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Found 12 results

  1. Hey. While i was making some DVD covers for my old games, I had the urge to make a fan art of DOTT. So I painted this. Hope you guys like it. Instead of making a new thread i though posting this other piece here as well. A few weeks ago i painted some sort of "fan art" about a telltale's Sam & Max character, "the internet". I designed her following the small avatar icon seen in the game, and also thought to be cool to add the C.O.P.S. in there since I was going for a vintage George Petty theme about the girl holding a phone and "Bob" was perfect to fill that role . Hope you like it.
  2. Here I made a thread on the different Guybrushs' made by fans and Lucasarts themselves. I also have a updated art gallery on my site. You can find the url on my public profile. Here they are: COMI Guybrush in 3D By: irishmile By: irishmile By: Monkey Mania By: Monkey Mania By: Monkey Mania
  3. hi there! i hope to be right here in this sub-forum. if not, i'm sorry, just put it off. and by the way: sorry for contingently mistakes, but i am from germany and still learning english at school. who of you still knows the old classic adventure game day of the tentacle? surely almost everyone. we, a crowd of crazy adventure-fans, are the ones, who revive bernard and his friends. since 2003 we're working on a worthy follower, which has the title "day of the tentacle 2 - return of the tentacles". it is an unofficial project for free, but the final result will be great and nostalgic. a lot of work is already done. on our website http://www.dott2.org, also with an english version, you can see some (older) screenshots, a two year old trailer and other stuff and information. in a few days a nice promotion-video will follow. just take a look, it would be nice to become more popular. as you also can see, we're permanently searching for new members, especially in the graphics area. there are also areas for the music, sound-effects, voices and dialogues, but i am not sure if there are needs. just ask! if there is someone of you, who is interested in drawing characters and backgrounds and/or making animations, just shout. however, the faster way would be an email to info@dott2.org. we are happy about each new helper, so you're welcome. we already have one english speaking member, so dont worry, everything's good. thats all. if there is nobody who wants to join us, i although would be pleased to receive some positive as well as negative comments. what do you think? tentacle-greetings from germany.
  4. Hey everyone I was checking out some of the other starwars forums and the full throttle forum. I was wonderig why hasnt there been a Day of the Tentacle forum or Maniac mansion Forum made? It seems thats not a big subject on here but If Telltale end up making a Episodic adventure with Bernard and the Gang then I think that theres no real good place to talk about it exept the MOJO FORUM...I do like the Mojo Forum the best on here but It still seems wierd that they have one for all the big franchised exept Day of the Tentacle. Theres even one for the DIG and there isnt a sequal for that one. So give your opinions and if an administrator or a guy high up there can explane to me why they havnt that would be cool couse its kinda anoyed me and I have been itching to ask why. Thnks purple_tentacle_
  5. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) ECK!!!! This chick makes on rugged dude! Evile Doers Be-ware!
  6. Hey. I was checking out some of my old threads and found the one that I made about a Fan made DOTT. Somone Mentioned (I think it was me but maby not) a 3D DOTT Sequel. So I found the closest thing to it. If anyone does 3D art It would be kinda cool if you could make a 3D Bernard or one of the other 2. Or if you know of any pics. Thanks.
  7. Hey everybody. I was on telltales forum and I found someone talking about the new Tales of Monkey Island Wiiware release rumor. I thought I would let you guys give some opinions about this: :confused::confused::confused: It says Aoutum but my thought is they cant give a exact release date for each chapter so they are giving a Estimated release date for the entire season. Oh and what are your opiniouns about it releasing for wii? I think its a good idea!!!
  8. Hey everybody. I have started several threads and most of them related to the nintendo wii (and some computers). I like making threads about that stuff. Even if no one reads them. I have been starting them in the Mojo Forums. I didnt know where else to have them so I thought this would be the place. But then I found a tech forum so I started my most recent thread about a new Nintendo Wii breakthrough. Well I soon found out from a moderator that the tech forum is filled with more of the computer related stuff so he told me that I would be better off stating out in the Video game system forum or somthing like that. So I have been all over lucasforums and cant find it anywere. I was going to replie but it kinda looks like a ghost town in the tech forums. CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP? Thanks.
  9. Hey everybody. I was recently looking around on some other tech forums and discovered a thread that was titled "Stream Netflix Video Via Wii?". It wasnt all that interesting. But I happend to notice they werent talking about a future Netflix channel butt streaming through the Netflix website using the Internet channel. I read a little more and they said that it isnt possible with the old version of the Opera Browser. So I decided to try it out for myself (With the latest version of the channel). I bought the internet channel on the wii shop channel and I started it up. I signed up for the netflix free trial and got started. It ends up that the new version supports video unlike the free version. So I guess what I am trying to say is that it is possible.
  10. Hey I started a thread about Day of the Tentacle 2 or DOTT 2 and got no replies so I thought I would start a thread with a shorer descripsion. http://www.dott2.de (There website) shows all the updates on the game and has screen shots and gameplay. All the info will be on the site. So please post your opinions here. Thanks -purple_tentacle_
  11. Hi folks, new here Mate of mine at work, made me this awesome Purple Tentacle for my desk. Whatcha think? http://twitpic.com/55wg5
  12. I'm in the process of writing my own adventure game, and I've been studying Day of the Tentacle a lot to get good ideas for how to do this well. I've put together this article on what makes Day of the Tentacle so amazing, and any feedback is very welcome!.
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