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  1. One thing is certain, the 501st fought their last battle on Hoth.
  2. I don't know, but please post a screenshot. Everyone else are free to as well.
  3. If you want to get SW-realistic, one single little slash of a Lightsaber should kill any trooper, yet it takes much more.
  4. I'd like to see how this game runs on good PCs. If anyone can, please post a screenshot. I certainly hope to see high-end PC screenshots.
  5. It's a lot like how certain Villains/Heroes appear on locations they never did go to in the movies, or the EU. Still, it's silly to have the Clonetrooper on the Battlefront 2 cover to wield that rifle the Stormtroopers use. I certainly hope we can get some real good patches, with more maps and new Heroes and Villains. I think the bugs and such should be fixed at first, though.
  6. No, you don't understand my question. What I'm wondering is what those yellow units are used for (are they snipers, perhaps?) and why didn't we see them in Battlefront 2?
  7. And what's up with the Clones in Episode 3 that have yellow stripes/lines on their armour? They also have goggles. I've seen many failed attempts to stay true to the movies in Battlefront, but they got closer this time.
  8. I used to think most heroes were just same but with different looks, but that is not true. They always have something that tells them apart, other than the looks. Some heroes completely suck at doing the Jump+Slash attack. Luke for example is great at it, while characters like Ki-Adi-Mundi don't even seem to do anything while slashing. Most of the characters have the same animations, but as I said, they always differ in something.
  9. Tell me about it... Halo 2 has the worst community ever, or just Xbox Live in general. I've played Halo 2 and Battlefront 2 with XBconnect at a friend's house, and Halo 2 felt more fun with XBconnect. Almost no one has a mic, and things are just quiet. It's great, altough Battlefront 2 seemed to bug up when playing online.
  10. If it improves drastically. I'd say that there were big changes between Battlefront 1 and 2, altough not very big. Still, how would one give the console gamers an expansion pack?
  11. I also believe Bespin was orange/brown in Rebel Strike for the Gamecube? Either way, Battlefront made it look way too purple. It honestly felt more like Taris from KOTOR. That's odd, still, I clearly remember Bespin being kind of brown/orange. Your pictures weren't much proof, one seemed way too dark and the other seemed like recoloured picture. I've seen ESB a hundred times, and I remember the brown/orange look
  12. I gave it 8. I considered a 9, because I play it often and a lot. This game actually turned out great, but I don't like the online play, the bots, and that's about it. I don't believe this game was meant for online gaming anyway, I seem to have much more fun in offline mode anyway. I've tried it online with Xbox at a friend's house, but I have it for PC.
  13. Oh, yes, they should really fix the barrel gun instead of all the bugs and whatnot. You don't even know if it's an error or if the gun actually works that way. As for the Commander weapon, I've only killed two or three in one load.
  14. A REAL Bespin map; the old one(s) didn't look at all like Bespin. They're supposed to look like in Jedi Outcast, not all pink and purple like in the first Battlefront game. Also the arena from Episode 2, I want a Jedi vs CIS thing going on. And basically what everybody else said... altough one day I want a KOTOR-version of this game, imagine all the fun.
  15. I don't know, most casual people like the new movies, and even a lot of hardcore fans, like me. It's mostly just the hardcore fans that don't like the prequels, I think. Same here, I mostly consider it an offline game more so than an online one. I haven't even played online yet, and I don't plan to. I admit this "EA syndrome" is spreading, but there are still many great companies out there. Don't know if you've ever thought about consoles, because those great machines bring some real good quality games like Zelda or Metroid Prime to us. Halo is a matter of opinion, because it lacks many basic features of a FPS game that even last-generation FPS games possessed, yet look at Halo and the flattery it receives. Not even the second one improved much. My point is just that there are many decent quality games out there, but it's just that these cheap EA-style games are starting to take over, as they appeal to the casual person that likes games.
  16. I like the Imperial side just a little bit more, even though their gear looks like a step backwards rather than forward. It's a very hard choice, it's 49% Clones and 51% Imperials to me.
  17. Don't you mean couldn't...? Anyway, I want to see screenshots so I can see the dfiference.
  18. I think it's because not everyone likes Star Wars. Most people I know don't like Star Wars, and most of them reject games like Battlefront. Personally I thought Battlefront 2 was a huge improvement over the first, and I actually love it. The first one was rushed and pretty poor, but they've really polished the game this game. It could be better, but not that much. Anyway, I think that most people play offline, because the last Battlefront game sold a lot, yet the servers were not that many. Might I also mention that the online support for this game is barely standing...? It doesn't seem to be so advanced, and the first one was horrible. This one is ok, to be honest. And LucasArts have a way of rushing games and then quickly making an improved "sequel" that could be an expansion pack. While the first game seemed "quick and greasy", this one has basically filled the holes of the last one and made it feel a little more personalized.
  19. Let's not forget clans that are just waiting for you to "lame" one of them so they can have an excuse for slapping you around and gangbanging you. Yes, a bunch of Kyles standing there, twitching and moving now and then, most of them with their chat bubbles above their heads, looking at you as you are "sleeping" Seriously, I miss Saber Only Full Force FFA servers. Also what's with some people considering Force being "lame"? I often get comments like "you are lame, force noob"
  20. Just a quick suggestion: (haven't read all your posts by the way, so I may be repeating something, I apologize if that is the case) Couldn't you just come up with something that forces people to update their version of JA+? Something that makes old versions unable to play, so that only the newest version can be played. Is that possible?
  21. Sure, I would love a new Jedi Knight game. But I think they should use a new engine and make something new instead of making a game with the same engine. Hopefully we'll see no more "honour chatroom" servers in the next Jedi Knight game. Also, I advise you to go to http://www.petitiononline.com (something like that) and start a petition. Anyway, I'll sign. *William signs*
  22. I made a video like that some time ago... maybe you've seen it? I'm the Wookiee that starts grip-kicking two "honour boys" Downloading your video right now, I'm sure it will be good. EDIT: I laughed at your video, very funny. Especially when you got kicked it I heard "haa-haa" from Nelson in The Simpsons. If the search function was working, I would be able to show you my "lamer video" as well, but it's not working...
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