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Found 3 results

  1. I leave for Austin, TX Friday, and then I am on vacation the entire next week. Needless to say, I been busy as HELL working and preparing for this trip. I had to buy some clothes for the wedding which is just awful. I TOTALLY hate shopping, especially when your buying clothes you normally don't wear everyday (IE: a suit and tie). I hated it so much, I wanted to go back to work for another 8 hours instead. Anyways, I realized I needed some more socks, so I just HAD to go out and shop yet some more. While shopping for socks, I found some really cool things that I needed and wanted. First of all, my new mobile phone . Something I NEEDED. I got into a huge problem with my last wireless company (cingular) who charged me far more than my contract had indicated, so I went with Virgin Mobile so I could decide how much I want to spend without the monthly hassles. All in all, so far I am pretty happy with it! I also got a "hands free" thingy, so I can talk in my car, without holding the phone, because you can get a ticket for that sort of thing where I live. Then: Not exactly new, in fact it came out last year. However, it is the first STP CD I ever bought new! (I have all the albums, but bought all of them at a used CD store. I always loved STP's brand of music, and Scott Wieland has the exact same vocal range as me, so I always do STP song when I hit the kareoke bars. I am thinking of taking it to another level, and getting into another regular band, but I have to find one that does this type of music, becase that is what I want to do. STP/Staind/Sevendust type stuff. This album is great! The songs are not in chronological order or anything, but it has a good round of songs for any one CD. Personally I would have included "Glide", and "I Got You" from the No.4 album, but it is still good! Now THIS CD is just plain freaking cool! Even if your a closet Van Halen fan, or just like a FEW songs, every song that Van Halen ever did that is worth talking about or mentioning is on this disc. This takes you back to a time when Van Halen was pure fun to listen too. And the classic song from the movie Better Off Dead , "Everybody Want's Some" is also included on this CD. Only thing that surprised me about this CD is that even though 70% of the album has David Lee Roth as the lead vocalist, for some reason the pics inside the disc only show the group with Sammy Hagar as the vocalist. Unless this is a direct diss towards David.....it strikes me as rather strange.... Anyways, did any of you othe swampies buy anything cool lately? Please share!
  2. *ah-he-hem* AT THE START OF THE SUMMER IT WAS LIMITED TO BUT A FEW SCANT REGULARS NOW OTHER FORUMITES ARE MIGRATING TO IT AT AN EVER-INCREASING RATE RAZPUTIN'S DOMAIN HAS GONE PUBLIC, MY FRIENDS. i say we turn this into rd's latest episode of internet drama it's been like a month since there last was any just think of the potential there could be indiscriminate hatred towards all newcomers (with everyone having a subjective definition of newcomer of course that adds more stuff to argue over) and outright flaming and people leaving and swearing never to come back in entire DROVES i don't think rd has ever had more than one person at a time say they'll leave go go drama go! AAAAAAAAAAHHHGULUGUFHGK
  3. I don't know if it's a problem anywhere outside the U.S., but over here, on almost every TV station, there's constantly advertisements for prescription drugs. I was watching the nightly news program on NBC tonight, and there were at least one or two drug advertisements in every commercial break. Of course, most of them are for Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or some other "natural" male enhancement cure-all. Other times I see ads for anti-depressants, prostate shrinkers, birth control pills, osteoporosis drugs, etc., etc. You can tell from the quality of the ads that they are extremely expensive. Another observation is that every drug commercial often has some "doctor" explaining the drug's side effects to his "patient", and it seems that this doctor seems to be reciting them verbatim. Often these ads have some "mascot" of sorts, almost like beer ads from the 50's and 60's. The point is, are the drug companies taking advertising too far? Should the government somehow intervene with how much pharmaceutical corporations spend on advertising? Should the government limit corporate advertising as a whole?
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