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  1. Originally posted by DrMcCoy

    mmh... "jake, where are you?"...

    the next part of stephen king's dark tower is coming out in germany this month...

    i just can't wait anymore...

    (i know, this is completely off-topic, but...)



    what is all the fuzz about those books? tell me about them

  2. it was around 93 or 94 when everybody was talkin about this game from pirates, i didnt pay attention but the voices grew larger so i had to check the game myself, fast forward 10 years later and its my favorite game series of all time, MI stared me in gaming.


    I luv monkey island, i dont like the 4th

  3. Did YOu:


    * Clean The dirt from the lenses outside the tomb?


    * Align the moons at 2 o' clock?


    * Use the blue cristal from the nexus to iluminate the tomb?


    * Use the shovel with the rock on the tomb?


    * See and/or watch all the displays at the library?

  4. Originally posted by Erwin_Br

    I don't remember exactly, but I'm sure I have seen your Ebay handle before.


    I believe a sealed Maniac Mansion (or was it Zak McKracken..?) box was one of the auctions I was outbid on by you.


    Oh well...






    i will sell my brand new box of MI2 to you, just offer me a decent deal

  5. you are entitled to your opinion but its worth squat to most of us, in fact if you dont care why bother doing this? for all those who care like me, we are really greatful that someone takes the time to write and research all that stuff for us to read, if you dont give a damn about what Ron intended your mising the whole point of the game your opinion does not reflect that of others so bear that in mind so you wont end up lookin like an ass.

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