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Found 10 results

  1. Requirements: Star Wars: Dark Forces CD-ROM DOSBox v0.73 Missing Cutscene Patch DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender (Be sure to click on the one with the binaries) You should also have a fairly recent computer. Since DOSBox emulates an entire operating system and its dependencies within another, it does take up a chunk of processing power. Basic Installation First, simply install DOSBox to the default location in Windows. After this is done we'll need to install Dark Forces itself. In your hard drive (C:\), create a folder named Games. This will be used as the install folder for Dark Forces. Put in your DF CD. If any autorun install program starts up, exit out immediately. Start up the DOSBox executable, and you'll be greeted with a somewhat intimidating command prompt. Don't panic, this will be easy as pie! Type the following: mount c c:\games This tells DOSBox to treat that Games folder that you created earlier as its own hard drive. Next, we will tell DOSBox where the CD-ROM is. Usually, the default disc drive is D:, but if it is anything else, you might have to change the second letter after mounting d: mount d d:\ -t cdrom -ioctl Once both the hard drive and the disc drive have been mounted, type the following: d: install The install program for Dark Forces starts. Select "Install", then "Custom Install". Keep the default install directory by pressing Enter, and you'll be greeted with a installation module directory. "Sounds" will be checked by default, but you need to check all of the other spaces, "Levels", "Textures", "Cutscenes", and "Sprites". Once all of these have been checked, select "Continue". Dark Forces will install to your hard drive. The sound settings menu will now load. Once this appears, press E for the express settings, and a variety of sound tests will begin. Follow the instructions on all of these, and you'll be fine. If you want to "upgrade" to better quality music, go back to the sound settings, hit C for custom, and go down to the "Advanced Menu" option. Make sure that the Digital Sound card is "Sound Blaster 16", with "Port = 220", "IRQ = 7", "DMA Channel =1" and "Stereo Reverse = 0". Next, head over to the "Music" selection, and change the default "4-OP FM" to "General MIDI", with "Port = 330". Select "Test Music", and you'll hear a much more verbose and higher quality music. Quit out of this and save the options when prompted to. Now that you're back to the main install menu, go to "Configure Controller Setup", and go to "Automatically Mount Weapon", and make sure that it is set to "Enable". You can also change the mouse and keyboard schemes from here. Go back to the main menu, and head to "Change System Speed". Set the value to "Very Fast", save, and go back to the main menu. Go to "Set Number of Digital Channels", and make sure that it is set to "8 Digital Channels". Return to the main menu, and completely exit out. Dark Forces Without the CD To be honest, getting Dark Forces to run without the CD is extremely effortless, and surprisingly easy. Simply copy the file "CD.ID" from your main CD directory, and put into the DF folder on your hard drive (C:\Games\DARK). When you run DF for the first time, it will give a "CD-ROM ACCESS ERROR". Don't worry, simply press the C key, and it will detect your DF directory on your hard drive as a CD drive, tricking the system. Restored Cutscene Grab the Missing Cutscene Patch. It restores the cutscene with Kyle packing up his weapons in the title sequence. Extract the zip, and put the file "CUTSCENE.LST" into "C:\Games\DARK". Go into your DF CD, and copy the file "GEARUP.LFD", located at D:\LECDEMOS\DFDEMO\LFD. Paste this file into the game's cutscene directory on your hard drive (C:\Games\DARK\LFD). DOS/32A In the DARK directory, there's a certain executable named DOS4GW. This is a very old program used to handle DOS commands from the game to the external software. However, there is a more modern version designed to work with newer systems name DOS/32A. Since you've downloaded the zip, extract it, and copy the file DOS32A.EXE to the main Dark directory. Rename DOS4GW to something else, and rename DOS32A to DOS4GW. DOSBox Configuration Although Dark Forces is installed on your computer, it is not even remotely ready to run at its best. There are many optimizations, both in DOSBox, and in Dark Forces itself, that can be optimized with little effort. The first thing to know about is the dosbox-0.73.conf file. This simple text file allows the control of DOS emulation, and therefore, allows you to modify the emulated DOS environment on your computer. It's located in an application folder which is hidden, so be sure to have all files and folders revealed, and navigate to the directory. (Default location is C:\Documents and Settings\YourNameHere\Local Settings\Application Data\DOSBox). To save time, you could also simply use the "Edit Configuration" shortcut of the start menu, as well Open up dosbox-0.73.conf (Usually in Notepad in Windows), and you'll find a bunch of lines and equal signs. This might seem a bit intimidating at first, but it's really quite simple. The config file is divided up into several categories, usually shown with brackets around the name of a category. The first one that you'll probably see is [sdl]. Go to the list of qith several lines of words, equal signs, and values. Find the one named "fullresolution=original". This tells what resolution to use when in fullscreen mode. As such, this should be set to your native desktop resolution, to avoid distortion. For example, mine is set to "fullresolution=1280x1024". If you thought that that was quite easy, then you're in luck; you have a lot more to edit. In [sdl], find the "output" command. The default is set to "output=overlay", but change to "output=ddraw". Now find the "sensitivity" command, and change the default value of "100" to around "200", or so. This is really open to personal opinion, as this changes the mouse's total sensitivity, so be warned. Moving down to [render], you'll find the command "aspect". This tells DOSBox whether or not to apply aspect ratio correction, i.e., to keep the picture in its original format, whilst conforming to the screen resolution. Set this from "false" to "true". The next command below is "scaler". You're presented with a variety of options with this, as this command tells DOSBox how to scale and to apply shaders to the textures. There are especially pronounced with fonts. Right now, the default "normal2x" is incredibly blocky and jagged. If you want it to look overall smoother, set it to "2xsai", however, this can also cause some undesired blurriness as well. If you want the absolute best look, set it to "hq2x" or "hq3x"; along with the general smoothing in 2xsai, it applies an anti-aliasing layer and texture filtering, however, I have found it to use a considerable amount of processes than 2xsai, so be wary. Go down to [mixer], and change "rate=22050" to "rate=11025", "prebuffer=10" to "prebuffer=0" and "blocksize=2048" to "blocksize=512". This will eliminate a good amount of lag with the sound. Go to [midi] and change "mididevice=default" to "mididevice=win32". Go to [sblaster], change "mixer=true" to "mixer=false", "oplmode=auto" to "oplmode=opl3", "oplemu=default" to "oplemu=fast", and "oplrate=22050" to "oplrate=11025". Head to [gus] and make sure that "gus" is set to "false". At [speaker], change "pcspeaker" and "disney" to "false", and "tandy" to "off". Head below to [joystick]. If you don't use a joystick, or any peripheral change the joysticktype setting to "none". Moving lower, we'll find the [ipx] section. This is for emulating network support, and since Dark Forces lacks a multiplayer mode, set ipx to "false". Starting Up Dark Forces To start up Dark Forces, open DOSBox, and mount the DARK directory: mount c c:\games\dark Now that the directory is mounted, type: c: dark If you want to avoid the entire command line, add the following under the [autoexec] section in the configuration file: mount c c:\games\dark c: dark exit Check to make sure that everything is working properly, and have fun!
  2. Has anyone tried an unarmed dark side consular build? A character that only inflicts damage through his use of the force. What would be the best build to achieve that? Is it even a viable choice, given that all wisdom boosting items in the game are restricted to light-sided users.
  3. There was a reskin for the Dark Jedi in Kotor The ones with hoods that would be fought on Tatooine near the pod-racing and someplace near the village on Kashyyyk. Anyway this reskin make the robes black but also added CM_Baremetal to the robe which looked like the infinite empire logo, that star forge looking symbol the sith put on everything in Kotor even abopve the door of their base on Taris. Any help would be greatly appreciated and Thank you.
  4. Alright, when I put Disc 1 of Jedi Knight in ( it came in a double pack with MotS http://www.blujay.com/1/382/2989843_s1_i1.jpg) it auto-starts the launcher. I click on Install and it loads for a minute or two then just closes. Nothing happens. Just wondering if there was a solution out there. I previously installed this on a portable hard drive with no problems at all but eventually uninstalled it. It worked fine then, but now this is happening. From reading a few other threads would I need to do a registry clean up or something? Help would be much appreciated.
  5. As you can tell by the title, this is for discussion about the Dark Side transitions in the KotOR games. Many people have argued over what they should really be like. I myself have pondered this and I have come to this conclusion: The Dark Side transitions of the KotOR era reflect the times and the state of the Galaxy. Think about it. The Mandalorian Wars caused the death of thousands of innocents and the extinction of entire races. And Malak and Revan's war on the Galaxy only increased the death toll. Perhaps these deaths and wounds sent echos through the force, echos that presented themselves on those that walked the path of the Dark Side and opened themselves up to it. This could attribute to the diseased look of Dark-siders in K1. In K2, when the Galaxy is still healing from the aforementioned wars, entire planets of Force sensitives are being devoured and left void. Jedi are being murdered across the Galaxy and the Dark Side reigns supreme. Imagine the echos that these events could have caused. Not only could the echos in the force manifest on those who walked the Dark Path, but the pure corruption of the Dark Side could also show itself. As seen in the rotten zombie like transitions on K2. During the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, there weren't nearly as many deaths, and the Force was pretty evened out (due to the presence of Jedi and Sith in both eras), which is probably why Palpatine/Sidious was able to hide his presence for so long. That's what I think, tell me... What do you think?
  6. It is said that there are two sides to everything. Light and dark, harmony and chaos, and woman and man. To exist all sides must be balanced. That is the way of things. Balanced can lead to greatness and too much of one can be damning. When you have eternity to dwell over things, you can discover how well or how little you know the world. Los Angeles, city of Angels, and to some the cesspool of hell. People from all walks of life come and try to live, others to survive. It is a jungle and they are the beasts. It is also a jungle for other kinds of beasts. In a world of cell phones, laptops and technology the world underneath is largely ignored except by those who have had a taste of it. There are creatures that go bump in the night though humans prefer to largely ignore it. They ignore it and live because they have a protector. Angela looked out at the city before her. It was peaceful just sitting there on the balcony of the observatory and looking out. She wasn't worried about security for they didn't know she was there and they wouldn't find her anyway. She just looked out taking in the night air. Angela had come to Los Angeles some five years ago looking for a chance at a fresh start and a lead told her that her enemy may be here. She stifled the anger that threatened to seep out as she felt her cell phone ring. She took it out and answered, "Hello." The voice on the other end was a frightened woman's voice. Angela recognized it and tried to make sense of it. It was incoherent at times as she kept saying that somethign was after her. It was chasing her. Angela spoke, "Amy? AMY?" There was just frightened whimpering and a scream. Angela stood up from her perch. She had to get back to the city. She had an idea of where to go but she would have to listen on the radio for any police incidents. She snapped her phone shut and put it back in her pocket and prepared to jump. It was a long way down but that wasn't a problem as she landed sure footed as a cat. Standing up she walked to where her motorcycle was waiting and got on. She placed the microphone speaker on as she revved up and took off. Amy was in trouble and she was going to help. ********** The jungles of Colombia were beautiful at night and nighttime was a perfect time to practice her craft. Patience Manning, after a long day at work and packing to return back to the States, made time to practice the gift that her father and grandparents encouraged her to practice. She sighed a bit remembering her mother and how angry she was after finding out that her daughter was practicing witchcraft. Her mother was a devout Christian and anything that wasn't preached in the Bible was considered the devil's work. Her father never criticised her mother for that and in fact liked it that she could stand by her choices. He often said said that she, Patience, was like her mother in that regard. Patience looked around the living room, making sure that it was clear. She pulled out a rug that had the image of a pentacle star on it and laid it down. Since her home was in Los Angeles, she couldn't well paint the pentacle on the floor here. Too many questions would be asked. The rug was fine her father told her. As long as she could focus and was calm and collected, she would be able to practice her craft anywhere she was. Arranged to her satisfaction she went to a trunk and pulled out a bowl and filled it with water. In the water she placed the crystals she used for scrying. It was one of the first things she did. She sat cross legged on the rug and muttered her spell to be allowed to scry. ********** "It's late professor." Ray turned towards the student and gave a smile and replied, "Knowledge has no hours." The student replied, "Just make sure you get the daily dose of eight," and walked away. It was a personal joke between him and his student assistants since he was somewhat of a night owl when he was on the trail of something. He was conducting research on lore that involved magic and such. He was stuck on a point and looked for a book. The library was a haven for Ray as well as a well used tool. He used it to his advantage every chance he could and it was a wonder if he ever slept at all. He found the stack of books that had yet to be put away and was sifting through them. One fell off and landed with a loud thump. Ray stopped what he was doing to pick it up. The title was rather faded so he opened it to a random page. The heading on the page said, 'Law of the Ancients.' He had never heard of it before and turned the page to look. The page had the picture of a demon, rather human like in appearance except for his face. Ray studied the picture hard and began to read.
  7. It is said that there are two sides to everything. Light and dark, harmony and chaos, and woman and man. To exist all sides must be balanced. That is the way of things. Balanced can lead to greatness and too much of one can be damning. When you have eternity to dwell over things, you can discover how well or how little you know the world. Los Angeles, city of Angels, and to some the cesspool of hell. People from all walks of life come and try to live, others to survive. It is a jungle and they are the beasts. It is also a jungle for other kinds of beasts. In a world of cell phones, laptops and technology the world underneath is largely ignored except by those who have had a taste of it. There are creatures that go bump in the night though humans prefer to largely ignore it. They ignore it and live because they have a protector. Angela has lived the last 260+ years seeking vengeance againt the one who damned her, living her life in bitterness and anger. Forty years into that existence she reached out to help those that would have been lost to her kind and others like her but never losing sight of her goal. She eventually teams up in 2003 with Detective Andrew Colby as a consultant to investigate homicides of mysterious circumstances. Together they find out that they have been chosen to fight an ancient evil and to stop it from destroying humanity. One the dark warrior and the other the light warrior. They are joined by a witch, demon hunter and scholar and together they seek to push back the forces that seek to bring the evil. Bautista is the vampire who seeks to bring this evil and rule the earth. He is actually the one who turned Angela to the creature she is. He owns a nightclub called the Nightcrawler, popular hangout for both humans and vampires. He rules his underworld forces from there and won't stop at nothing. If Bautista is not stopped from summoning the ancient evil, humanity will be at his mercy and eventually destroyed... **** Ok that is the background of the story. A little different but worthy of a good imagination and is based upon a story I wrote. Any character is welcome but there are some that need to be filled. I will take Angela and the others are up for grabs. Colby and Bautista I'll provide and whoever wants it can take them. Standard character sheet. Name: Angela Species: Vampire Ages: 260+ Appearance: usually dresses in all black with long sleeve shirt and pump style boots; waist length dark brown hair and grey-blue eyes; wears leather jacket and occassionally sunglasses even though it is night and has a black motorcycle Special Notes: the dark warrior Bio: Turned at the age of 18, Angela came to resent the life that her maker gave her. Refusing to murder her family to quench her thirst, she turned on her maker. Defeated in battle but not broken, she traveled the world, seeking her maker in a quest for vengeance. Refusing to drink human blood, she drinks the blood of animals. In LA, Angela became a PI and helped the hopeless, mostly the kind of stalking and spousal abuse. Occassionally she came across the creatures of the underworld. She met Detective Colby when she helped him out of a jam with some vampires intent on killing a cop. Angela is the kind of person who doesn't reveal her thoughts and any feelings she has she banishes them as if they are forbidden. She feel that any bit of humanity is undeserving of her and feels that only by finding and killing her maker could she be free. Redemption is a dream that she could never hope to attain. That is mine here are Colby's and Bautista. The bios can be developed how you like. Name: Andrew Colby Species: Human Occupation: Detective LAPD Age: 35 Special Notes: the light warrior; nickname 'Creepy Colby' Appearance: dark hair, brown eyes; wears black jeans and a dark colored top and boots; well built and toned (ex Marine) Personality: Logical, believes that every crime has a perpetrator, not given to believing in fairy tales and ghost stories Name: Bautista Species: Vampire Age: 900+ Occupation: club owner of the club Nightcrawler Appearance: dark Italian suit, dark hair, blue eyes Personality: Frivolous in terms of clothes but methodical, cold-blooded when it comes to killing men; prefers virgins to drink I also need people to be the witch, the demon hunter and the scholar. On a side note, these three were originally human in appearance. Other characters are welcome. Just indicate if it is human or a demon and you can get specific as to type of demons. Thanks for playing!
  8. When I last played this....probably 4 years ago now I guess, I had a singleplayer model that was the Dark Forces Kyle. It was not one like this (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Dark_Forces_Kyle;2344) it actually looked like the Dark Forces kyle with a bulkier sort of jacket, etc. Does anyone have this or know where I can find it?
  9. Instead of posting in the old "I believe in Harvey Dent" thread I decided to make a new one. So, the trailer for The Dark Knight came online today. First off, what do you think? I'm overly hyped already. I just hope they make the story good and not try to cram too many villains in one picture. I think they succeeded in transforming the Joker into the 21st century. I'm glad they didn't take the same approach that Burton did in the first Batman movie. I like that the Joker is portrayed as this evil psychopath instead of just a criminal with clown make-up who likes to play small pranks on people.
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