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Found 5 results

  1. The staff at game industry magazine Edge recently published what they determined to be the top 60 selling games of 2008. Acknowledging that accurate figures are hard to amass in the video game industry, Edge says the list is their best guess based on available information from retail sales in Europe and North America only and does not include numbers of games sold via digital distribution. LucasArts released two games in 2008 that made the list. LEGO Indiana Jones placed 12th with an estimated 4 million units sold on all platforms the game released on. Sales of the much anticipated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed totalled approximately 5 million copies on all platforms, making the number 9 spot on Edge's list. Those who have read or end up actually reading the article may notice that the Edge staff erroneously credits LucasArts as the publisher of LEGO Batman, #17 on the list. The game was actually published by Warner Bros. I think this just goes to show that LucasArts has apparently become associated with all things LEGO in the video game business. So what do you think people? IMHO LucasArts had a rather disappointing 2008. With sales like these, though who knows how accurate these figures really are, perhaps the year wasn't so bad after all.
  2. Just out of curiosity (and pure boredom) what interesting things happened to you today? Here are a few of mine that happened to today so far. Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Went to school. Went on the SS Free. Went on Explosmertacular. Went on GameSpot. Went on Planet Mac. Went on Trollz. Played Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition. Went on Wikipedia. Played Tribes 2. Played Quake II. Played StarCraft, the multiplayer Use Map Settings map "Star Wars Coruscant" but it sucked because I got stuck with a bunch of leavers. Played Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Played American Revolutionary War. Played Prussia. Played Prussian Revolution. Played Star Wars Rebellions. Played Frank Herbert's Dune Online. Played Alien versus Predator Online. Played Stargate Annihilation. Played Star Trek Annihilation. Played Stars' Empire. Went on LucasForums. Went on Lucasfilm. Played DnD The Sunless Citadel. Played three Battlestar Galactica MMOs that I forgot the name too. Went on the Wookieepedia. Checked by e-mail. Watched Star Wars Episode I: A New Hope. Got a rather interesting phone call from Barrack Obama. Studied for a safety test in beginning woods. Laughed at Saturn, the founder of Team Kindred, because of his doomsaying hate speeches. Discussed a really stupid topic with my friends, the Russian Federation, who the hell brought that up? Oh wait, I think I did. Prevented a fight between two of my friends. Sat with Katelyn Davis ("oh yeah" -Kool Aid guy). Recalled a conversation I had yesterday about koolaid (that's odd). Watched my binder rip more damn, I need to get a new one. My worst enemy in real life (Teresa Chapman) didn't show up at school. It was a block day at school. Got a new pair of shorts (which is rather pointless considering it's going to be Winter in less than a month). Told one of my 2 best friends (Matt "nightmare" Beumer) to **** off because he made fun of me. Wished Stargate SG-1 didn't get canceled. Almost went on GateWorld and the GateWorld forums but decided against it (thank god I didn't go there). Realized I couldn't make fun of Tim anymore by calling him gay (as a joke) because he got a girlfriend (guess I'll have to pick on someone else, jk). Got so extremely bored that I decided to make a topic about my day.
  3. I certainly do. I'll probably end up watching whatever I can find... Just discuss anything Olympics here I guess, there is a lot. Favorite event? What country are you rooting for? Will Mao Zedong rise from his tomb and show no Communist mercy? Personally, can't wait for the swimming.... especially Michael Phelps
  4. Anyone here going to Reenactor Entertainment Convention 2008? It is a free gaming convention for Reenactor Entertainment games. DATE Saturday, November 22, 2008 LOCATION (United States) Jefferson County Library Northwest Branch 5680 State Rd. PP High Ridge, MO 63049 LINKS ReCon information page (hacked by rustyslacker) ReCon information page (not-hacked) official ReCon 2008 website official ReCon 2008 forums
  5. Instead of posting in the old "I believe in Harvey Dent" thread I decided to make a new one. So, the trailer for The Dark Knight came online today. First off, what do you think? I'm overly hyped already. I just hope they make the story good and not try to cram too many villains in one picture. I think they succeeded in transforming the Joker into the 21st century. I'm glad they didn't take the same approach that Burton did in the first Batman movie. I like that the Joker is portrayed as this evil psychopath instead of just a criminal with clown make-up who likes to play small pranks on people.
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