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Found 10 results

  1. TSL players know that the Exile (referred to here as "she") was on board the Harbinger, and eventually was rescued by Kreia. I'd like to know why she was on board the Harbinger in the first place. I don't recall any details in the game that explain why she returned from her Exile. Granted, it's been a little bit since I've played it. Was it of her own accord? Did the Republic go and find her? I'd love to hear what you think - and if you can back it up with materials from the game or other sources, so much the better.
  2. Seeing as the thread for Revan's Canonical Face, it should've been inevitable that this thread would make an appearance. Now that we now know what the Exile (discussed here as Meetra Surik though I hate that name) looks like, is it possible that someone could create a head for the Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords game that resembles her? I have included a screenshot I snapped when I played through the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint. In addition, I found video of the Exile Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) or rather the Exile as a Force Ghost in Maelstrom Prison on YouTube. You'll start to see her at around a minute and six seconds into the video. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) As I haven't read the Revan novel, I'm unsure if they actually mention hair color and skin complexion in it. I have the audiobook but I haven't made it all the way through it yet.) If you know of such a thing listed in the novel, feel free to chime in!
  3. Is there a way to have the handmaiden accompany the female exile? Is there a Mod available?
  4. Hi everyone. I had an idea for a new mod for Star Wars Knights of the old Republic II. This is the idea: After the exile has defeated Kreia/Darth Traya at the Trayus Core she/he will try to find Revan in the unknown regions. But just when she/he leaves Malachor V with the Ebon Hawk, Kreia appears to be not dead and somehow she gets into space and takes one of the ships orbiting the planet to Ilum. First the exile must visit 2 worlds to find Revan on the last world, all these worlds are in the unknown regions. On the first world she/he must help in a battle against the true sith. The Sith'Ari. If the Exile is dark side she/he can help the Sith'Ari, then if the exile helps the sith'ari she/he will leave for the second planet to conquer that planet too. But if he/she is light side she will help the people who live on that planet. Then she will leave to the second planet to liberate that planet. After the second planet the exile will leave for the last planet Lehon, where she/he will find Revan. Revan appears to have fallen to the dark side and the exile will battle Revan and the exile will try to turn him over to the light side. If this will succeed Revan will die because of his injuries. If the exile is dark side Revan will join the exiles party after killing Atton. Then they will try to leave to Coruscant but they must land at Ilum. There they will find Kreia in a hidden jedi academy. The academy is hidden in a mountain. There The Exile and Revan will fight their way (against jedi knights) to Kreia and eventually kill her. And after that The exile will turn on Revan and try to kill him. After that has happend The exile truly will become the new Dark lord of the sith. The Light side version will go like this: After Revan died (turned to the light side then) on lehon The exile has got a vision of Ilum and Kreia. She is sure that Kreia is there and she will leave to Ilum. There she will find a hidden jedi academy (hidden in a mountain) and she must fight against other jedi knights to prove herself worhty to enter the Jedi Master rooms. After she has defeated the jedi (but not killed them) she will find Kreia in the Jedi Masters rooms. There they will talk and finnaly decide to return to the republic. And so that will be the true end of the game. I hope someone will like this idea and make the mod, because i have really no idea how to make such a mod. So if someone is interested to make this mod, please contact me, And if the mod is completed i would like the mod to be placed at Fileforn the star wars kotor I and II website. Good day to you all
  5. I have a simple mod request I'd like to make to day for TSL. The mod would basically make the female pc look as if they were wearing black lipstick, I first got this idea when I noticed that one of the Female Exile's wore black lipstick as you began to fall to the darkside but it disappeared as you fell further, what I'm asking is for a mod that allows the female Exile to have black lips always, regardless of alignment. please tell me if this is possible?
  6. Well...when I joined here on LF in 2006 it was bacause of this segment of the KOTOR secion of LF. Now that SW:TOR has been announced and is in production...well, this thread was abuzz for a little while and then died down. I am just trying to make some suppositional conversation. Specualtion. Good fun. Trying to breathe a little life back into this section... While plenty of interesting fanfic stuff has been made, I wanted to make it a little more of a democracy. Involve people. Their objective opinions. (Can be subjective if you back it up really well) What do you speculate or imagine happens in the after years beyond TSL. I'm not talking about revan or the exile...I'm sure that will be covered in some way. I just mean how do you think things and situations will fare. Why? Perhaps speculate on what you'd believe would lead up to the events that will unfold 300 years later...or even talking after that between that point and 3,000 years after Revan. Between SW:TOR and the turnpoint of Darth Bane. Can be about specifics like planets, or groups like the exchange, etc. For example, I believe the corporate identities will pick up steam in the wake of TSL and stand to make plenty of profit from the disasters and the wreckage the wars have left behind. The Exchange will of course have a new leader, or several. It is a syndicate and they have several gangs under their thumb. I don't believe the organized galactic crime ring will ever go away. The jedi order will resume with the Exile's crew and Bastilla...The Mandalorians will restrengthen and be as nomads (wall, that one is kind of easy to guess from what's given). The republic will stagnate and fracture as predicted and be left all but dead for a time. Then it will reunite to restrengthen itself and go until the next challenge comes. Just my ideas. I'l clarify or you can state your own.
  7. Hey community, what's up? Anyway, I was curious if it would be possible to mod Kreia's robes so that the female and male exile could wear them, (the male robe obviously edited to fit anatomically). And to have the hood cover to the eyes like Kreia's does. I think this would add a more realistic feel when you are playing a dark side char, the hood to the eyes like Sidious and Traya. Would this be doable? I am not sure if this has been asked for or attempted before, but in my searches I haven't found it. Please give it some thought and reply on what you think. Thanks. P.S-If any of you could help me with my tech prob-The Work Bench-Works and Doesn't work post. Thanks again.
  8. this is from 2005. i remember drawing this. :') bao-dur. of course it was copied. bao-dur and the exile. it's a scene from my story - A Jedi and a Zabrak. (or iridonian, because i typed the wrong name by accident!) atton rand. not really much effort put into this. it was a quick sketch, because ive never really drawn him before. thought i'd find my own individual style. a very skinny version of the exile :S i dont know how she came out so skinny haha. oh well.
  9. This is a new thread about a topic that spawned from the 'Revan vs Nihilus' thread. I have some questions, but seeing that the said thread is being called to be killed (in a rather 'angry mob-esque' mannner i must say ), it was better for a dedicated thread to be created. Here is the original post. Here is a screenshot of the loading message i was talking about: along with the message i posted about, i have questions about two others as well. Legend: Cyan and Yellow: It seems to imply that Sion, Nihilus, and Traya were Jedi, and that they were drawn to Trayus after the final battle. Red: It says that Nihilus (and the other two) learned a different technique from Trayus... Its says that Nihilus learned hunger... from Trayus academy This is what caused me to believe that that drain of his was a special technique of drain he learned from Trayus. (And it gave him so much power he couldnt stop taking more... which is how he became 'a walking black hole' in the force.) Red Arrow: The loading message i posted about in the Revan vs Nihilus thread. Dark Blue Mark: This is unrelated, but it seems to indicate that Revan has Battle Meditation... I didnt know that! If revan could corrupt jedi with his Battle Meditaion powered by Trayus, I wonder what Bastila coulve done.....
  10. Okay, here's my request: Could someone reskin of the default black Exile heads to look like Jolee Bindo from the first game? It would make me (and probably all Jolee fans, as well) very happy.
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