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Found 2 results

  1. hi folks these forums have helped me SO MANY times before with all sort of issues or downloading amazing content ... now I need serious feedback again ... I need to update graphic card, from my actual 1 GB GeForce to a 2 GB card to allow some heavier games/etc run smoothly ... or run ... question is ... I need to know if any of you is running Kotor, TSL or both together with a 2 GB or 4 GB videocard; and under which SysOp also (Win 7 or XP, not 8 please). I will run my "potential" new card under a Win 7 Ultimate 32 bits with 4 GB RAM and a Core i3 CPU, ASUS motherboard. Please specify your CPU too. Hopefully a GeForce GT or GTX will do it for me? anyone running BOTH kotOR and TSL with same 2 GB videocard? thanks alot on advance!! P.S. basically I need a 2 GB or bigger card to run smoothly Kotor, TSL and Skyrim in same rig ... hopefully. Possible?? no chances at all? P.S. (2) if this goes to another forum, please move it freely ... thanks.
  2. hey , this is my first post so if it in the wrong place please tell me. ok, i am runing windows 7 64 bit with a 32" tv screen. it has 4gb ram and plenty of hdd space and is easily capable of running this game. i installed kotor 1 and decided i did not wont to do the taris mission ( i had previously done it before anyway ) because it is too long, so i installed a mod to skip it. everything was great until i walked outside on dantouine. There were random streaks in the air and i tried everything to fix it but i gave up and unintalled the game. today i was planning to give it another shot but tried to install kotor 1 and it sent me to the uninstaller -_- . i ran ccleaner as man people said but nothing happened. i went into regedit but had no luck. Can anyone help me i am in desprite need of playing it, but my pc wont let meeee.
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