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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/66710809/double-fine-adventure Am I the only one having mental orgasms? It has already made double of what they asked for ONE MILLION DOLLARS TWO MILLION DOLLARS THREE MILLION DOLLARS (they have the Kickstarter record for most funds in 24hs and the largest number of backers! and now hold the record for the largest amount of funds ever, beating the first ones to make a million). This is big, really big. So many questions! Is this the start of a revolution? Will this change how independent games are made? Will this encourage big studios to invest in smaller riskier games? Will this shake the Hollywood business model in the video game industry? Is this the beginning of the singularity? Or does this simply mean we are getting a cool new game? In the media for grown ups: CNN: When making a game is a game in itself USA Today: Video game makers use crowd-sourced funding for new project
  2. Hi there, Back in 2008 I wrote a 45-page Masters dissertation on the cultural, market and technological factors that shaped the rise and fall (and the then impending resurrection) of Adventure Games. I submitted it, finished the Masters and promptly forgot all about it. I found the file again today and thought I'd stick it up online. It's not the most thoroughly-researched dissertation ever, but, considering the time constraints of the Masters course, it's alright. As a long-time adventure game fan, I enjoyed writing it. I enjoyed the research part, which involved replaying some of the classics and ploughing through a ton of old Amiga magazines from the early '90s. I also enjoyed reading the Conclusion from today's perspective, as it reminded me of the excitement I felt in 2008 at the possibility of adventure games making a successful comeback with Telltale et al. Whether that comeback was as successful as I'd hoped is debatable, but the Conclusion still acts as a nice time-capsule of how I felt at the time. You can read it here (if you care to ignore the fairly clunky title): The Genre that Mouse Built? How Culture, Markets and Technology Shaped the Rise, Fall and Resurrection of 'Point and Click' Adventure Games I probably won't revisit it as it's been three years since I finished it, but I'm nevertheless interested in your opinions (and in any factual errors, which I might go back and correct). I'm particularly interested in hearing what the Mixnmojo community thinks as it's very Lucas Arts-heavy, plus some Mixnmojo members get a mention in it! Anyway, it's nice to get it up online and out of my system. Enjoy! - Scobymaguire
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