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  1. Whom are you talking to? If you mean the textures on Bly's pistols, NeoMarz did them... I still haven't done mine to replace them. If you mean my Arc pistols shown in the void, I didn't have any reference other than the Clone Wars series and the DC-15s rifle (Episode III). I hope that answers either possibility
  2. Marz, have you not listened to my idea earlier regarding the file size? Split it up into 3 series of "Ultima" packs. This is not only for download sizes, but choices aswell. Some people don't want to download a giant pack of 20+ skins ... when they only want the Episode II Clones... or the Republic Commandos, or the Episode III Troopers. Come on, this works better for everyone.
  3. Ahhh, ones I made a while back. After I've seen this project through, I'll what I can do about rounding them all up for you.
  4. *sigh* Scroll back around 10 pages, Marcus LeCoy has already done one. It would be rude of me to make one of my own.
  5. :\ ... Deviss has only been seen with them down, that's the point I'm making. It's like making Bacara without his skirt..
  6. And now, a quick preview of (unfinished) Bly:
  7. Thanks for spotting that, I emphasize that these aren't finished until they are in your hands; hence those stripes will be changed, along with other slight tweaks.
  8. ..... It all depends on what light they are in. They *are* silver, they are just usually shadowed. Besides, this add more contrast. Exactly how colorful am I making them? If you hadn't noticed already, the colors are quite bright and contrasting as it is. This wasn't due to lack of realism, I did this because in the game, you want to be able to tell them apart, especially the 212th Batallion and the 7th Skys. As for "cleaner" .... these guys have been through ~3+ years of the Clone Wars... I did them heavily "battle scarred" because as you should probably know... JKA isn't one to show great detail over long distances. When I did a first test with them, with minimal dirt... they looked clean from a distance. This way, it's alot more pronounced in the game.
  9. Well, I figured I'd leave Deviss for second, as everyone seems to crave Bly. Unfortunately, no... I am not posting a screen at this point . But I can tell you this: It'll be done very soon.
  10. Eh, Marz... another request! The Bly model you sent me, it needs one more thing! The visor in a "down" position (over the eyes, and "*off"-able, obviously), on the same model as Bly. I need this for Deviss. Also the question is, shall I just make all the variants I've done, on the Bly model? You know, just "*off" the surfaces in each variant that I don't need? It'd be more efficient for the sake of file size.
  11. Now the 41st Legion is done too, yay. The next one to be worked on is most probably Commander Deviss, so stay tuned!
  12. lol, that was the plan . I thought back at the beginning I solidified my position on Gree? Either way, yeah... I'm all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake.
  13. Obviously not, I'm simply saying that if they are up for offer.. I'll add them to my remaining list.
  14. Well, now that I have a base texture for both clean and dirty... I'd be happy to do any remaining Troopers... as long as they are from the Episode III film, and supposing the offer has been put forward (I'm just going by Dragoon's post).
  15. A little screenshot I made, just for fun (it also happens to be in-game, hence the dodgy "rotoscoping" on my part ): Oh yeah, at the time, I forgot to add in the hand textures, so that's why they are white
  16. And here it is, folks: The 212th Attack Batallion! (Fortunately for me, they share the exact same pattern as the 7th Sky Corps... So I changed the scuff/burn marks around a little bit... but it makes hardly any difference)
  17. Another unveiling: 7th Sky Corps! Coming up next: The 212th Attack Batallion.
  18. I had to add the blue stripes for Para Without further waiting... I give you Commander Thire:
  19. Cody, Bly... whatever. Point is... I know visually, which one I am doing
  20. *sigh* The head is a seperate texture from the rest of the body... and lately, the rest of the body has been my focus. I meant that the body was finished. Obviously the head isn't done.... neither is Deviss and the lower half of Bly... but you didn't know that part . Your beloved blue stripes will be on the next screen, I promise.
  21. Haha thanks, it was all a prelude to the best part: The dirty version. I get to send 'em to war! But, in regards to the release date... perhaps you should run the suggestion I made. Get all the Ep2 clones good to go, and release them as their own pack (ie. Clone Ultima: Episode II). Meanwhilst, you keep working on those Republic Commandos... Then release them as "Clone Ultima: Republic Commando". Now at this point, the community now has an "ultimate" pack for almost every clone they could possibly need, and are now hounding for the Episode III pack. At this point, it would have bought (me, especially) enough time to perfect the Episode III pack (which shall obviously receive the most scrutiny) and then we release it into their greedy hands. All the while, everyone is happy and not rushed .
  22. Just to give you an idea, here is the *clean* Episode III Trooper: It's finished! I'll be back soon with shots of Thire and the rest.
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