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  1. Cha-ching! Money in the bank my friend Looks like the Broncos are being royally owned by Manning. 5 TDs in the first 7 possesions, amazing
  2. Ah, but you forget that Phili benched McNabb, Westbrook, Sheppard, Trotter and Dawkins. They really gave that game to the Rams.
  3. Broncos have a gold nugget in DJ Williams, who is almost guarenteed Defensive Rookie of the Year honors. Not to mention the best Cornerback in the nfl with Champ Baily. But I just dont think Plummer can get it done in the playoffs, let alone try and ourscore the MVP Peyton Manning.
  4. Steeler fan since '95 and a Skin fan since Arrington But yes, giving Brunell a 4 year contract worth over 30 million was a big mistake. But it's not like Snyder is ever gonna run out of money
  5. Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown Crossfade- Crossfade Breaking Benjamin- We are not Alone Breaking Benjamin- Saturate Unloco- Becoming I Sevendust- Seasons only CDs i listen to at the moment. The rest is just downloaded
  6. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13547167/ HA
  7. Yes, my poor Redskins failed to make the playoffs yet again. But there is alot to look forward to! We had the #2 defense in the NFL without the best outside linebacker in the NFL, and it looks like Ramsey finally looks comfortable. And we have a high draft pick to look forward to again, Sean Taylor played suburbly, almost to Defensive Rookie of the Year honors But luckily my Steelers are the best team in football at the moment, and they are my favorites to win it all, obviously. So here are my picks -------------------------------------------- Seahawks over Rams Chargers over Jets Colts over Broncos Packers over Vikings
  8. Top 3 for me are: 1- Road to Perdition 2- The Last Samurai 3- Edward Scissorhands
  9. Looks like you got herpes on your hand Glad you're ok though
  10. A 30 year old living on his own should be able to make his own decisions me thinks.
  11. Tell them you'd like to spend time with your girlfriend. I mean, how could they say no to that?
  12. Never knew they made a sequel Anyway, bad movies? Um, gotta add the last 2 Matrix movies. XxX, Daredevil, and Blade 3 are all shoe-in's aswell.
  13. It says it's from Shaun of the dead
  14. Not to mention a 4 GB iPod mini costs as much as a 30 GB Creative Nomad Xtra. Its insane. I guess you're payin for the name.
  15. Or it was all a joke and he's thinking he made a lot of people laugh
  16. KBell

    New Site

    I seriously need to copyright that phrase
  17. Well what a clever....clever bastard. Props to him and all the people he made feel incredibly stupid.
  18. Anyone that stupid to bid on something like that deserves to lose their $150
  19. 13......but I didnt understand like 3 of the questions
  20. Creative players have always been known for it's sound quality, which is why I chose it. It's a bit big though, but i'm not too picky on the size
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