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Found 5 results

  1. My kids love this game so I had to figure out a fix. Existing fixes that others posted weren't working. Thanks to all the existing suggestions I found on several sites, plus four hours of trial and error, I was able to figure it out! 1. Go to the GLDirect page on SourceForge. Download gldirect5_opensource.zip. 2. Extract the contents. Go to the gldirect5\bin\release folder. 3. Copy opengl32.dll to your GameData folder. 4. Play the game!! Tested on Windows XP x86 with a Radeon HD 3850 AGP running Catalyst 10.11 drivers...Success!! Tested on Windows 7 x64 with a Radeon HD 4870 PCIe running Catalyst 10.11 drivers...Success!! Enjoy! 1/2/2012 Update: I installed the 11.12 ATI drivers and the problem seems to be resolved. If you are still experiencing this issue, make sure you have the latest drivers first.
  2. Hi, I'm running Jedi Academy v 1.01 and as far as I know, the JKA has three options of ingame subtitles: - None - In cinematics - All voice-overs However, I have only two of them: "None" and "In cinematics". Why don't I have the "All voice-overs" option? Was it removed after upgrading or...? Please answer.
  3. Hi i want to disable Saber Dynamic Lights in JA. I know that you can disable it in options menu, but it will also disable Dynamic Light effects for other weapons, which i dont want to do. So is there a way to disable Dynamic Lights effect only for sabers??
  4. There is a map which I have been trying to locate but so far have been unable to. The map is qustion has what looks like the it has the KOTOR star map in it and I also believe the map in question is on the jediknight3 website picture/header at the top of the page.
  5. Welcome all potential RPers. This is to be the first in a series of RPs set in a non Star Wars universe. Background: FedCON history basics The Federal Coalition of Nations (FedCON) was formed after the first successful voyages to alien worlds. Their closest neighbors and allies were the Anatolian Consortium, a highly sophisticated race of beings knowledgeable in science and technology. Their expertise allowed the first fleets to be formed using quantum drives. After meeting the Anatolians, FedCON scouts were launched to explore and discover. Among their new friends and allies were the Calaurians, the ever aloof Rokusians and Zabrana's of Iridia. Under the directive of exploration, FedCON forces moved to the Frontier, establishing colonies on the worlds. FedCON forces grew establishing two main branches: Fleet and Mobile Army. Academies were established as in the days of West Point to train cadets into officers. Cadets went through three years of intense training. Selection into Fleet or Mobile Army is based upon scores from first year. Cadets are encouraged to participate in the annual games with the other Academies. Upon graduation, the new officers are given first assignments and embark upon their career. Uniforms are specific given the rank. Cadets wear black pants with a black jacket with grey on the cuffs and neck. Once delected the jacket is black with the top half green for Mobile Army or navy blue for Fleet. Rank is distinguished by the number of silver bars on the neck collar, one for each year. Upon graduation and first assignments, the bars are exchanged for pips. Specific assignments have their own insignia (pilots have their wings). Instructors wear a similar uniforme but the top half of their jackets are crimson and they have gold bars denoting their rank. Now that was the basics. For this RP, we are set at the beginning, the Academy years beginning in 2242. This particular Academy is located in Canada and accepts cadets from all over the world. In this Academy five friends will meet and go through the trials of becoming FedCON officers. There are five main characters and various minors that can be encountered. Main Characters: Name: Aruko Blackfern Race: Half Cheyenne, Half Rokusian Age: 18 Gender: Male Appearance: Brown eyes, dark hair with untidy locks, unique tattoo on forehead usually hidden by his hair; olive toned Background: The son of a Rokusian father and Cheyenne mother, Aruko has a hard time fitting in places. Very intelligent and has the ability to make fleet. His strong athletic ability is impressive and hides his Rokusian talents of telekinetic and telepathic. He maintains a budding romantic relationship with Rani Provenza and is best friends with Ray Salazzar. Name: Ray Hassan Salazaar Race: Spanish Moor and Persian Age: 18 Gender: Male Background: Became Aruko's best friend when they met onboard the transport. Special ability is in languages be they alien or human and has no desire to get into Fleet. He works hard on training field to keep his body in good shape and is a natural at boxing. Name: Rani Provenza Race: Mexican Age: 17 Gender: Female Background: Not much one to speak about her family life, Rani has always dreamed of being a pilot mostly inspired by stories from her grandfather. She defied her father and applied to the Academy. Though cadets are suppose to be 18 upon entering an exception was made since her birthday came late in the year. She meets Aruko at the Academy and thus begins their relationship. Name: Damien Holtz Race: Caucasian Age: 18 Gender: Male Background: A space junkie since he could walk, he applied the minute he became eighteen to the Academy. His childhood friend Irene joined him where they met up with Rani and became the Brain Trustof their year. He has preference for men which doesn't bother Irene. Name: Irene Morales Race: Afro-Mexican Age: 18 Gender: Female Background: Daughter of a wealthy Texan businessman and prominent socialite, Irene never had the taste for the nightlife. She joined the Academy in an attempt to show that she wasn't a poor little rich girl. Her skills in math anddaring on speeder bikes give her the best chance of making fleet. Those are the main characters. There are minor characters that take on the role of instructor and other cadets. Named minor characters are: Krishna-Instructor, Major; Zabran Devon Carson- cadet first year, enemy of Aruko (like Harry and Draco) Dr. Leslie Andrews- renowned scientist specializing in biomechanics, Instructor Dr. Jason Carter- Chief Medical Officer of the academy, Instructor Windym Selek- CO of the Academy, Commandant or Colonel; Anatolian This is a recruiting thread for any who are interested. I was going to assume the role of Aruko Blackfern. Any questions about species let me know.
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