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  1. Decided to play again, and... hehe. 18098 ~ "The force is strong with this one." I could finally deflect lasers back at those things properly! Hey it was better than my old strategy of "dodge and block everything and hopefully the floating balls will get hit by random laser fire."
  2. Hey this is fun! 8112 with green.
  3. I'm listening to anime songs which you've likely never heard of.
  4. *votes Dean Cain* I loved Lois and Clark. Always watched it when I was little. In fact, everytime I see Dean Cain, I think Superman. lol... As for the others, Chritopher Reeve will probably always be the Superman, and Tom Welling is good as the younger version. Never heard of George Reeves.... And yeah, I liked Smallville, and I've watched pretty much seen all the seasons up to the last one, where I've trailed off a bit. There was another showed in the same timeslot that interested me, so... *will just get the season 4 Smallville DVDs* Oh yeah and Kristin Kreuk...
  5. Aye. I take a small vacation over the weekend and look what happens. <_<; (j/k) Congrats Darth333, even if it's only temporary.
  6. ^^ lol I love your new Ninjai avatar. <3 And in other news, the old smilies are back!!! Now the upgrade is complete. A big thanks to all the people involved for their hard work on the forums. LF rules.
  7. Well let's see.... I THINK they were Kreia, Zhar, Dorak, Vandar, Vrook, and Arren Kae.
  8. *notices the humongous avatars* Oh. My. God. I think LucasForums has suddenly become my favorite forums once again. This... is an incredible upgrade. There is no emoticon to express my happiness... except maybe this:
  9. Same here. =/ I kinda lost interest in Morrowind after seeing the screenshots of Oblivion. Now I'm never gonna get that perfect game. An online mod sounds interesting... But Morrowind always felt like a MMORPG anyways.
  10. Your stereotypical Chinese food. Chou Mein, fried rice, etc.
  11. These are my favorites: Battle of the Heroes Duel of the Fates Anakin Vs. Obiwan Imperial March Then there two other pieces I also like, but unsure of the the name: In RoTJ, when the Millennium Falcon and company fly across's the DSII's surface and enter it. I think it's called "Into the Death Star." The the other one is the old "Yub Yub" celebration music in the old RoTJ!
  12. Agreed. That's my ONLY complaint about the forum upgrade. Everything else is cool. But now, I already miss the old . It's now been replaced by this thing:
  13. Derc

    It's Here!

    As I spent more time getting used to the new upgrade, I realized that this was the exact same format used in another forum that I visit. And that one has never had any hardware/data problems whatsoever, as far as I can remember. So this is a good thing. I hope the days of "There seems to be a problem with the database" are long gone.
  14. ...okaaay. The emoticon/smilie has been changed! NOOOOOOO! I liked better. RIP old Big Grin icon. Edit- Nevermind it's been fixed now. Yay.
  15. Eh. Jpop. Especially since I've really gotten into a particular anime series now.
  16. The first Rogue Squadron was for the N64. Good times. Its sequels, Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike, are for the Gamecube. They are both good games, and its graphics are top-notch, but even they don't last long in entertainment value. Especially Rebel Strike, which main story was even shorter. But as an added bonus, it had a 2 player Co-op mode for the missions in Rogue Leader! So it was like a two-in-one deal. Will you like it? I dunno. But I loved it because you could pilot the Millennium Falcon.
  17. Impressive. Most impressive. This will definintely take some getting use too, and as The_Maker pointed out, it'd hard to differentiate between signatures and the actual post... And I think the width of the of the posting space was decreased? Meh. But if anything, I'm really liking the new banners at the top!
  18. Since when was sitting down considered sexual?
  19. Unfortunately, since your source is Wikipedia... it is not very reliable. Anyone can make/edit that article, so unless it's from an official source, we can't say that the asteriod was connected to the Yuuzhan Vong. Personally, I'd kinda like if it was but I dunno...
  20. Having not played Jade Empire, I can't really say anything about it... However, I can say that TSL didn't deserve it. My vote goes to Tales of Symphonia as the best RPG since that was, you know, a polished game. The unique characters, the fun battle system, the developed story, and the colorful cel shading... ToS just wins in my book, and blows TSL out of the water. Just my two cents.
  21. After reading the article a few days ago, what can I say? GTA:SA had a legitimate reason for its AO rating... but I draw the line at The Sims 2. I haven't tried out the second installment yet(I'll get around to it eventually ), and I was a huge fan of the orginal and its expansions(only got up to House Party... fun fun fun). But now today, Jack Thompson makes me a sad puppy. I say we stand up to him and form GAOP (Gamers Against Opportunistic Politicians).
  22. This Oddessey engine is the mark of the KoTOR series. So naturally, all it would need is uberized graphics. BUT, if the game engine was changed, I wouldn't mind the system that Guild Wars uses. Just as long as the game doesn't turn into button-mashing, I'm fine with it.
  23. My my, I'm really losing touch with what's going on in gaming news. Granted, the GTA series(namely, GTA3 and above), were damn fun. Some of the best entertainment that you can get. However, they're games that should've be played by the younger audience, obviously. But this "Hot Coffee" controversy really begs the question to just how far Rockstar was going to go. I heard they really pushed the limit with Manhunt, which was just violence for the sake of violence, but now for sexual content... It's heavily implied in the GTA games, but a minigame would be absolutely ridiculous. ...wtf. Wow I never thought of it that way. Awesome insight.
  24. Yeah it's Luke, and he looks weird, but you can say the same thing about Vader. Concept art~
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