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Found 2 results

  1. As some of you have already noticed, the LucasForums home page looks pretty empty right now since I put all the older Star Wars communities into the LucasForums Archive: http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=822 Currently there are a few communities that haven't been put into the archive. These will be put into the archive at a later time since they have semi-active communities in them. Anyway, now that I've put all those older communities into the archive, there are probably some threads in there that people would want to have in a still active forum like Star Wars Gamer. So, with that in mind, if there are certain threads that are important that need to be transferred over to Star Wars Gamer, let us know in here so we can get those threads in here for people to continue using.
  2. Hey everyone. So, I have no idea if I've implemented it correctly since it's been a long time since I've played around with vBulletin style templates, but if you can see it and things are working, here is the TEMPORARY design for the Star Wars Gamer forum. I say TEMPORARY because we are hoping to upgrade the forum some time in the near future which will mean a clean new layout for the entire forum and an updated (though very similar) design for this specific part of LucasForums... and yes, the colour scheme is strikingly similar to the one for the Star Wars MMO forum... that's because I got lazy when choosing the colours and the two sites have similar colour schemes anyway so Also, just a couple of notes... Firstly, unlike the web site, the forum is not mobile friendly at the moment since trying to accomplish such a thing with vB3 is cause for suicide. I'll make a mobile friendly theme for the entirety of LucasForums when we make the upgrade to vB5. Secondly, for some reason, the image resize script we've been using over at the Star Wars MMO forums isn't working on this part of the forum yet, so if you're going to post large images that break the constraints of the current design, please use the [noparse][hidden][/hidden][/noparse] tags around them. We'll try to fix that problem asap. In the meantime, if anything else does seem to be going wrong with the temporary design, let us know right away so I can go in and fix whatever it is. In the meantime, every should buy Life is Strange--erm, I mean, I hope everyone is looking forward to the new Battlefront game since it's only days away *looks around* EDIT: Hooray, the image resize issue has been fixed. Thanks stoffe!
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