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Found 12 results

  1. Is there any way of removing a cheat that I have put on. For example: If I have put the God mode cheat in, can I remove it so that I can feel damage again?
  2. on the wii version of TFU it says u can get four different shades of red, but i can only get 3.i have all the crystals but when i go to the selection screen i can only see three. can someone help?
  3. How many people are willing to bet, LA WON"T take the opportunity afforded by the USE, and remake the Wii version basing it off the 360 version(with the Wii's extra levels as well) with MotionPlus support? I would buy it, it would be a bazillion times better than the current version...
  4. Here are the locations of almost all the crystals but some may be miscalculated. Tell me if im wrong... TIE Construction Yard: Green: After you leave the third large room (counting the first room you are in), it's on top of the stairs. Trial of Skill: Purple: Inside a Jedi statue near the left staircase. Raxus Prime: Orange: In the left corner of the room you fight a Junk Behemoth. Purple: Near the end of the last area before the final fight. Trial of Insight Green: In a pile of ruble in the bottom right corner of the temple's main room. Blue: It's in the temple's main room, on the left side walk way, close to the entrance. Felucia: Red: After you fight the first Rancor, it's in a small rock to your left. Purple: After you fight 2 Rancors, when you're standing at the exit. Turn left, it's in a rock on the wall. Kashyyyk: Red: After you fight the first AT-ST, it is inside some fire on the right side of the room. Orange: In the area you fight the second AT-ST, it is just to the left of the entrance. Dark Felucia: Green: After you've fought the Bull Rancor; when you go into the next room, it is in the back right corner (behind some plants). Imperial Raxus Prime: Blue: In the AT-ST hangar bay, after you've destroyed it, destroy the 2 control panels near the exit (this will open a door in the empty bay). Go to the empty bay, double-jump to the cross bar, double-jump into the open door, turn around and double-jump to the second floor. It's right behind you when you get to the second floor. Red: The next room, it's on a ledge just to the left of the entrance. Cloud City: Blue: After you fight Kleef then go back down the elevator, it's behind this elevator. Death Star: Orange: When you are fighting the AT-ST, before you destroy it, it's on the walk way on the right side of the room.
  5. I have looked EVERYWHERE and nobody has the pics for all of the wii saber colors! I also would like to know the specific locations just in case a cheat I got doesn't work. It SUPPOSEDLY unlocks all lightsaber crystals (power and color) and I got it off of GameStop, but idk...haven't tested t yet...Well, thanks!
  6. This has to do with the end sequences on the bosses. I will again warn this thread does contain spoilers I'm talking about the parts where you have to flick the wii mote and nunchuk at the right time in order to defeat the bosses (Rogue Jedi, AT-TS etc...). What are your thoughts on this feature? I, don't really care to much. It makes no difference. But what about you guys?
  7. Here is a very easy way to beat the bull rancor on Felucia: First hit it with Sith Scorcher(best if you have it at the max level) and chop down his health. Keep firing as long as you can or until the rancor hits you. As you're flying back press "B" to land safely. Force Dash behind him then double-jump, get as close to the head as possible and perform a quick two or three hand lightsaber combo from the air. Once you start to fall, do and aireal push or aireal shock. If you have those powers maxed out, it's health bar should be 1/2 to 3/4 depleted. From there, get behind it and slash out with three-handed lightsaber combos(about 3 will do if your lightsaber crystal is the amplified lightsaber damage crystal). Then finally, hit it with Sith Scorcher again to quickly zap away the rancor's remaining health.
  8. I have played through the game three times and I cannot seem to find the saber hilt on the Death Star. I checked the thread of the Lightsaber Hilts and Locations and followed the instructions but I cannot find it. BTW, I was wondering if it is the Mace Windu hilt, 'cause I have found and Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Darth Sidious hilt and it would not be right if the Mace Windu hilt was left out.
  9. I have TFU currently on 360 and LOVE it. A "GameInformer" preview talked about the wii version where they said, "Every nerd at one time or another has picked up the WiiMote, swinging it around, pretending it was a lightsaber." This being said, since I have already played through the story on the 360 once, is it worth getting the wii version because of the iinteresting controlls and the dueling feature? Basically my question is about the dueling feature, so for those with the wii version, is the multiplayer(as I assume it is) dueling mode fun enough to buy the game just for that? Or is it crudely made?
  10. Why the heck are there three of each color crystal? They all look exactly the same!
  11. Now that TFU has been out for a while, I'm assuming someone, somewhere (in a galaxy far far away?) has gotten a picture of all 10 saber hilts. Now, I can't find any of these images, if there are any (my assumptions are usually wrong ). If you can find any, or, if you can take one, please take it, and post it in the thread (as in, not on the field, but rather, on the lightsaber hilt selection screen on the Rouge Shadow) (If there was an option to put 2 prefixes, I would've added the PS2 as an official prefix) EDIT: If you want a reason, its a job that involves those 10 sabers and TSL
  12. Is anyone else having a problem with The Force Unleashed for Wii not loading? When I try to load the disc, I it takes a while, then makes a lot of seeking noises then the Wii black screens with an "An error has occurred" message. I have four other Wii games that still load without issue. What I have tried: - I have verified that my system is up to date. - I have changed every system setting I can think may possibly affect anything (Internet connection settings, parental controls, video and audio settings etc) - I have tried cleaning the disc - I even exchanged the disc for another copy at my local Wal-Mart where I bought it and it still does the same thing! I cross posted this on Lucasarts' official forum but it's pretty light reading there so I figured I would try to get a thread going here as well. I also submitted an email through their site and will report back with what I hear from them.
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