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  1. Zoric saw the gas. He quickly pulled out his gas mask and put it on. (BTW, I am not with you guys. But I will meet up with you.) He crawled down a passage and saw a blue glow. He followed it and saw everyone being protected from the gas. "So guys. Want a gas mask?" said Zoric with a grin on his face which you couldnt see because of the mask.
  2. "Can you make us invisible?" said Zoric as he turned and looked at the castle. "If you can Beregond wont see us."
  3. Maybe. I direct you to this thread.
  4. Looks good. Though I hope it isnt another disappointment like Once Upon A Time in Mexico.
  5. Nope youll have to play to there again. A tip dont lay a hella load of mines. Just fight instead.
  6. I dont think it would work. It would probably cost plenty like Galaxies anyway.
  7. I hated Morrowind. Damn boring. How 'bout GTA Sydney!
  8. Name: Robert Sanchez Species: Human Age: 30 Occupation: UNSC Marine Current Location: Earth, Africa, New Mombasa Appearance: A normal marine uniform with a few patches on the shoulders. Brown eyes, Brown hair. Bio: Grew up in Australia and moved to New York. He enlisted in the army and was sent to Africa, New Mombasa. (Just want to add)- Extra info: Robert has that typical aussie accent and is a superb fighter.
  9. BTW, I will be home on the 25th since well... My family is hosting. Damn it has been a pain. Buying everything and all that stuff. But hey I will be on in the night of your christmas eve.
  10. I might actually get Half-Life 3. If it is out before I die.
  11. (No it isnt... I think. ) Zoric felt a blue aura going all around him. He then felt himself being teleported to the next village...
  12. Zoric watched as everyone crawled into the tunnel. He saw the male former-jedi go somewhere else. Zoric went into the passage he did and saw him. "Hello" said Zoric.
  13. Exactly what I was going to say... Unless they have 100 copies of each game it wont work.
  14. Ill try a different one. Since the clone war one is to RPGish I will try a different one. It is set 100 years before KOTOR Chapter One: As I woke up from the same dream I had been having for a couple of weeks I noticed it was the middle of the night here on Dantooine. I got out of bed and walked into the council chamber. In the council chamber there was another jedi sitting down on the rug infront of the councillers seats. The jedi councillers since it was the middle of the night were in their own beds. I went down to the jedi meditating. I put my hand on the jedis shoulder and startled her. It was a woman jedi meditating. "Oh hello Master Zala" I said as I saw her face. Master Zala was my master. "Hello my padawan" said Zala. "What are you doing here?" I said as I sat down next to her. "I am meditating" she said. "How long have you been here?" "About an hour" she said. "Ok master." "Why are you here?" Zala said. "I had a dream. A strange dream. I dreamt that I was facing 5 sith on my own. I killed them all like I was a sith. When I unmasked them they all had my face on them." "That is a strange dream. But remember dreams can betray you" she said. "I dont know. I have been having it for a week. And it seems to be getting clearer and clearer." The next morning I was out in the Dantooine fields with Zala. We were both training on the wild beasts that lived in the fields. 'Kath Hounds' people called them. As we reached the field two kath hounds ran at me. I ignited my saber to reveal a clear blue blade. My master ignited her blade to reveal a green blade. I swung at one of the kath hounds which sliced it's head. It fell to the ground dead. My master was busy fighting a horned-kath hound. I killed the other hound with a throw of my saber. My master at the moment killed the horned kath hound. We went to another part of the fields to find a few chiss mercenaries. As they saw as they fired at as. I ignited my saber and blocked the bolt coming at me. Zala was up at one of the chiss. I jumped at one of the chiss. They chiss pulled out a vibro-blade. I swung at the blade and it suprisingly it did not break in half. I looked at the blade and saw that it had a small device attached to the hilt. The hilt glowed green. I pushed the chiss away then knocked him out with stun. I turned around and ran to Zala. "I think we should tell the jedi council about the mercenaries and their new technology" I said. "Yes we should" replied Zala. Zala and I ran back to the jedi temple and into the councillers chamber. Chapter 2 Preview- "I want you and Zala to go to the Chiss homeworld."
  15. Not interested. Not interested at all.
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