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Found 4 results

  1. I am a Lego lover along with all things Star Wars. This is an Ebon Hawk build, and I need 10,000 supporters in order for it to possibly make it into production. So if you find it worthy, go support it, and share it. Thanks so much! Here's the link. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/67635
  2. I thought you all might appreciate this. I am trying to gather support for this build on Lego Ideas. Follow the link and support and share it if you like it! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/67635 Thanks!
  3. First of all, the problem with the games (KOTOR1 and KOTOR2) that they keep deleting my saved games has happened a lot to me. In fact, that is why I never finished KOTOR1. Couldn't play the full game before my saves were deleted. ---- And now I am trying KOTOR2 for the second time. I played all morning, but then - 2 hours ago - it crashed and deleted my saved games. I went into the 'compability files' folder or whatever it is called, and restored the saved games. However, this was not the correct saves. These saves were 5-6 hours older than the game it deleted. So I am not in the best mood right now. Anways, I tried out the saved games destined to complete the tasks again - but they were already completed. Resume: All the tasks I did this morning, are still completed. However, the place I start and my levels were not. So I start on the Ebon Hawk again and set back 30.000 EXP. (this is on Dantooine, fyi) Obviously I can't restore my 30.000 exp (or can I?), so I downloaded KSE (KotOR/KotOR2 Savegame Editor v3.3.3), changed my EXP to 90.995 and wanted to load the new saved game. But the loading bar stops right before 1/3 of the progressbar gets filled. And never continues.. I am confident others have had this problem - Please help me, in one way or another
  4. Heyy guys. For the original KotOR i found a mod that gives a basement to the ebon hawk, by planting a control panel named 'elevator' on the wall directly across from galaxy map in the cockpit. However, this mod is not supported by TSL. The basement in kotor uses a remodeled room in manaan adding a mandalorian merchent, droid merchent, jedi merchent, and regular merchent all selling rare items found throughout the game. I had an idea that wouldnt require his permission to use...i think. Could a similar switch be planted anyhere on the ebon hawk for kotor: tsl? My new idea would be a switch where hk-47 stands and it could open up a control terminal where u cud select 'ebon hawk cache' or 'leave the terminal alone for now' and when u pick cache it leads to a remodeled cache like the ones from onderon, the one filled with droids, only without the droids and some merchents for convenient shopping, each with extremely rare and modded items in stock. To exit there would simply be another terminal saying: 'to main level' or 'leave terminal alone for now.' Your reply is appreciated. Thanks!!! -HiddenBekLord
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