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  1. Notice: This thread is subject to quite a bit of change while the project is in production. If you need to navigate through this page quickly, press Ctrl + F and search for one of these codes to bring you to the section you desire. Int - Introduction str - Story vca - Voice acting mdl - Modelling cnc - Contact... Introduction [int] Now, this is something I thought was creative; A full-fledged, all out fan-made completely CGI Star Wars movie based on the game Republic Commando. The story does not follow the story of the game or the books. Rather, it follows the adventures of Epsilon Squad, a group of commandos who recently lost a brother. Their quest; To destroy the HK assassin droid factory on Telos IV before the Separatists activate it. (The HK droids were seen in the KotOR games) This project was originally going to be stop-action animation with completely built sets. That... didn't work out too well for me. So, when my friend was able to find a 3D Commando file online (It was from the game, credit goes to LucasArts), we decided it would be easier to do it the modern way. This project is intended to be a trilogy if we can manage that, but we may do a stand-alone movie depending on how difficult the process will be. We can't do it ourselves. We need your help. Story [str] As I stated, this is a completely new story with all new characters besides Grievous and HK-47. Epsilon squad is sent to Telos IV to destroy an ancient droid factory contructed 4,000 years before by the sith lord Darth Revan. However, the Separatists have other goals. They wish to reactivate the factory and use the HK assassin droids in their already formidable droid army. If they accomplish this goal, the Republic would lose the war in weeks. However, the prototype for these droids, HK-47 holds a strong grudge for his less sophisticated brothers. He assists the Republic in destroying the factory. After a boarding party, the Commandos, a small group of clone troopers, and a Jedi Padawan are forced to evacuate and land on Telos in an escape pod hundreds of kilometers away from their objective. For more story details, contact me. (Information below) Voice Acting [vca] Of course, to make a movie, you need actors. We don't exactly need many actors, but still, we need whoever we can get. It would be preferred that all 5 commandos sound different, but is not necessary. Open roles are listed below. Battle droids HK droids Clone troopers RC-1050 "Pulse" - Former tech expert, deceased RC-[My friend came up with his designation, I forgot it] "Ghost" -Sniper: Metax (Not a Lucasforums member) RC-2323 "Switch" - Leader RC-1834 "Krayt" - Demolitions expert CT-2067 "Evo" - Honorary member of Epsilon squad Dauru-Vel Antioda -Jedi padawan: Me, 2067 Master Relanei Darilar If you need to know more about the characters, email me. When you audition, send your Lucasforums username and/or email address and attach a sound file with any Star Wars quote. Modelling [mdl] For a CGI Movie, we need modelers. Luckily, there won't be much ACTUAL modelling involved. I mostly need those of you who can mod Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic II to extract a few files and export to .3DS format. Email me for which files we need. We will also need people for lighting, animating, and editing. Usage of Blender and/or 3DS Max is preferred, and pretty much required. Contact me [cnc] HBBG: Email: Toaairmatau@yahoo.com Skype: Harry_billy_bob_george Crew Cast Animation -Michonicle Editing Modelling Contact me for any questions, comments, issues, or just anything relevant to the project. Again, this thread is subject to change. I may edit, add, or erase parts of this post as necessary.
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