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  1. Just realized it's been a bit over 10 years since I joined this place, shortly after the release of KOTOR 2. Doesn't seem long ago at all that KOTOR Tool was still being updated, TSLPatcher wasn't a thing yet, and the forums were incredibly active. My posting career has been very hit-and-run, popping in then disappearing for a year or two, then popping in again, and it's been interesting to see which names are still around every time I come back, who has disappeared, and what new people have shown up. Less people I remember each time, though from their 'last visited' it looks like some are at least lurking. With the slow death of LucasArts, these forums haven't been what they once were over the last 3 years or so, but here's hoping Disney does the smart thing, hands out the license to decent devs (hoping DICE Battlefront is a sign of things to come, another Obsidian-developed Star Wars RPG please thank you), and gives us something to talk about again. Then us old folks can sit around telling all the new guys 'back in OUR day, all the Star Wars games came from a hilariously mismanaged company called LucasArts, and by some miracle some managed to be good'. To celebrate 10 years of off-and-on posting, and to thank people who'd helped me out near the start, I'd planned to finally release the silly (but fun?) KOTOR mod I made as practice years ago (turned the Taris duelling ring into a Monkey Island swordfight-style insult competition), but can't seem to find it in my backups. I'll keep looking though.
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