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Found 9 results

  1. hi Does anybody known's which side better to play with on kotor 2 ??? l played abaut 50 time's with lightside but l am getting bored with it but l known it will be beter to play with dark side but l don't known which to chose ??? can someone tell me some advice please !!!
  2. Hi! Does anyone known's why kreia is so easy to defeat ? does anyone knowns a way to make her strong well when l reached the final level at tsl l just needed to defeat her but l atack her seven times she just easily died and then the dialog started does anyone knowns a mod to make things improved ?
  3. HI can someone give me some advice with the theme music's what theme music will be best for me to reaplease 'confronting darth bandon' or 'last confratation'(duel with malak) reapleasing with 'duel of fates'. l am planing to make "beter kotor theme music's" mod l already reapleased two theme music's but l thinking abaut confranting darth bandon theme music please l need some help p.s sorry again for the bad english
  4. Okay here we go:lsduel: l have been seeing some intresting npc and l have been wondering if every one create's some asome npc's l cud too create a npc .But l can't find the right jka tools:argh:. l Wonted to create a Darth Malgus model Jka style with his own animations and sound's but l don't known what kind of Jka tools l need to use and download can someone help a litil
  5. l known it will be crude of me to ask this but please help!!!! l created an awsome reborn skin but l don't known how to make it a pk3 file please help l abaut to finnish a mod!!!!!!
  6. Excuse's does anybody knowns why darth malak is easy to defeat ??? l attack him abaut ten times and that's all weird??? does anybody knowns were l can find a mod that make's darth malak more dark lord? p.s l realy need l litil help?
  7. when l spawn eth koth he had a green lighsaber but in the movies he had a blue lightsaber does anybody known's why does eth koth has a green lightsaber l need some help. p.s this is my second post and sorry for the bad english.
  8. hi! excuse me does anybody known's does is posible to create asome jedi robes or sith lord robes on kotor tool ???? cud somebody help out!!! l tried find out on youtube but nothing found!!! l tried once to generate a merchant on telos by using kotor tool but a bug when l first began tested it !!!! cud someone help out with kotor tool please!!!!!! l am just a beginer with that tool!!!!!
  9. excuse's me does anybody known's how l can put star wars revenge of the sith theme song's in kotor 2 l need some help !!!!
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