can do everything a Mac can, but Mac's can't do everything a PC can? A legitamate question, not meant to be insulting
  7. Yes, sometimes the truth can hurt, lol
  8. LEAVE THE PENGUINS OUT OF THIS! Isn't calling people idiots flamebaiting aswell?
  9. Calling people idiots for their opinion isn't very reasonable IS
  10. Actually, awhile ago I was thinking the same thing. They're sexy, and somewhat effecient. So really if I had a choice between the new mac and a new TV, I'd pick the mac anyday
  11. If by fun you mean using it as a big white paperweight, go for it Unless you're actually going to use the thing, in which case i would have to ask you what you would do with it that would be considered fun. And remember, PC's can look up porn just as fast as Apple computers can
  12. 13. I believe it's Steve Jobs....and Gates owns part of Apple i believe aswell. But why does this make Apple inferior? 14. If they work with graphics, Apple would be the #1 choice.
  13. Well you can play a very nice game of Solataire on that baby
  14. small.........business............leggy?
  15. 1.Deviantart 2.Google 3. Fantasy Yahoo sports 4. Bluesfear 5. Gamespot
  16. KBell

    My skills.

    Please leave your E-Penis at the Yahoo chatrooms and out of the Swamp
  17. Didn't Anthony tell us about this already?......... yup Here
  18. Some people will pick anything to be offended by nowadays
  19. Kotor 1 had, by far, the better of the 2 story lines. I wasn't too enthralled with Kotor 2's, but it still didnt stop me from putting almost 40 hours into the game, and it was quite a ride.
  20. Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge.
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