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Found 4 results

  1. *ah-he-hem* AT THE START OF THE SUMMER IT WAS LIMITED TO BUT A FEW SCANT REGULARS NOW OTHER FORUMITES ARE MIGRATING TO IT AT AN EVER-INCREASING RATE RAZPUTIN'S DOMAIN HAS GONE PUBLIC, MY FRIENDS. i say we turn this into rd's latest episode of internet drama it's been like a month since there last was any just think of the potential there could be indiscriminate hatred towards all newcomers (with everyone having a subjective definition of newcomer of course that adds more stuff to argue over) and outright flaming and people leaving and swearing never to come back in entire DROVES i don't think rd has ever had more than one person at a time say they'll leave go go drama go! AAAAAAAAAAHHHGULUGUFHGK
  2. Could someone make the sword Anduril, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, for KotOR & TSL? Here's a reference pic for any who feel up to the task: Link
  3. For some reason, it won't stop saying "1 Unread Messages" on my notifications at the top of the page. (A profile visitor message, which I did read) Is there any way to stop from saying this? I hope that someone can help me before I lose my mind, and what little sanity I have.
  4. I was wondering if someone could make a PC head for K1 and/or TSL of Darth Kruhl. I would do this myself, except I'm busy with a few other mods at the moment. There is a picture of him here. If it is made for K1, I think it'd be best to use the PMHA03 head model. If it is made for TSL, I think it'd be best to use either the PMHB10 or PMHC01 head models. I would highly appreciate the person who would make this.
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