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Found 12 results

  1. <SENSOU> Guild are recruiting for SWTOR on The Tomb Of Freedon Nadd server. http://sensou.enjin.com/recruitment We all have toons at all levels mainly on the Republic but we have toons on the Imperial side to experience both sides of the conflict and we PvP, PvE and run instances and generally help each other out doing quests SENSOU is an friendly online gaming community that plays a variety of games. We have apprximately 90 members from all round the world registered with us , of which around 60 are considered active attending the forum every couple of days. Our average age is 35 years of age. We are are a core group of friends who enjoy playing games in our recreation time, we are totally team focused. All of us have family, friends, responsibility and work. The community will build relationships & friendships, we will not lose our identity or our focus. Our community values are enhanced by adhering to the following requirements, thus putting us all on the same page. These requirements are universal across all games we play, these are our "10 Banners"! 1. I am over 21 years of age. 2. I understand that forum usage is compulsory. 3. I can speak English 4. I agree to respond to the guild Call to Arms when required. 5. I can guarantee contribution to the guild. 6. I have a good sense of humour. 7. I expect issues/problems will be directed straight to a guild officer. Drama is avoidable. 8. I am able to converse in Teamspeak voice comms and utilise in-game guild chat facilities, I understand both are mandatory requirements. [The ability to listen is sufficient for voice comms on our 512 member capacity server]. 9. I enjoy helping and sharing with others. 10. I realise above all else, real life comes first, gaming second. If you are interested please drop by and register with us at http://sensou.enjin.com/recruitment Bump to say we are still looking for new recruits with republic char's/toons of all levels
  2. Im looking for 3 players (Preferably Lev.25-30) that would like to start their own guild. Us 4 will be the leaders of the guild. Keep in mind that you must be on the, "Canderous Ordo" Server and that this is a republic guild.
  3. Minions of Asgard is a Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars The Old Republic gaming guild. We have been around since 2005 and was owned by Tyrsrath up until it was taken over by Maguild from 2007 onwards. Minions of Asgard origionally came from Guild Wars, it wanted to expand into a new, fresh game right from scratch. Star Wars The Old Republic was the best choice! Originating from the original Guild Wars game, we plan to open up into both GW2 and SWTOR to try a slice of all they have to offer. Whether it be doing PvP based activities like Warzones; battling with your fellow minions against the savage enemies in Operations, questing throughout the world, gathering ingrediants for your crafting needs or simply hanging around the cities chatting with the locals. Whatever it is, Maguild will be doing it! There are some requirements for joining this guild which I will point out below: Activity - We would like that you are both active in-game and on the Maguild forums. Team player - When we set out to do something as a group, we require that you play your part and not leave your fellow guild members to do it on their own. Speak English - When talking in the guild chat, you must remain to speak English only. Loyal - When you join us we want to to join our family, so loyalty is a key part of the guild. Trainable - we expect you to have a steady learning curve so we can eventually beat the endgame content. Good attitude - We want only friendly and helpful people to join us who can have a good laugh and enjoy the game. Responsible - Remember if you sign up for something or have something you need to do in the guild, we do want to to do it! If you are interested in joining us please visit our website and fill out an application. If you are still unsure, feel free to pop over to the site and message Maguild with any extra questions you may have.
  4. Caamasi Disciples is a casual Republic guild focused on people who want to play the "Good Guys", not only in playing Jedi/Republic characters, but also in how they treat other players. We have our own site and private forums. We will have voice chat, but it won't be mandatory. Our belief is that the point of playing a game is to have fun. And instead of dictating to our members how they must play, we cooperate with each other. A knowledge of Star Wars lore is also appreciated, but not necessary. (Those who really know Star Wars lore should appreciate our name). I hope you'll consider playing with us. http://caamasi-disciples.com
  5. Sith'ari "Born of War, Honed in Combat, Forged in Fire...We are the Sith'ari"   Information: Guild: Sith'ari Website: Sith'ari Website Alignment: Sith faction based Guild Leaders/founders: Ronan Dexx-Dark Lord of the Sith, Rage Kain-Dark Lord Looking for: Mature, hard working and active members Region: Primarily United States based Server: US PVP Guild game focus: PvP / PvE / RP / Raids Recruiting Status: Open Guild Communications: Voice server, xfire, chat, forums Introduction: Who we are: The Sith'ari is a Sith faction based SWTOR guild founded by the Sith Lord Ronan Dexx and his apprentice Rage Kain. The Sith'ari is one of the most organized and reputable guilds around, and we are forever striving to better ourselves. Go to our site at Sith'ari website, and you shall see that we speak the truth. M for Mature: We do not have a set age limit, but maturity is a MUST. We aren't rated E for everyone, and there are no censors on topics or discussions, though we keep it within reason. It does not matter to us what your age is, just that you can converse intelligently and have a respectable level of maturity. Region: We are a primarily United States based guild, and all of our events and times will be posted in that variance of time zones. If you live in another area you must be able to speak fluent English and have a very flexible time schedule, so that we will not have members only available when others are not. About/Guild Information Our name/Philosophy: Our name has meaning, it is not just a jumble of words hastily thrown together, it is what we are and what our goal is. The Sith'ari was the perfect being, but he was not just born a zealot, a product of all the sith teachings, he was forged in the fires and honed by the struggles of what was necessary to become a true Sith. In a way, this is what we strive to do. We endeavor to better ourselves, to increase our knowledge, and to become absolute perfection. We are hard workers, and only the best survive. The Sith must remain strong, and the weak will be...left behind. What we are looking for: The Sith'ari is looking for mature players who are interested in working with a Sith faction based organized guild. We accept any Sith characters, including bounty hunters and agents. Do not worry, you are all welcome here. We cannot do it all alone, we need agents to be our eyes and ears on the battlefield, and the bounty hunters to be our gauntlet and destroy our targets. All members have the potential to climb the ranks, but you must prove yourself sufficiently in order to gain status. *Mature and dedicated members *Loyal and humorous mindset *Willingness to learn and to better oneself *Hard working and responsible mentality *Past MMO experience Preferred Activity Policy: All members must absolutely be active weekly, which involves posting in the forum, talking on the chat room, etc. This is vital to our guild, and lurkers will be removed. If you are to be away for an extended period of time, you must inform your immediate superiors of how long and when you expect to return. Special accommodations will be made for those serving in the military overseas. This is such an important part of a guild, even if you claim to be the best of the best, if you do not have any active members, your guild will die. This is crucial, and lurking is strictly not tolerated. We are strict, but fair. And remember, above all our intent is to have fun! Community: Our members are geared towards the "hardcore" level of gaming experience and mind set, though our members are interested in all types of the MMO experience (Example: Player Vs Player, Crafting, Roleplaying). We focus on our community, specifically our members. Keep in contact as often as you can, daily if possible even if it is only for a few minutes. Keep up to date with the guild, as we are constantly being updated and expanded, so even an absence of a few days means that you may become lost in what we are discussing and other going ons of the guild. Get to know your fellow brothers, and help them become elite gamers. A member will not be shunned or removed because he/she is lacking in an area, they will be helped along and taught how to better and improve themselves, but you must show a willingness to learn. We may not have the massive numbers of these so called "pro" guilds, but our strength is in our experience, knowledge, and passion for the fight. And remember, we are ALL important to the guild, from the newest members to the experienced Dark Councilors, it takes more than a few to make a great guild. What it takes to be a member- Similar Ideals: Our ideals are of the Sith, and all attached philosophies and beliefs. We do not necessarily expect our non-sith characters (agents/bounty hunters) to know our deepest philosophies and knowledge, but we expect you to have a basis of what to expect and material. We DO expect Sith oriented characters (Warriors/Inquisitors) to have an above average knowledge and understanding of beliefs and lore, including that not only of the Sith but of the force and the dark side. Loyalty: One of the most important qualities we look for in our members is loyalty. It is extremely important to maintain a high level of loyalty to the community you are a part of and have helped to grow and progress. Too many guilds have failed because the members were divided into separate factions or groups. Your loyalty is to each other, and to the guild as a whole, not any individual member. Training: Every person has something that they can learn; something they can improve upon. The leaders are no exception, and neither are new members, no matter what your experience level is. Do not spurn an offer that could help you reach you maximum potential, it is important that you want to be the best you can be. Those new to the sith ways will be tutored under the watchful eye of a master, and you will be their apprentice until they see you as being fit for advancement. Apprentices with high ranking masters will not be allowed to skip ranks, there is a chain of command and it will be followed to the letter. Team Work/ Organization: Team work is essential, as is organization. If you are going to be a part of a raid, PVP competition, or something similar, then you must be prepared for it and you must attend. If another team member suggests something that could improve your battle strategy, do not immediately dismiss or blow off your comrade's idea. We are all brothers here, so we must all get along and at the very least be civil to each other. Structure: Advancement Hopefulls/ Recruits- you will be required to take an inital test to get into the site... If your accepted, your membership is on a trial basis only... You have two weeks to prove yourself. After you are accepted on your trial membership you will be required to take the "full membership test" and post it within the "new recruits section" of our forum. It will be on display so the whole community can view it. During your two week trial period you should be active and get to know everyone. Post in our forums and chat it up with our community members. Once the game is released you should also run instances and party up with some of our members to show them what you know. Having fun is the name of the game... And we like FUN in our community. After your trial period is over, a poll will be posted so that it can be voted on wether you are accepted as a full member and placed... or if your are denied membership and dicharged from the guild. The main thing we are looking for is knowledgeable people, who are fun to hang around, who are mature, and knows how to play MMO's in groups. We are not looking for trouble makers, immature people, Ninja looters, lazy people, or in active people... You have to stay ACTIVE in this guild. Standards for excellence : 1. Leadership- Our leaders are the most active, experienced members in the guild. Our leadership are hands on battle hardened people, and they are the very best we have to offer. Those at the top are the best, period. We are the managers, the guiders, and the strongest. 2. Structure- Our Structure is one of the best, most thought out, and functional systems around. It is the culmination of years of MMO experience and several weeks of intensive work and planning, and is designed to be above all else efficient. The ranks are not merely a symbol or a sign, they have their own responsibilities and duties assigned to them. We have made sure that this is nearly foolproof. 3. Activity- Staying active and communicating with the community is essential to the function of this guild. Keep up to date with the going ons of the guild, and stay active and post in the forums and in the chat room. This is necessary in order to prevent the stagnation of our guild, and will only make us stronger. 4. Training- Constant retraining and rethinking of strategies keep us ahead of the game. And ensures that everyone stays on the same page...Training is key to becoming better Sith and better individuals. Being good at what we do is not enough, we have to be the BEST. 5. Community- Always striving to take care of our own we aim to keep our members happy, focused, and experienced for the coming battles. The community is the most important aspect of a guild, and we are proud to say that we take care of our members well. As long as you work hard, and be the best you can be, you will have a great time with us. What are you waiting for? You have seen what our guild is and has to offer. Think you have what it takes? Visit our site, Look at our structure and polices and if you still feel like you want to be a part of something MORE... Enlist! http://thesithari.guildpower.com/home
  6. If you're interested in helping becoming a founding member of a OR Roleplaying guild, please let me know. I am looking for a dedicated co-creator that will help me develop the website, and provide great ideas for many other things. So far, it will be called "The Order Of Ceasar" but subject to change with new ideas and suggestions. If you're interested in becoming a co-creator or member that will help establish the guild, please send me a message; or provide your email and I'll get back to you. All interested and accepted members will also control, manage, and lead the guild in my absence.
  7. We The Few - A Multi-Gaming Community - Is now recruiting members for our SWTOR division. Who are We The Few? The core of We The Few is a group of competitive MMO gamers dating back to the glory days of UO. The majority have laid waste to bad players, and equally skilled a-like, in games such as Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC), Planetside, Age of Conan (AoC), World of Raidcraft (WoW), and many other forgotten titles. Ranging from ages 19+, we understand that real life comes first. We all have jobs, college, women, drug addictions, and many other scenarios. We are laid back, well sense of humored, thick skinned group of players who enjoy the thrill of competitive play. With our demeanor in mind when we hit the competitive field we put on game faces, expecting 110% of the each other towards a common goal of stomping the opposition. We The Few works on a close-knit community system, instead of having some tree-like, hierarchical, chain of command system. Every person in the guild has a huge say in the affairs and direction of the guild itself. This leads to us being a tad more picky in members then most guilds but ends up being a much more rewarding experience for the members. The bottom line: We are here to be the guild name people fear and envy at the same time. But how can you accomplish this? Well, that’s up to the player! We expect a lot from those we let roll with our guild tag. You could play 24 hours a day, 247 days of the year and still be a horrible player. We look for players who excel at being adaptive and quick to learn their class. If you think all a healer does is heal or a DPS class does nothing but spam 1 and 2 on the nearest target, we might not be the guild for you. What We Expect: * Vent + Decent Mic. * Decent Activity * Sense of Humor / Thicker Skin * Use of Xfire Messaging program What We Can Offer: * Ventrilo Server * Website + Forum * Community of like minded gamers * Competitive PvE and PvP If this all seems your play style, then head over and put up an application! If you seem to be a good fit, we’ll get you into the action! Proceed to the Application if you wish to be a part of We The Few!
  8. Hi! I'm Jaycen and I'd like to spend a little time to tell you a bit about our guild. If you like the sound of us come and visit on our site, we'd love to hear from you soon. We look forward to meeting you in the upcoming months to the release of SW:TOR! About Us Conclave was started in October 2009 in the anticipated runup to Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. It was started by a band of friends who had spent years playing MMOs together. The guild is built upon the tenets of humour, fun and skilled gameplay. We are players that have been able, in the past, to spend hours upon hours day after day at the keyboard. We reached the stage that we wanted to play an MMO with other skilled people, but understood that skill does not mean having to play for hardcore amounts of time. Essentially - you don't have to be on every day, but when you are on you are skilled and focussed on supporting your guildmates. The guild hierarchy is admittedly not totally democratic - ultimately decisions have to be made and experience has taught us that for this to happen there needs to be distinct leadership. However, the guild is run on the principle that opinions are heard and considered. Any major decision is decided by the Guild Council, which comprises 4 general members and 4 class representatives. Our "Theme" Our motto is "The End Justifies the Means". Whatever faction we end up choosing, we are not necessarily good or evil - we make choices and decisions to benefit ourselves and how we feel the galaxy should develop. Because of this we welcome all types of players - we are not focussed on any particular element - the Conclave comes first and we will support you and your endeavours. Current Status Currently, Conclave has not decided what faction it will become a part of - this will come later when all classes have been revealed. We are an EU guild, and will be playing in that timezone. We are currently recruiting, and look forward to seeing applications. Jaycen Our Summary: * GUILD NAME: Conclave * GUILD WEBSITE: http://conclave.mmoguildsites.com * TIME ZONE (REGION): EU (GMT) * TYPE OF GUILD: Mainly PvE/PvP * AGE GROUP: 18+ (Under 18 in exceptional circumstances) * LANGUAGE: English * MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS: We are actively recruiting and hope to have between 20 and 30 members at the point of Beta * MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA: - We do not discriminate against gender, age, race or sexuality. If you cannot abide by this you don't belong here - We are not, however, exclusively "politically correct" - there will be banter, jokes and mischief. Always remember to take them in the spirit that they are intended, and if you do have an issue then deal with it in an adult way - While we do not discriminate on age, we are reticent to accept players under the age of 18 as we cannot guarantee the topics discussed will always be "family friendly". Please consider this before applying - While we don't care about E-Peen, you will need a good enough system to enable you to run the game enjoyably. * OUR POLICY - Respect for each other and other players - Created for skilled players with real lives - you don't have to be on 24/7, when you are on you are focussed on supporting your guildmates - Participate as much as you can, but don't forget Real Life, and respect the commitments of others. - Enjoy yourself! - Play hard, laugh harder! * MISSION STATEMENT: - Built upon tenets of humour, fun and skilled gameplay - Actively recruiting new members to support this new venture - Our side will be chosen once all classes are revealed
  9. |█▄▄█▬▬BLACK EMPIRE▬▬█▄▄█| \www.blackempire.net/ is currently seeking new members to join it's ranks Apply Here! The Black Empire has four Major Units(The Temple, The Army of the Black Empire (TABE), the Academy, and the Office of the Emperor. The Office of the Emperor The Emperor is the sovereign ruler of the Black Empire. He exercises command over all aspects within the Empire military and non-military. It is quite common for him to rule through a “Hand of the Emperor” to avoid a public image. In times of struggles the Emperor maintains a very demanding and direct leadership role in which he is personally involved in the decisions of the Empire, rather then just receiving reports from his Hand. Little is known of Galaksi, the current Emperor. Reports of his dealings are rare and sightings even rarer. He appears to enjoy command through a small group of trusted advisers. He is the final approving authority on major guild changes and must sign off on Senior promotions. Staff: Hand of the Emperor acts as the Emperor's right hand man providing enforcement of the Emperors demands, orders and wishes. The Hand commands the Office of the Emperor while maintaining a Senior role providing instruction and guidance from the Emperor The Master/Captain of the Guard leads the elite guard of the Emperor. Responsible for the protection of the Emperor at all times. The Black Empire Archivist is responsible for maintaing guild records, information, publishing relevant info, securing secure intel. The Black Empire Arbiter is responsible for investigating claims of unfairness by Black Empire members, providing arbitration between personnel and when compromises can't be reached advises Higher Command. The Temple The Temple of the Black Empire is home to all Sith in TBE. The Temple is commanded by a Sith Lord who acts as the adminstrator and leader of the Temple. He is the Senior member of the Temple and is expected to maintain rule, discipline and a proper organization. He is a close personal adviser to the Emperor and is held responsible for his entire Temple. Sith new to the Temple of the Black Empire will be accepted as to the rank of Apprentice once a Sith Master has acecepted the Sith for Apprenticeship. Throughout the Apprentice's training he will be trained and later evaluated if he is worthy to become a Sith Knight. Sith Knight's are the proven and dedicated Sith of the Black Empire Temple. While holding no responsibillity to train or lead they are the Temples primary power and responsible for the sucess of the Black Empire's war against the Jedi. Sith Masters are the trainers and Senior members of the Temple. Sith Masters are known for their unequaled power and control over the force. A Sith Master is given with all proper respects that the rank requires. The Army of the Black Empire The Army of the Black Empire was designed off the common militaristic theme. The Army is commanded by a General who is responsible for maintaing rule, proper organization, and discipline. He is a close personal adviser to the Emperor and is held responsible for his entire Army. A Sergeant of the Black Empire Army is a fearless, tough and demanding Squad Leader. He holds vast influence over several Soldiers. Much like the Sith Master he sponsors recruits from the Academy and supervises their training to determine if they are worthy of serving as a Soldier in TABE. The rank of Captain is given to a distinguished Senior Member of the TBEA. He is responsible for maintaining supervision over several Sergeants and is held responsible when mistakes are made. He is an Officer of the Black Empire Army and is given all respects that the rank requires. The Academy The Academy of the Black Empire is commanded by the Academy Commander. The Academy Commander is assisted by a representative from the Temple of the Black Empire and the Army of the Black Empire. The Sith Knight/Sergeant will evaluate each Recruits potential pertaining to the Knights/Sergeants home unit and will provide reports on each Recruit. All Recruits will go through the two week probation where their maturity, discipline and intelligence will be observed. They will be evaluated to see whether they can be use to the Temple or TBEA. Recruits will remain in the Temple until sponsored by a Sith Master of TABE Sergeant. The Black Empire The Black Empire looks to recruit mature, dedicated and loyal members who are looking for a community that will be around for years. The purpose of the Black Empire is to develop a friendly community that will last through SWToR and any future games that are released. For ToR we will focus on RP/PvP and frequently have RP events on our forums. Any additional information you may need can be given on our website or on our forums -Sith Acolyte Chewsurra
  10. My brand new republic guild is looking for loyal and active memebrs to join ready for the upcoming star wars old republic game. http://lordstorey.webs.com/
  11. Copied from http://www.swtor.com My concern is that the guilds who've advertised in the Outpost and are feasible for my play style all either require or strongly encourage the use of Ventrillo. I myself have never played a voiced MMO, nor have I used Vent, but have used Teamspeak in the past and, if they work the same way, then I can't imagine having to concentrate on hearing what I'm being told by an NPC quest-giver AND listening to what could be important instructions in Vent. Not only that, but when in a highly populated zone with many merchants and quest-givers, there could be tons of background voices from other people talking to other NPCs at the same time. Does anyone have any experience with this? I foresee the duelling voices in my head getting very annoying very quickly. Or maybe I'm making it out to be more than what it really is.
  12. Guild Name: Rage Guild Manager: VinceC Head Master: Darth Kraze Guild Types: PvE (Raid), PvP, Casual RP section Council: Lord Loss, Robox19 Member Count: 22 Site Link: http://www.kotormmo.net/sith-empire-division Guild Forums: http://www.kotormmo.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=8 Join Us: http://www.kotormmo.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=22 Mission Statement: Rage is determined to become an elite group of Sith, matched only by the Emperor and his Dark Lords. The power of the leader and the combined combat prowess of the council are unmatched by the weak and foolish. The peaceful ways of the Jedi shall crumble under the might of the Sith. Guild Setting: After years of careful planning amongst the Council the time is coming for Rage to strike. The final preparations are being made, the last of the recruitment is being finalized. The reign of Rage over the galaxy is near, darkness will fill the hearts of many, and the souls of all. Guild History: 3000 years before the great Lord Vader, a twisted Sith has killed his Master and recruited many more Sith to follow him. He had a great power in the force and was strong: the name his master gave to him was Darth Kraze. This Dark Lord has recruited many Sith but one stood out from all the others. Artoris Vein was strong, and Darth Kraze saw that he could be a weapon to kill the Jedi. Darth Kraze trained Artoris and he became his master. Darth Kraze gave Artoris Vein a name, and that name was Lord Loss. Lord Loss became a council member of the guild and the Order has become stronger ever since. A few years later another great apprentice was very powerful in the force and both Darth Kraze and Lord Loss believed he would be powerful and then they could finally become the greatest Order in the galaxy. Darth Kraze and Lord Loss trained Robox and he soon became a council member.
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