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  1. Erm....... Sorry, they never said anything....
  2. Nah, I know people who completed it without choosing one.
  3. For my Jedi Master, I natually gave him the Jedi Master Robes. And with the portrait I used(the "Jesus" one), he looked AWESOME.
  4. It is the darkside counterpart to the lightside Force Enlightenment. So you get it at the same place.
  5. I am Lightside by heart. Helping people is just....so natural...
  6. From KOTOR 1: Carth Bastila From KOTOR 2: Atton Mira Handmaiden Bao-Dur Disciple Who MUST come back: Revan Exile T3-M4 HK-74 Places: Corellia Kamino Hoth
  7. Nah, you'll be just as strong as them. It would be the same difficulty even if you don't use any glitches. Everything's equal...
  8. I'm pretty sure if he was mentioned by Zaalbar, we would remember! But, yes, I'm fairly sure that Hanharr was part of another tribe in another place on Kashyyk.
  9. Yes, but what if that only counted for that galaxy? What if the "true" Sith are still in existence, somewhere beyond the Outer Rim?
  10. Wh, yes, it does. Even though I still didn't realize that...
  11. T3!!!!!!! Because, hey, And he's the R2-D2 of the series.
  12. I currently use Viridian with my Jedi Master, and it rocks. At least I'm not copying
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