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  1. It is located in the streammusic folder (just like the other music files; the filename is mus_theme_carth.wav) AND sounds cool
  2. By the way, there is also some really cool KOTOR music that is not used in the game, e.g. Carth's theme. Definitely worth listening to!
  3. I am pretty sure Yoda fights Ataru - the arcobatics involved in this form compensate his small statue; also an Ataru user relies heavily on the Force to help him fighting...
  4. Why does everybody think the "True Sith" are so uber powerful?? I thought they were only true in the sense of being "original" Sith, i.e. the dark jedi that were originally exiled from the jedi order, but in no way more powerful than Revan etc. Also I kinda don't really like the idea of the true Sith using no machines etc. ... impressive warships, tanks and walkers and spacebattles have always been part of Star Wars (and really fun IMHO :vsd: ) Well, we can still console ourselves with the fact that Kreia is a bit biased against machines (as well as Aliens, darksiders, lightsiders and about anyone who does not immediately bow to her wishes and opinions)
  5. I like Form IV, because it adds to defence vs. 1 opponent and to crit. range - almost perfect for boss encounters. Also I like the idea of dodging enemy hits using acrobatics (Yoda,Qui-Gon,Obi-Wan (Ep1)). Besides, I got Ataru in the lightsaber form test
  6. I believe Nihilus in the beginning was simply a man strong in the Force and like the Exile with a natral ability to form bonds easily. He seems to have somehow been altered by or to have learned from Malachor and the Exile's fate (the jedi masters mention something similar). I guess that the Nihilus we see in the game still has the outer appearance of a man, but is so twisted by his hunger that he, instead of living normally, feeds upon the Force and the destructions of worlds. I always viewed him as a sort of "undead" - not unlike his minions you encounter onboard the "Ravager" And about the "Just a man" thing ... IMO this simply symbolizes Nihilus' ultimate defeat by downgrading him from the ultimate menace to ... well ... "just a man"
  7. I thought Kavar was a sentinel ...? (I am not sure since I own the German version of KOTORII, but when you first meet Master Kavar, Mandalore says something that could be roughly translated as: "Kavar? The famous jedi sentinel? We thought you and not Revan were going to lead the Republic troops against us.")
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