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  1. Thanks for clearing that up -_^ I'm not crazy ! :)


    Yeah I was surprised Boc got the reviews he has on here, most people I talk to hate him. lol, I admit he was a bit annoying, but the hopping was different.


    I forgot to mention Yun in my last post :/


    Pic and Gorc were, I believe the most challenging, since you have to battle their different fighting styles at the same time, except one time when I went through it Pic got stuck somewhere :-p so that made it a lil easier :p

  2. I haven't played SP in awhile, so I have to go with the battles that stick in my mind (okay more like that I can remember) which obviously must have had the better impact.


    The two battles that stick in my mind best were those between Boc and Jerec.


    The other was the battle with Maw, but question with this one. Did you battle Maw and a Force using dude (can't remember if that is Pic or Gorc) then fight then at the same time. Cause this one battle sticks out in my mind fighting the two at the same time, if that's not in the game then I guess it must have been a DL, or something my mind made up :/ which I....wouldn't rule out. lol.

  3. It's so sad. I am really eager for battle with someone. Zone.com is the place I go to but...no one's there...


    I think the reason for that is not many know they still exist. I'm sitting in Nar right now, I sure wish it were advertised better that it's still there, it be great to play a game again :)


    GameSpy hasn't been active at all lately. Zone was always better.



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