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  1. As much as I'd like to ignore people Pahricida, it's rather hard when they follow you everywhere.


    Zappa... I am sick to death of you and your freakin' ego. Don't "suggest" how I handle a situation. Don't give me directions/orders/threats/useless information. I don't "run my mouth" .. I react to you running yours.


    What I can't understand is... why, after an agreement we BOTH made with each other... do you then go against the very deal? The deal was you keep your opinions about me and my opinions ... to yourself, and I would do likewise. That and to just not address each other. I kept to my side, but you had to come in here, my thread, with your "I wish a was a moderator" t-shirt glaring, and point out a useless technicality (to which you are wrong on) to solve what?


    What were you wanting to achieve? "Wow Zappa, you were right... man I am so silly for posting it in this thread.... now I'll have to continue with the topic until a moderator appropriately decides where it will go." ....


    Sometimes your "contributions" to these forums aren't exactly needed - the moderators are big boys, they can run this forum just fine without you prattling in their ears and tugging on their shirts.


    Let me guess though, right now you are cooking up another big reply with your various "I don't care about this and that" statements and "You need to ______" crap... guess what buddy boy? I'm saving you the trouble!


    I'm leaving LucasForums :) - I can't possibly maintain a healthy topic here when you are trying to trod all over me.


    If anyone else would like to stay up to date on this project or many others... please, come visit myself and other great people at Hapslash's Void.


    Whilst I'm sure that like as usual, Zappa will make sure he has the last word ... from the thread starter - This topic is closed.

  2. Now, as for the point of the damn topic. :p


    I didn't notice the mouth looked a little blurry, however since then I've optimised the UV-map, so it should be all sorted out.


    I've also started on the helmet too :)



  3. The quarrels between myself and Zappa are not limited to this thread OR this forum... so excuse me if I've lost my patience and the hold on my tongue along the way, but for god's sake let the issue die. He's not talking about it anymore and neither am I ... as far as I'm concerned, it's all over now.


    So you sit and "*Snicker*" all you want about whatever Kurgan will think .... I'm sure re-igniting a presumably extinguished flamewar doesn't go too well in your favour either :). I am here to showcase a model in the Showcase Forum.


    If you want to throw in your two cents about what happened... send me a PM. It's what it's there for. Personally addressing something I said to someone (who wasn't you) I consider a private issue... so keep it to Private Messages.


    Don't bring this up again.

  4. I swear to god, it's like talking to a thick, retarded brick wall. The model has to be re-weighted, a skin does not interfere with a model's weighting.... any modeller, skinner or weighter (IB or ]|V|[ for example) can tell you that. Stop coming into threads and putting your feathered foot "down" like it has some weight to it.


    You are not a moderator - get that through your head.


    One more dubious post from you regarding the model's sub-category, and I will report you to the real moderators.


    Let me work in peace, I don't come to my threads to see your pointless, bias, unknowledgable excrement all over it.

  5. If this is in the wrong section, than so is Omeewan's Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. However as you saw, Zappa is working with him on that... so he kept his "constructive" argument to himself. This is classed as a model as I was given it personally by Monsoontide, with the intention of having me texture it, then hand it back to him for final additions and release.I have completely remapped this model... once finished, I then need to completely re-weight the model.


    I can't possibly make it any clearer, now drop it.


    As for the Commando, I should have some shots of the the whole head (not just the face) up within a couple of hours :).

  6. I think the team skins would look less... contrasting, if you colored only the tabbards. Not only that, but it would create some consistancy with HS_Obiwan's team colors - and seeing as how they are all prequel Jedi and are using the same textures... this would just suit it better - as more of an "unofficial" Jedi suite.

  7. Mine? or the original..?


    If it's mine he's refering to... he needs his eyes checked. However I can see a vague similarity to him on the left-hand version. However, the original is simply the Luke Skywalker texture with a beard added over the top...

  8. Reskinning his model, as the ones he sent were *his* attempt at the textures - and asked me to have stab at mine. Just like how NeoMarz sent everyone *his* textures for Clone Ultima, and people used them as base - I made my own.


    Let's not get too pedantic about this, it's classed as a model and a model it shall stay - get off my back over the sub-section of a topic. If a moderator has a different opinion, they can move it to what they deem the appropriate section.

  9. No, because I was given it with Monsoontide's intention to release it to PCGM and JK3Files.com as a new model. I'm simply reskinning it for him - like I did with Clone Ultima. Team effort :).

  10. Well, it's been a good three months (atleast) since Monsoontide first sent me his Rebel Commando model ... to which I got sidetracked with various other things such as Clone Ultima. So I got back onto working on the textures for the model, I figure the poor guy probably lost hope.


    So after examining the face, it turns out it was just a modified Kyle/Luke head-mesh ... and the mapping for it was the same as Raven's. This would not do!


    I went about making the new texture, to my own dimensions and proportions... and then went and fit the new UV-Map to my texture.


    The result thus far?


    Like a majority of my screenshots, the old one is on the left... my re-mapped, re-textured Rebel is on the right :).



  11. Well, weren't the Clone troopers armor based on Jango's/Mandalorians?


    Maybe change the shape of the armor in some places but otherwise it's looking great.


    Based off, yes. Repainted? No.


    All I'm going by are those references Kain posted.. and his costume is entirely differnet from any Clone in either Episode II or III.

  12. The A.A.A (Anti Armor Attachement) should be either for concussion rifle or (more likely) merr sohn, since if you made it to replace TD, you would be throwing whole rifle around...


    Well, no not really.


    The TD works just like any other weapon: It has a player view model (with animations), a world view model, and a projectile model... all accompanied by muzzle flash and shot effects that are simply empty. So yes, this could be turned into an anti-armour weapon.

  13. It still looks like a reskinned Clone Ultima mesh, with a new helmet and holsters. Atleast fix the tops of his thighs - if he's wearing a loose material, it wouldn't be shaped like armour :p. That and the tops of his shoulders... he doesn't have thick support straps running over his shoulders or plating on his biceps, like the Clone armour.

  14. That's right, I'm back (briefly). Whilst Zappa's been "working" (on porting skins), I downloaded that Delta pack, and had a little fun too.

    NeoMarz's included for sake of comparison, no offence intended.




    Also, nice Jango there Marz - but I think the Clone model has seen the end of it's life now :p. You already got the Clones, Delta Squad and the Magna Guard out of it.... methinks it's time for a new mesh.

  15. Ruku how bout you stay out of it. You also have developed an attitude aswell, mainly for the clones and other works of Marz. You can also defend your little buddy V all you want, but its not gonna help you with anything.

    Help me... with... anything? Huh?

    I'm not in this project anymore, so please explain to me how I'm needing help with something? :lol:


    And I can get some mods in here to clean up your acts for trying to start some flame wars. So dont tell me what I can or cannot do.

    :ball: ... That is the most pathetic comment I've read in a good while. Ha, and you say "We're all equal here" ... Nice way to contradict yourself ;)


    As for the JO remarks, it might aswell be dead. The game right now is JA. You dont see many new files coming in for JO these days, thats why the main game is JA.

    Err... says you? A large number of people still do play Jedi Outcast, for your information. There's only no new files because no-one has released any and Clone Ultima didn't get ported to it...


    As far as numbers are concerned... both JO and JA are dead, but thanks for the "information" all knowing one ;).


    I dont have an attitude, I am just telling it how it is. If you have a problem with that so be it!

    Wow, you completely contradicted yourself not even a sentence apart.... nice one.


    Also Ruka that video was to help the Clone project, for those who do not come to LF.

    Why not simply post a link to the forum......


    How stupid can you be?

    Apparently not an inch near your league.


    People downloaded it, and I havent heard any bad remarks about it. Everybody ive talked to liked it.

    I can assure you that's not the case :).


    Oh, and for the record... when someone is leaving the thread... you don't continue to direct messages at them. Do you keep talking when someone hangs up the phone?


    And you call *me* stupid....


    I only came back to address your post as some people sent it to me. Now make like a good little moderator's boy and stay on topic... and DON'T REPLY TO ME.

  16. I believe my skinning improved by watching Ruku's work. Some of the things I've tried on the Magna Guard's head are inspired by what Ruku did for his set.


    Thanks Marz, I didn't know my work had such an effect on you. However, if you would like to talk more about texturing techniques, I'd be more than happy to swap advice with you :).


    However, I only use MSN and to the best of my knowledge.. you don't. If per chance you acquire it... my MSN address is simply my Gmail e-mail.

  17. Before this turns into a royal bitch fit, allow me to settle somethings... namely Zappa Vs V.


    "V" I am really not liking your attitude here. You are no better then anyone else here. So please check your attitude before one of the mods will. Also you have to remember we are not in the days of 56k. Things dont revolve around that anymore. I suggest you stop leaving in the past and come back to the present bud.


    I suggest leaving the (mentioned) duties of a moderator, up to the moderator... instead of assessing V's attitude, I suggest you check yours Zappa. Yes, things don't "revolve" around 56k... but that doesn't mean you can throw in xMb of unoptimized crap simply because you are lazy. Keeping filesize low is a general rule of thumb... no matter how greatly you might consider and want something. Should we just stop modding for Jedi Outcast, because everything "revolves" around JA? No.


    Some people still use Outcast, as do some people use 56k.


    Both Marz and V have made some good points in their latest posts... which neither should be ignored. There are some arguments you should just stay out of, especially when you lack sufficient knowledge on the topic at hand... and this my friend, is one of them. All that you seem to be contributing to this thread is a subtle "I love you Marz, have my babies". It seems that if someone strikes a negative note against Marz, you rush to his defense, shields of ignorance and all.


    This is by no means attacking Marz, he knows what V is talking about and even agrees with a majority of points... both this thread and the Magna Guard. However, the initial "discussion" that is grinding your gears was initially between Marz and V ... both are experienced modellers, and know what they are talking about.


    Now if V is questioning (yes, questioning... he never flamed it) the size of CloneUltima version 3.. then he has every right and the knowledge to do so.


    You however, uploaded a 12Mb slideshow of screenshots, that people could already see here... so leave the "bang for buck" discussion to these two ;).


    That's all I have to say on this thread, I'm out of here. Good luck with subsequent versions Marz! :)

  18. Perfect, why? im lazy to talk in english, and i find it perfect, look it up in the dictionary, the definition is what i feel about the texture.


    And don't come here as superior...its the typical game and thats what is really over-used. If saying that makes you feel superior or more "wise" (oooh!) im happy that i helped you. As i say, tiring.


    It has nothing to do with superiority..... did you miss the point of my entire post?



  19. is it just me or are most of the heads Marz makes for models a bit squished :p

    You must have short eyes Marz (lol)



    Good points Ruku, We didn't give enough constructive criticism on the clone models, we should pay alot of attention to this one that we have all wisened up.


    Well it's not a matter of "wisening up" .. it was just that the Clone thread had zero constructive criticism in it.... the thread could be summarized as follows:


    *Screenshot post*



    "AWESOME... Can I do skinz to? lololol!"

    *New screenshot post*


    "are u doin *random* clone?"

    "I like pie"

    *Another new screen*


    "cool i can skin too can i join"


    and so forth....


    They either praised it, asked for something they like to be added, or ask to join the team. That was the thread as a whole. Zero constructive criticism.


    The arms and legs should be more thin, yes, but talking about the textures I only see undetailed the ears, other than that is perfect, yes, perfect. And Tesla if you have to say :

    "is it just me or are most of the heads Marz makes for models a bit squished

    You must have short eyes Marz (lol)" dont put a **** in the ****ing thread, this is getting full of stupid little babys and you know, is ****ing tiring..meh, keep it up marz.


    Obviously our opinions of "perfect" differ greatly... namely with yours being over-used. Also, I find it funny that you state the thread is getting full of "babys" (babies..), yet you launch a childish attack on Telsa. If you don't like what he said, you don't have to address it (poorly) .. that's what moderators are for :) ... Keep the discussion on the thread's topic, and I'm sure all the "babys" will sleep fine tonight.

  20. RUKU, what are you agreeing too? You should have jumped in and added some details too. Shame on you.


    Eh, I was feeling pretty lazy. As far as I knew... you were too disinterested to do this model and weren't very happy with it... times change, eh?


    Well, if it's constructive criticism you want... then damn it.. constructive criticism you shall have! :p


    Let's see... (It's like a sauna here at the moment, hence my lazy/lethargic state)...



    - The biceps needs to be much thinner

    - The head needs to be both taller, and generally larger (in proportion to the body)

    - The calves should be thinner, yet stocky toward the top

    - Remember that the thighs are in two pieces, not one solid one


    That's all I can think of, off the top of my head... without a clean, large shot of the mesh (wireframe would help too :p). I know it's not done, so for half of those points, make note of them when you *start* working on the specific areas ;).



    @ Cuillere: I'm sure he knows this isn't Quake 4. Remember though: A majority of Quake 4's detail is from it's bump/spec/normal/parralax maps and lighting system, not the colormaps ;).


    JKA can still have reasonably detailed textures (1024x) so if someone is picky for detail, it's not entirely dismissable or out of the question...

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