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  1. Since today my game sounds are acting up. the voices are echoing like crazy and are realy low. also i cant hear any of the other sounds because they are extremely low aswell. its not my settings, they are all at max but this sound bug makes it unplayable. someone please tell me how to fix this.
  2. So I got this game and finally played it. I had just beat the level where you pull the star destroyer down. I shut it down in the middle of the cutscene after that cuz I had to go. Came back and started it up...or maybe I didn't reset the clock on the 360 after a 5 hour power outage. Whatever the reason the savegame corrupted and it disabled the save feature. I'm told this is due to the anti piracy software used on the game. 1) Would deleting the savegame in the console options and starting over again resolve it? Seems the game itself doesn't have that option... 2) Is there a patch to correct this problem? Kind of annoying to get practically on the doorstep to the end and have this happen... Thanks.
  3. So I've purchased and downloaded the Hoth mission pack DLC over the Xbox Live Marketplace. When I go to the extras mission menu in Force Unleashed, all the others I've downloaded are there but Hoth is not. I have redownloaded Hoth at least 5 times... Help!
  4. Do you get this skin ONLY with the Ultimate Sith Edition or can you get it by buying the Hoth DLC online in the marketplace? Edit: Sorry the picture's so big.
  5. the tatooine dlc shows its trying to load, i have disc version but after so long waiting it wont load. the other dlcs and normal game load perfectly.
  6. Press (2 buttons at the same time) to charge force fury where you encounter 2 at-st's. I have tried it a lot of times now, it doesn't work for me. Any kind of bypass? Should I keep trying? What to do?
  7. Most because im bored, but post here if you have got all the achievements for the Xbox version. Don't know if any other version have achievements. And discuss if you though it was hard to get. Personally i though it was quite easy to get them in this game, just some grinding for the 500 kill with *Insert random Force Power" Now the game will probaly start collecting dust until the DLC arrives
  8. Everytime I play this game, it always starts on the level with Starkiller and the Tie Factory. Is there a way to re-play the first level with Darth Vader on Kashyyyk. And if so, do I need to enter a code or is there a way for me to access by points or completing all levels-bonus objectives and all?
  9. I played for a few hours and got past Paratus and here is my review so far. Let me start by saying that I've played quite a lot of video games over the years so I'm not a terrible player by any means but this is the first time I've ever played a Star Wars game where I've wanted to bite my controller in half and throw the pieces through the television. I HATE HATE HATE the gameplay and controls. It's that stupid fast jerky anime-style ninja gameplay where your character can accidentally zip off a ledge for no reason at all, just because it was still going through with an attack combo or something. It has platform jumping aspects to it but it is nearly impossible to do so with the retarded overly sensitive movements. When you have jumping climbing games out like Assassin's Creed or even Uncharted 2 (or even 90's Tombraider), this game feels like it is made by scientists for the strict reason of making society want to kill things due to intense stress. The buttons for doing anything are another matter that I don't wish to describe because it makes me angry. The game has no immersive aspect at all. I found myself well into the second act going, "What the hell is the point of all of this and what did I just do right before this?" I guess you're Vader's kidnapped foster son who has to constantly prove himself by getting sent on bull**** missions that Vader expects you to die in but you spend the whole time getting caught between stormtrooper and rebel gunfights, scrap junk getting thrown at you, and stupid nothing garbage crap damn stupid damn damn. It's linear stupidness. Backgrounds look awesome and the idea of where you are most of the time is cool. I think they sold the idea on all of that. Like the guys who create the concept art and background matte stuff should get awards but the human characters don't look human, they seem to have reverted to 2003 in the video game human look. All of the problems with the game could be tolerable if everything was slowed down a knotch but since everything is at Jedi speed, everything feels fast, uncontrollable, jerky, and what I hate most, improper physics due to retarded gameplay. Like one part where I had to use the Force to bend giant pieces of scrap metal sticking out of the sides of the walls in order to create platforms to jump to one-by-one...it took me 10-15 times to actually land the jump because the physics and controls suck and when you die in the game, you get sent back to the checkpoint that is 20 minutes behind you. One time I decided to bend one of the metal pieces really low in order to get a much flatter and straighter take off to the next piece, and in game mechanic terms, the piece was considered to low to the bottom of the game that they figured I had fallen into that every game bottomless pit aspect and killed me for no reason, even though I was perfectly safe on the platform. I nearly popped. The main character isn't engaging AT ALL. You can't care and you don't know why anything is happening at all other than me deducing on my own (not actually said in the game of course) that Vader lost Padme and his child(ren) so he has taken on a foster kid to fill that gap, but training him in the ways of the Darkside in order to kill the Emperor and take over the galaxy as father and foster son. I guess. Stupid. You have to find secret hidden holocrons in order to gain points (though I have no idea what they are used for yet or if that means experience points), temporary increases in damage or health or whatever, and sometimes on rare occasion to gain a new lightsaber crystal or some other rarity. But the holocrons aren't easy to find or get to half of the time. I had to use the Force to stack 80 pieces of garbage, just to create steps up to some holocron that was about 500 feet up. And don't think for one minute that using the Force is an easy flawless task, it's like those vending games where you move that claw around inside a giant glass box and try to pick up the toy you like but it keeps dropping...that's the Force in the game. It gets even worse when you try to throw objects at things without targeting them first...it really is less precise than throwing snowballs at moving cars with your scarf covering your eyes. I love pretty much every Star Wars even if they had problems because I could justify them just because they were at least still in the Star Wars universe...but this game makes me want to break things. I haven't finished it yet but it better have a satisfying end or else I think I'll actually turn to the Darkside. I have one word to describe my experience of The Force Unleashed...frustrating.
  10. Hi all! I'd like to share a few thoughts/tips with you concerning going through TFU on the hardest difficulty setting. I will only tell you what I remember, as it was a couple of weeks ago that I acually finished the game. I mean going for the achievement, i.e. starting from scratch. 1. The game is *really* annoying - one false step/move and you go back to the previous check point (only on Sith Master do you notice how inconveniently they are placed). You will toss the pad a lot. You will die a lot, too, so be prepared. 2. Tie fighter factory is fairly easy - including master Kota. No special techniques are necessary here. 3. Raxus prime - Scrap Guardians - grip and long way down obviously Junk titan No. 1 (the one with the generator thing at the ceiling) - get rid of the scrap guardians (after the Titan is already there) and then: either hide behind the edge and electrocute him until he's dead (easy but long way) or electrocute the 'generator' or whatever it is, which will stun him and then saber/lighning him (AXXXY). Recharge, rince and repeat. Kazdan is not that difficult as he seems at first. As far as i remember - force push him, when he is down, grab him and toss around the room (he has to hit one of the statues or equipment - walls do NOT count, as does force pushing him out of the room). 4. Felucia - either dash through the level (sometimes there are way to many Felucians) or fight them one by one (you need XP after all) - hide and run if neccesary. Rancors - get to the platform on the right side (covered on the side), grab incoming felucians, lightning grenade and toss into Rancors. For the last one, you will need to go across to the other side and electrocute him (it?) from over the edge. Master Shak Ti - force repulse, hit her while she is down and watch out for the tentacles. 5. The Empirical. Short level, but annoying. Try to attack from distance - especially from behind the door - in the escape pod room and at the end, when fighting purge trooper. Do NOT force push the door wide open. Try to grab the stormtroopers first, and throw them at the purge trooper. Then force lightning through the hole in the door and move on to the final stage. Top level - easy. Try not to go down, as there are two (or three?) purge troopers. Force lightning them from distance and stand in such a way that they do not hit you with missles. When there is only one left - go down, keep him mid-distance, i.e. not close enough for them to grab you, but not far enough to fire projecticles. If you are low on HP - kill one of the officers behind the laser gates to refill. 6. Cloud city - easy, except for the Shadow Guard. I think I just combo'ed him (use combos infusing the blade with lightning). Not sure of that - sorry. 7. Imperial Kashyyyk - watch out for jump troopers (force lighning them), when fighting AT-STs, get rid of the turrets first, then AXXXY (air combo finished with force lightning before you drop). In the skyhook stage, move slowly towards, lightning grenade whoever you can, watch out for snipers - take them out first. When going around the skyhook - snipers first, lightning grenade Purge Troopers, release the Wookies - they are a useful diversion, when there is only a Purge Trooper left. They sometimes kill them too. The final AT ST - lightning grenade until he is down. 8. Imperial Felucia - fairly easy as such - your force powers should be powered up enough now. But Maris/Rancor is just crap. One of those moments in the game when you want to get rid of the game or at least use a cheat. It is doable, however! Sorry, I do not remember how I did that. A youtube video helped me with that. As far as I remember - no jumping, lightning-infused combos and watch out for the girl. The second stage of this fight is much easier. I think I used force repulse or push and stab/combo her while she's down. 9. Imperial Raxus Prime - most of it is not really problematic. But, the further you go, to more annoying it gets. When you get to the imperial installation - kill snipers and storm troopers, force lightning the first purge trooper, go to further platforms - kill storm troopers, snipers, throw lightning grenades at Purge Troopers and force lightning them (from safe distance, of course). Same goes for the ATST and the hangar crew. As for the Star Destroyer - a piece of cake. Force lightning Tie Fighters, grab and pull the destroyer until the new wave of tie fighters starts firing. Took me 4 or 5 such waves, did that the first time. Later on it's easy until the Proxy fight, which will cause real trouble when he turns into Darth Maul. You will see the cutscene a lot Important thing - block. When he starts his combo - you are dead. Next - hide behind columns so that he can't lightsaber throw you. And I thing force repulse stab-while-down does the trick. Do not rush it - wait for a clear shot, otherwise - you're dead. 10. Death Star - the beginning is crappy, until you realise you don't have to fight all those guys. So - use the elevator to go up, get rid of snipers, move quickly as you can be hit with a missle and fall down. Next, jump down right to the gate/hatch on the floor, force repulse and that's it. That did the trick the first time I tried. Next - ATSTs -either force lightning from behind the edge, or fight one, but hide from the other one behind the one you are fighting. AXXXY, rince and repeat. Next get rid of the Purge Troopers on each floor, as you might get hit with a missle while fighting the guards. And here we get to the most annoying point of the game. When you go up to fight shadow guards and you die - you have to repeat the laser stage all over which really sucks. Anyway - get the sith holocron and use leaping slash for all the guards (found it on one of forums - maybe even here Works like a charm - really. While fighting Vader wait for force push charge and jump behind him. Slash him with a 3-hit combo. Escape. You can even grab him, but I managed to do that only once. Lightning combos tend to work as well. Next stage of the fight - be the first to toss stuff at him and get to him for a 2-hit combo, rince and repeat. For the final boss I chose Vader (missed the dark side achievement:) and here aerial combos are the best. Watch out, however, as you need to blow 3 hits before you punch the ground and lift Vader. What I did was I started the combo in the direction AWAY from him, only to turn around for the punch (do it far away from Vader - he will be approaching you). Good timing is essential here. This is how I got through TFU on the hardest difficulty. Maybe there are easier ways to do that - don't know. I tried acquiring other players' techniques, as I got stuck A LOT. And yeah, I know some things may be obvious but I decided to put them here anyway (you never know who might find the hints useful). Hope that helps some of you ps. Yesterday I got my final achievement for the TFU - yay
  11. I have sith edition holth achievement it do not show do I have to download the DLC to get this achievement man I hope not
  12. Dear all:) 1. I am experiencing a problem with The Force Unleashed TUSE version. I have completed the campaign, selected 'continue' (started all over with powered-up Starkiller and a nice new costume), but then decided to check out disc 2 - the one with DLC. So I completed Jedi Temple, started Tatooine and today wanted to go back to TFU. How surprised I was to find out that I could only start a new game (from scratch!) as my save files were now called 'Campaign content unavailable'. What is interesting - when the DLC disc is inserted, it recognises the save as The Force Unleashed Light Side Save (or sth like that). Can anyone help me with that? I wanted to re-play the game with a powered up character, but now it seems that I can't! 2. Btw, is it possible to do that on a higher than previously difficulty level? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
  13. This showed up on my Xbox Live account today on my game tracker. The new achievements listed on TFU means more downloadable content is on the way for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. I did open my TFU game, but nothing was there to download. Hopefully telling you guys will get you more on the lookout on what is coming in the near future.
  14. I've been playing the Force Unleashed for a long time and am very close to getting all the achievements of the game, but one really just doesn't make any sense to me. The achievement of 'Launched' requires killing 100 enemies with grapple moves, but moves like Sith punt just don't work. Or at least I don't know if I get it right. What is a grapple move and is there anything that would help? When I press attack (B) and jump (A), I just swing the lightsaber and jump and that's all. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  15. Just wondering for anyone who's done it, how does the game run when you install it to the hard drive? I won't know until I hopefully get a hard drive for Christmas.
  16. I just downloaded the Jedi Temple Mission pack. I do not have the internet at my house so I got on Marketplace at my brother's house. When I got home to try it out I got a pop up warning stating that the content was apparently corrupt and to re-download it via Xbox Marketplace Live. Why am I getting this warning? Do I have to be online to play this mission? Do I have to purchase the download again? I just hope that I didn't waist my points!!!
  17. anyone else think it is odd that there is no downloadable Darth Vader skin. Xbox live has all these character packs, I got them all and no Vader. not even an evil Anakin. maybe more are on the way. Seems kind of stupid to not offer that since he was already in the first level, so the programing is already there. They must not want Vader fighting Vader, the whole universe might explode!!!!!!!!!!
  18. The one im talking about is in the room with bridges. There are these three bridges, fire under them and a holocron on the bridge to left. This has caused me and my brother serious brain damage, as we have tried to get it. How is it possible to get?
  19. If LA decides to release another level for download (which I hope they do) what would you guys like to see. I thought the temple level was fun, although it didn't answer much about Kento Marek like I thought it would, but oh well. I personally would like to see a Vader specific level when he is doing more of his "jedi purge" missions for the emperor. or that could be the premise of TFU 2 It would be cool if they continued to do downloadable levels. So I hope they do. I think they are good on Skin downloads, don't really need anymore of them since they don't augment the character in any way. So I don't really care about those, although C3P0 shooting force lighting was pretty hilarious. Droid with an attitude!!!
  20. Now, I thought leveling up just got you spheres to spend, but I've had all my Force abilities fully upgraded for quite a while now, but somehow every other time I level up, I seem to get more and more powerful. My lightsaber and Force abilities do more damage, they take less and less Force energy, my character seems more and more resilient, etc. So, what's going on here? Does leveling up increase my already-upgraded powers?
  21. Here's a glitch for the ages. Darth Vader during the prologue with a blue lightsaber instead of a red. Here he is dueling Master Kento in a blue versus blue lightsaber duel. Familiar to Vader, isn't it. I apologize for the lack of quality in the screenshots. Taking digital pictures on a TV never does it justice. I messed with so many settings to get the best look possible. At least they're good enough to see what's going on.
  22. so i've been playing around with the combo moves and i've noticed you can make slight alterations to the combos, sort of making custom combos. i was wondering if anyone has found anything cool. here's the coolest one i've found. it's kind of complicated and i've only ever gotten it to completely work once, against one of those imperial guards. i can make it work up to a point as a dry run practice move kind of deal, but the last part is pure luck. so it's based off of the aerial blast move X, X, X A (hold,) X, A but you can do the first three saber slashes like the sith saber furry, altering the combo to X (pause,) X (pause,) X (pause,) A (hold,) X, A if you're fighting somebody with a lightning vulerability you can throw in a bit from the sith saber smash combo X (pause,) X (pause,) Y, A (hold,) X, A next is the really hard part. after you force push the target away, you have to try to grip them mid air and then do the impale combo, making the final combo into X (pause,) X (pause,) Y, A (hold,) X, A (short pause) LS, X that short pause after the force push is something i've not figured out how to gauge with any consistancy, it seems to be different every time. plus, if the target is dead before you do the force push, you can't target them to get a successful grip, so you have to use this against a stronger opponent on a higher difficulty level. like i said, i've only ever been able to do it once. but it was friggin sweet.
  23. Hi. First of all, my english isn't very good, so sorry for all grammar errors etc. (okay personally, I think it's good enough and I have heard much worse, but let's continue, shall we?) Okay, down to business; I was once playing Force Unleashed when my friend was watching (he has it on 360, too) and then I said something about the *weird* lightsaber effect wich you get when you do XYXY combo, you know... I really dont know how to describe it and cant provide any pictures or anything.. but the um.. "slashes" wich lightsaber leaves are like.. longer or something... I dont know, but anyways my friend says that it's just a bug, (yeah, it goes away when you press X or do any other attack...) but I just wanted a confirmation... so if you know it is/is not a bug, please tell or if you dont know, but think that it might/might not be a bug, please share your toughts. Thanks. -X EDIT: just wanted to make it clear that if you want to try it out, you should be "out of combat" so no enemies nearby, just press XYXY and then start to jump around and watch your lightsaber...
  24. Ok, this is something that is NOT a big deal at all, but I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. Next to the little TFU icon, to the left, is a thin black line. Before I downloaded the Jedi Temple Mission pack, it wasn't there I don't think, and I had the game installed to my hard drive as well. And when I downloaded the DLC, that was there and it's just kinda weird. Has this happened to anyone else?
  25. Ok i'm stuck here...i download the jedi temple pak. I used the force to a lower a bridge in the central chasm i believe but i'm not sure what do next...every time i try jump over to the bridge or big statue lady..i fall to my death. Anyone know what do next?
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