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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, i'm new to the forum, and I´ve been digging like crazy to try and find something about this problem (also here in the forum) and found nothing. It's also a startup problem, but a little different than the ones i've seen around. I bought the cd of the Monkey Island Special Edition Collection, which includes both the new Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge. After the installation the game goes to a menu window, where I can choose to play The Secret or Monkey 2, listen to the game's musics or check the art concept of the games. Listening to the background musics or watching the concept art works alright. The problem is, when I choose to play any of the 2 games the menu closes, the CD (which this game's version asks for if you want to start the game) stops rotating and that's it!! It simply doesn't start up! No crash reports, no blue/red agonazing window, nothing. I tried the graphic .ini thing (this version aparently doesn't have this file, only the .pak ones), tried to disable the sound enhancement, tried loads of things, nothing worked. The pc is really new, I bought it last week, and was dying to play this games.... The laptop configs are: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030) System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Inspiron 7520 BIOS: InsydeH2O Version 03.72.02A02 Processor: Intel® Core i7-3612QM CPU @ 2.10GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.1GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 8094MB RAM DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Speakers: (Conexant SmartAudio HD) Card name: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Chip type: Intel® HD Graphics Family Monitor resolution: 1920x1080 Thanks folks.
  2. Hi! this is my first post on this forum excuse me if I have any mistake, English isn't my first language. For the last month, I've been thinking about a Monkey Island fangame. I already posted this in the TellTale forums and nobody answered, so I thought you all in this forum could help me. It's a little idea, and it would take a lot of work, but maybe we can do something. The game would take place between EMI and an imaginary MI5 (where Guybrush gets all the ingredients for the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu), and in each chapter you play a different character. It's called Monkey Stories because, although there will be one or two chapters in Monkey Island, only in one chapter you play as Guybrush Threepwood. But he isn't in his body: he's been body-changed with a pirate called Jean Drake, but a bad one: he steals treasures and kills people just for fun. Who did this body-change? The mad voodoo-scientist Jose Gonzalez, who was a mad scientist and discovered the voodoo magics. He went totally crazy and now combines the best of science and voodoo, but not for doing good things: he's MAD and EVIL. Just like DeSinge, but Gonzalez is spanish instead of french and he believes in voodoo. He worked a lot for his final project: the Body-Change spell. He tries it with a "pirate hero" and a "bad pirate", but it goes bad: now Guybrush has his "mind" or personality in Jean Drake's body, but some of Drake's personality is still there: he is incited to do bad things, steal things and kill people. So Guybrush is the main villain (in another body), and all the stories are connected with him. (BTW Jean Drake is a nod to Jean Lafitte and Francis Drake, famous pirates) I'm planning to have Wally, HT Marley/Herman, Lemonhead, Jean Drake with Murray as his sidekick, and Jojo Jr as playable characters. Each chapter and each character story (hence the Monkey STORIES name) is different, but in the end they all connect. WALLY: He hears rumours of a lost island with a secret or treasure that nobody knows what it is. Lots of people went there and never returned. He sails in the Jolly Rasta with Captain Dread to another islands (Jambalaya, Melee and Plunder) to find information about this island, and he finds pieces of a important-looking letter (broken in 4 pieces) in each island. When he finds the third piece the chapter ends. JOJO JR: Monkey Island now honours its name: it's only poblated by MONKEYS. Hundred of monkeys have huge parties every day, it's THEIR island. The Monkey Head isn't there, and there isn't any sign or cannibals or castaways. Even the Monkey Kombat's been eliminated! But things change when Jojo Jr, leader of the Monkey Army, falls into a well that had water, but the water level went down and he fell into a deep, deep hole, while dancing. There he finds a chest with a paper inside: it has some drawings that describe a strange machine or device. When he climbs up, he shows it to the monkeys and they try to understand what the drawing and the annotations next to it means: it seems like some machine done by the cannibals a long, long time ago. Jojo must go to Blood Island, new home of the cannibals and tell them. HT MARLEY: Now he is the Governor of Melee Island, and he has a problem: a lot of things are being stolen by a unknown thief, and even the SCUMM Bar (it's rebuilt) chef was murdered. He has to find who's doing all that mess on Melee. In the end, he finally gets the thief and murderer (Jean Drake) but he jumps to the deep sea and doesn't come back. What happened to him? And an important question: What happened to Elaine? And how's Jean Drake doing in Threepwood's body? LEMONHEAD: His friends left him alone in that dark and lonely island (Blood) with Mort, Goodsoup and Madame Xima as his only company. One day, a little monkey comes to talk with him about this cannibal secret. He travells to Monkey Island to help the monkey, and finds stunning information about Monkey Island, its monkeys and cannibals, and the mystery island that Wally is searching. JEAN DRAKE & MURRAY: The end is coming. We finally play as Guybrush, now in JD body. The chapter starts with the end of HT Marley's chapter, and we must find a way to get out of the sea without returning to Melee. In his way, he finds Murray There will be a last chapter where all the questions are answered, Elaine appears and the game ends. The chapters can't be really long, so maybe some things can be simplified or just wiped from the game. Long story short: LeChuck is dead. Nobody knows where Elaine is, and the Voodoo Lady is taking a long break, so she doesn't know about Jose Gonzalez and his evil spells with Guybrush. It's time to play as secondary characters! As you see, I got the story, but I'll be needing help with the art. I draw very bad, so I need the characters and backgrounds. Maybe we can do a cartoonish style, a mix of the CoMI art and the MI:SE art. But I'm not really sure, so we can discuss that later. I made some music for the game: it's very bad, it's simple and it's in low quality, but maybe it can fit in the game. Downloads: Final Battle and Woodtick Theme. (don't mind the "for TTG forums" part) I'm doing a poll asking if the game should have voices or not. I mean, it's not in the first two Monkeys style, but it's a fangame, so maybe it's complicated to find voices for every character. I'm not sure. Oh, and a last thing: the game should have references to all the Monkey's. Obviously it can't be full of them because it would feel like a recycled game, but I'm planning to use some cool lines like "Papappishu", "ahoy there, fancy pants!" (melee shopkeeper), "that is the second ____est _____ I've ever seen!", "Feed him to the Jungle Beast!" or "I’m happy as a penguin sliding on his belly". This one could go to the scientist Gonzalez, because he is like DeSinge, only a little more... manly. Maybe we can put some references as backstory of ToMI, e.g some guy that met Santino a long time ago or something about Winslow, etc. I even thought up something similar to the Guybrush-Woodsmith lines in LR: I don't know where to put that joke, but it has to be between two characters that already met, they are talking of something that happened before, and the main character thought that the other character thought something in that moment and bla bla bla. Sorry for the long post, but I had to explain it . If someone wants to help or has any question, just ask here. I'm willing to answer, and I need help for this project. It's really big.
  3. Hi there guys I ve been reading around these pages for last 2 hours without findind any solution for this problem, that as far as I know it's not just "mine". I m talking about the not working subs in any other language in MISE 2. I ve tried everything I could.. - I used MI explorer and find the .info files and tried to replace the it/ (i'm italian) ones with the eng files. I didnt work because, as I read here, as the monkey2.pak file is repacked it's slightly different form the original and doesnt work. I tried a way to import o replace files directly in MI explorer or a similar software, but I didnt find anything like that.:¬: -Then I tried working on speech.info and other files in audio folder but without any good result -Then I tried with some oder editors (epic failure..). In the end I read that perhaps the subs are in the 000 and 001 original files but how the hell could I take them and use the in game-text within?? Sorry to bother you, I wouldnt like to give up ...:¬: any help is appreciated
  4. Hi! I want to extrack or get the original score from The Secret Of Monkey Island Thanks! Pat
  5. I apologise for this being a shameless plug, but it is relevant I'm starting up a website selling these fine leather jackets piratey badges. A couple of these are inspired by Monkey Island. You can take a look and give your all important vote at http://buttonsahoy.com. Enjoy & let me know what you think!
  6. I'm looking for a method to edit the font files (FONT*.NUT) because the russian fonts have some errors. I had a old version fonts, but I found in this page a patch named COMI Update Fonts RUS v4. In the image you can see what is the problem. In cyrillic convertion, —â®? convert to Что? (this means "What?"), but you can see differences because convert the "â" in a "m" and not in "т". I open the font files with ScummRev but I don't understand very well what I must to do to modificate it. Here is a package with the fonts and language files in russian: Russian fonts and language files Thanks for your help
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