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  1. ((Eh..sorry about that.)) Zoric stopped in one of the trees and jumped down. He ran back to get his dagger. He found in a tree. He ran, jumped and landed near the dagger. He pulled it out of the tree and turned around and ran. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his shoulder ,fell and blackedout. (A troll hit me in the back with an axe)
  2. That is the best one I have seen so far. XD
  3. Played Republic Commando for 20 hours straight and almost finished it twice.
  4. Name: Robert Age: 22 Gender: Male Bio: Robert got a robot, one of the first ones made to be precise. AG-57(Joey) turned on Robert one day and tried to kill him. Robert destroyed the blasted thing and knew the other robots had gone bad.
  5. (Major Bumpage) As we entered the councillors chamber they were startled at our speed of entering. "What brings you here at such great speed?" said the eldest member Master Denmar. "The...Chiss..are here" I said panting. "Really?" said Denmar. "Yes. And they have a new technology. A technology that makes our lightsabers usless against there melee weapons" said Zala. "Ah I see. We have seen this for a long time. But we did not know when it you come. I want you and Zala to go to the Chiss homeworld" said Denmar once again. Zala and I walked out of the chamber and headed for the hangar. I went to docking bay Z-21 while Zala went to docking bay Z-25. As I entered the bay I found my ship. A sith fighter which had crashed on Dantooine when I was very young. I repaired it myself. I got into the fighter and took off. I saw Zala's ship on my radar. She was right behind me. We entered hyperspace as soon as we left Dantooine's atmosphere. After 5 minutes of travelling through hyperspace we reached the Chiss homeworld. Our plan was too land at two seperate places and infiltrate the estimated main manufacturor of the technology. As I headed down I noticed the place where we were supposed to get inside. It was a huge complex. I landed my fighter in a clearing in a forest. (Sorry about the shortness of this chapter but I am really tired. It's around 1 in the morning.) Chapter 3:"What are the sith doing here?"
  6. I'll be getting mine on the 25th May. Yeah I want to see the movie before I play the game.
  7. Since Zoric had his dagger in his hand he swung around and stabbed the troll. The troll fell to the ground bleeding. Zoric climbed the tree nearest and ran from tree to tree avoiding tomahawks as they flew past him...
  8. Nah better to just lay mines everywhere around the cp. They spawn...BOOM!.
  9. "Why? Why should I leave? I could help you with things. Kill people you dont like. What do you say?" said Zoric comfortably once again. "Since I can infiltrate a castle undected I can surely kill your enemies."
  10. Heh Ive seen that just too lazy too post it.
  11. I saw that ad. Ive only seen it once. God its stupid.
  12. Yes but what would the map look like? I imagine an open field with turrets all over the place. You vs ewok army. One word: Fun.
  13. But you also have to love planting mines everywhere around enemy cp's too.
  14. ((I know I was just saying he does not like elves and I said I'm not one.))
  15. "Trolls do not scare me!" said Zoric as he pulled out his bow and fired at the troll to the far left. As the magic arrow flew it hit the troll squarly between the eyes. It fell to the ground dead. "Now unless you all want to end up like that do not oppose me. Anyway I am not an elf. I am a human. So why would you hurt me?" said Zoric very comfortably.
  16. Zoric was on his newest assasination mission. To kill a troll that is supposed to live in the woods. As he walked into a small clearing in the forest and saw smoke rising from the north. He started to walk to towards the fire. He then saw the troll and an elf in the tree. He climbed up the nearest tree and jumped and crept from each tree. He reached the one next to the elf and stopped and pulled out his bow. He took an arrow from his quiver and aimed. He then heard a russle in the bushes below him. He saw a wolf. The wolf started to run at the tree where the elf was hanging from. Zoric put his bow on his back and pulled out one of his daggers. He grabbed a branch and swung down and caught the wolf on his dagger. He swung to the tree on the opposite side and looked at the injured wolf. He stabbed one more time and killed it. He cleaned his dagger and jumped down and looked at the elf and troll...
  17. I like killing with grenades too but it isnt my most favourite way.
  18. Songs: Jet: Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet: Rollover DJ Shannon Noll(Hes an aussie): Drive Albums: Jet: Get Born I dont know. Only album I like. Bands/Artists: Jet Shannon Noll Elvis(Who doesnt like him?)
  19. Thats just ****ing stupid. Though you should see Australias court system. You get 3 years for murder and 20 years for getting caught speeding twice in row!
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