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  1. Do you mean the Republic Commando? If so... a new helmet, you need . Hmm, going by those reference pics on that site... my list would be (here you go Marz ): - Commander Bly - Commander Thire (/Shocktroopers) - Commander Gree - Commander Deviss (still need that Visor Marz, same one for both Bly and Deviss, just different positions) - 212th Attack Battalion - 7th Sky Corps - 41st Elite Legion - Galactic Marine* So there you have it . It shouldn't be too long now and I'll have half of them finished and the other half almost done. * This is obviously the snowtrooper model reskinned. I will send this skin to Marz to add to the rest, simply as a bonus for all the Clone fans. Besides, what would an ultimate Clone pack be without the GM?
  2. Well, Bly could use his "visor" thing rest on his head (at about 45° from his eyes), Also, I need the ARC Trooper's Kilt/Skirt thing for Bly and the shoulder pad. I see that people are looking at taking on Bacara and Neyo, if either pulls out I'd be happy to undertake them... and any other clones that are not yet assigned.
  3. No problem . The sound thing sounds pretty good, someone's got to give these suckers a voice.
  4. Finally, getting somewhere: Now, onto the dirty version, and patterns. ^_^
  5. JKA's story line has nothing to do with my post. I am well aware of NeoMarz's undertakings with EU characters, and I know that JKA is part of the EU. What I was REFERING to when I said "EU Crap" ... I meant the numerous spin off characters and clones that are simply different patterns or colours than that of the (already large) list in the movies. Although it would be great to have such variety in the game, you have to go by *logic*. Logic is that JKA's character select can only display so many icons before it just cuts right out... hence you can't have all those other models in your base AND 20+ clones... as more than likely, if this keeps expanding, clones is all you'll have in your select screen. That my friend, is stupid. Let's not forget the inevitable plethora of reskins that people are going to put out there.
  6. *sigh* Ok, I had to post a screenshot to explain what I am doing. So, apart from original textures, I was adding in details that Marz didn't model in and/or overlooked in his textures (no offense). At the moment, no only is this HEAVILY W.I.P (several main details are missing, eg. Grills, ear plates, etc), but it is also "clean" ... so remember that when viewing.
  7. Huh? I wasn't talking to you, Telsa... I was talking to Marz. Don't speak to me in such a condescending manner again, thanks. Also, I was refering to the "movie clones" .. i.e None of that EU crap. We don't need 20+ skins of clones in the base folder.
  8. Well, I'm not yet ready to show a screenshot of my work yet.. however, this is because I went and made the textures all over again, from scratch. This is of no offense to Marz, I just wanted more of a challenge than simply painting over the base maps with brushes. As for the remaining clones (Bacara and "Beehive").. sure, I'll do them (if Marz does is fine with that). I'll post a screenshot in a day or so.
  9. lol Ok. And I'll try and find my old Dark Forces II discs. *begins hunting*
  10. ... Well, to start.. do you have references?
  11. I am releasing an entire pack of brand new effects (written from scratch)... I can easily whip you up a "Force Destruction".
  12. Well here are some screens of the Bryar's model. Forgive the watermark... my Maya died, so until I gets a new one... I'm stuck in the Learning Edition. Anyway, here are three seperate shots (thumbnailed for you 56kers ) I'm texturing it at the moment and will post new shots when I'm done. Enjoy!
  13. Ok, I loved Dark Forces II .. and it's a shame this mod isn't as popular as it should be, nor moving along as fast as it should. I've sat idly by, waiting to see some big changes and whatnot... but it all seems to be reskins and other people's works. Now, usually... this is where a trolling post would end. However this isn't a trolling/flaming post. Just for you guys, as appreciation for you dedication to the (what was almost a completely dead) mod, I have taken the reference picture of the Bryar blaster, and modelled it for you. The model itself is 85% complete as we speak, then I shall texture it. If any of you are familiar with my works, that's not a bad thing . I'll post a render for you lot soon. Merry early Xmas!
  14. I don't know if it's intentional... but you come off as really arrogant; such an attitude won't get you far, as you can see by the lack of replies to all your posts. NeoMarz - If you are posing the offer, I'd like to help out with the clone's textures. Whichever you want, it's fine with me.
  15. Ahh.. yes, that must be quite the brutal anal invasion. Well, I was only suggesting it if it weren't a crapload of trouble or time to do... but seeing as though it may be... I don't really see the point until you are content with the gameplay.
  16. Well, I'm not going to push it as a priority, but we've (You and I) already talked about this Razor, I would like to see it (more flexible saber code) in, giving more of a movie look (ala MBII) but like you said, gameplay is more important. I would only ask that you implement it if it doesn't take too much time. I'm assuming if you have them laying around already... porting it won't be as time consuming as from scratch (obviously). Up to you, just giving you my two cents .
  17. Thank you for your comments on the skins. The Kyle skin was done a long time ago, the most recent one was the Qui-Gon Jinn skin. I *can* start working on a new Hud, but only when I get some free time. At the moment all my free time goes toward "Order 66", a modification I am leading. I'll see what I can do.
  18. I could lend a hand here and there if needed. I'll be available to do skins, the hud, menus, etc... Though I am pretty busy with other mods. I just want to see this mod flourish. Rükü My work: http://www.pcgamemods.com/u/9527/
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