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  1. Hooters Recruitment commercial O_O (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  2. prius owners unite! i have a rebel alliance sticker on the side window of my car, and an imperial symbol on the other side. on my dashboard i have a golden mushroom plushie, to give myself the illusion that sometimes i can go super turbo fast in it XD
  3. what i have is nothing. there are whole flickr albums with compilation pics of her or so i heard.
  4. http://io9.com/5545430/ap-news-cant-differentiate-between-han-solo-and-lando-calrissian O_O
  5. what, they only use one game from the jedi knight series, omitting dark forces and jedi knight whch i felt were more groundbreaking, and put 2 rouge squadron games and 2 x-wing/tie fighter games??
  6. more, you say? i remember her saying it wasn't real metal but who cares XD i think she goes to all those cons like that. she was at like Celebration and comic-con. i didn't see her at the last comic-con even though she was there tho. too many people in that crowded place. ah well XD
  7. wow you guys really.....wow..>_> anywho...this is one of my fave slave leia cosplayers:
  8. http://www.geekologie.com/2010/04/everything_thats_right_in_the.php awww y eaaaah XD
  9. Act 2 came up a little while back. can't wait for more!
  10. http://www.doctoroctoroc.com/8-bit-dr-horrible/watch.html very cool XD
  11. my attempt on playing the Father and Son theme from Metal Gear Solid 4 on my keyboard: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) >_>
  12. I finally got the Orange Box....yeaaahh.. >_> having fun with TF2, though the only other game i really played online before was JK2, and it's taking time to adjust XD
  13. some of those challenge rooms get pretty hard. i could never get past round 3 in the shock and awe extreme challenge. just can't seem to take them all down before the timer >_<.
  14. i played a demo at gamestop and it's very fun. My only concern is how long it'll take to beat the story mode. it seems to go pretty quickly, going from one place to another. does anyone know how long it'll take to beat the game?
  15. i like watching tennis but i don't follow it enough to know about the players. i know the bald guy is Andre Agassi, and then there's Mari Sharapova..
  16. i doubt it. it is Ray Park playing him after all. he hardly ever talks in his roles. except for that one with Antonio Banderas >_>
  17. Cam Gigandet fights of rapid Twilight fans (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
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