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  1. Empire At War mostly. Battlefront II next then KOTOR 3. The reason KOTOR 3 hasnt been offically released yet.
  2. Its co-op and versus. Just depends on what team you choose at the start.
  3. The game was except for the damn SBD's. Way too overpowered like everyone else said. I mean they can take you down in a few shots.
  4. I'd like to see the A-Wing since the should have put that into the first one.
  5. They do on Xbox. Well some people. Anyway Ill get BF II. Why you ask. Well I have the first one may aswell get the second. Anyway they may not rush it this time.
  6. Getting the two free ones as I type. Me like ET will get the ones you have to pay for free at the end of June. I mean they make us wait all this time and they finally bring them out and they make us pay for two.
  7. In a dark dark place called my room with the xbox and on my computer with this strangely addicting game.
  8. Like TK said many other threads like this been posted even before the game came out. Anyway my favourite level would be Geonosis cause of the Gunships.
  9. Battlefront with jedi is all it is. Except for the new levels. Yes I am back for good this time
  10. Welcome back! Me myself has just returned.
  11. A year for me next month. Cant wait.
  12. Ah.. Global my good buddy. Havent seen you in a while.
  13. I am back sadly after a serious Halo 2/Paper Mario 2 addiction. Though both those games dont suck. One game that did suck was Pod Racer on the ol' N64.
  14. As for my list: CoD Armed and Dangerous Thats it.
  15. I have to play team slayer with you more often. Anyway I seem to be getting better at killing people in skirmish. Maybe I should start to play team slayer again. BTW, I found out you dont get any medals for 30 kills in a row. Since I got 30 kills in a row on a DOTD game. Yes all I did was stay in room two and shoot them all in the head.
  16. Zoric killed the other two sith with a few chops of his saber and runs after the jedi. He stops at the ledge and jumps across. "Wait up" yelled Zoric.
  17. Sorry once again about double post but the content hasnt come yet. I am still waiting. And I am 1-2 wins away from lvl 10 on Skirmish. EDIT: Lvl 10!
  18. Yeah that ties with the theme song. Halo 2 has great music.
  19. Happy B-day. May it serve you well. And may it give you power. *Bows*
  20. The Halo 2 theme song is the best. Seriously it is.
  21. WTF?? Im not offended by that. And it was a fancy dress party.
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