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  1. Zoric came up behind Jankih and fired at the TIE's. He blew them all up. He did a barrel roll and fired at a few more TIE's.
  2. "Yes we should. But what about our ships?" asked Zoric. "We also need to get the Mandalorian technology to fix you engines."
  3. Yeah exactly not too mention the lag even in SP. So no. Maybe only about 750. Or like IS said. With the Starcraft thing.
  4. Pretty cool. Though these are the best:
  5. I saw you when I wasnt registered back then. And yes I am a 04 noob.
  6. Three dark jedi apppear infront of Zoric. He immediatly gets his sabers and ignites them. He looks at then and sees they all of two sabers. Both red. But they were not his greatest fear. They were not him. Zoric went at one and cut his head off..
  7. The colour has changed. Now it is way easier to read.
  8. CoD. I dont like HL. But of course it is what you think.
  9. Its nothing like the movie. Sure it has the storyline but that is how it goes. You start on the Trojan campaign finding this golden egg of the gods and in the Greek freeing Achilles from Trojans.
  10. Battle of Troy, Warcraft II and AoE 1,2 and Mythologys.
  11. Is this really fun PC game. It is offline only but very fun. You can be the Greeks or Trojans and there is only a campaign but the missions are very hard to finish. Anyone played this? BTW, it is a RTS.
  12. You cant get glow around you posts in this forum but to get glow around your name you need 1250 posts and a hex code for the colour you want.
  13. I also forgot to say that on the 18th of March it will be my first full year.
  14. EDJ goes beserk on Curt-Man. Curt-Man is out for 2 posts.
  15. Zoric blocked the saber. Then suddenly a wall came up around the combatents. ((I might aswell keep this story up since XHacker hasnt posted in this lately)). Then a row came out into the desert wasteland. It was like a passage. Zoric deactivated his saber and walked to the beginning of the passage. "I think the test is gonna begin now" said Zoric.
  16. ((That was a normal star destroyer. )) Zoric saw the other star destroyer flying close enough to the rebel hanger to bomb it. Zoric fired two proton torpedos, one at each generator. They both blew up. He went down and fired another proton at the last one. He flew up infront of the command center and fired another proton. The star destroyer blew up. "Yeah" yelled Zoric. "Know we gotta take care of that Super Star Destroyer."
  17. I like that key. It helps me take a shortcut to the start menu and get me out of games if I need to do something else.
  18. 'Bout time. I check the downloadable content every couple of days to see if there is any. Lets just hope the rumour comes true.
  19. "Looks like I need to do some more repair work" said Zoric with a grin as he came out of Trent's ship. "The shields have been repaired." "But I need mandalorian technology to fix your engines." Zoric then noticed the new comer. "Hello my nmae os Zoric."
  20. No. I hid in some rocks and sniped everyone that passed by.
  21. Zoric did a tricky manouver to get away from the tractor beam. He flew above one of the Star Destroyers and fired at one of the shield generators...
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