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  1. Had some games with ET today. He didnt know who I was.
  2. "I can fix the engines and shields but thats it" said Zoric. "So keep your datapad. The hull cant be breached once the shields are up." Zoric went inside of the ship to repair the shields...
  3. "Sure" said Zoric. He took the tools and went over to Trent's ship. "What is wrong with it?" said Zoric.
  4. "Hello" said Zoric with a nod. "So Trent were did you find this woman?" asked Zoric.
  5. Zoric and Kilian reached the hanger, only to find it filled with guards. "What now?" said Zoric.
  6. Zoric took off after Trent and went into hyperspace. He waited for a few minutes. He came out of hyperspace and came out on Hoth. He went down and saw Trent's ship. He landed next to it...
  7. "Of course we have a problem" yelled Zoric. "There is bloody one Super Star Destroyer and two Star Destroyers." Zoric turned aroud and headed to Jankih. He came up beside him and said into his comlink "Pull back."
  8. I know who he is and I have almost been here a year.
  9. "I will take my own ship aswell" said Zoric as he walked to the Zistar. He hopped in and powered up the engines...
  10. ((BTW, I know all the ships in each group. Red Squadron is X-Wing and A-Wing, Green is B-Wing and Y-Wing. So Ranre's character is in my squadron. )) Zoric left the hanger and saw in amazment what looked like the whole Imperial Fleet. Zoric went after a group of Tie Fighters. He fired at at the leader and took him out. He did a barrel roll and fired. "Gold Leader, this is Red Leader. How did the Empire know where our hanger was located?" asked Zoric.
  11. "Well you are in Red Squadron now. Follow me" said Zoric as he ran to the hanger. He stayed in his normal clothes, grabbed a helmet and jumped into his X-Wing...
  12. Yeah it is way too dark. Maybe the text colour changed woud be better. It would be better a lighter colour like white.
  13. Zoric turned around and saw a recruit. "Are you in Red Squadron?" asked Zoric.
  14. Umm Half-Life 2 and Halo 1-2 are FPS. Anyway Halo 2 kills battlefront anyday.
  15. "Dont really know" I said. "I was picked from my home planet along time ago. I was never told of my home planet." I swung my saber at the jedi...
  16. Zoric got up and headed out of the room. He headed to his quarters...
  17. Name: Zoric Age: 27 Preferred Class: X-Wing Strengths: Courage, Great piloting skills. Weaknessess: Scared of getting killed in firefights. Rank: Red Leader Zoric was sitting on a chair waiting for their next mission...
  18. Sorry about another double post but all that stats have been reset.
  19. Discussed earlier. They dont fight each other.
  20. "Sure. I'd like to" I said. He pulled out his silver saber and ignited it. "One saber only. Ok?"
  21. Make that 14-0. LotR obviously. Matrix sucked.
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