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Found 8 results

  1. Hey!! What's everyone's favorite characters from the jedi knight series ?? mine is : From Dark forces: Jerec,Kyle From Jedi Outcast: Desann,JAN,kyle,Luke From Jedi Academy: Alora,Jaden What's yours ??
  2. Hello every one !!! l desided to fynaly finish this skin l have been making all month and here it is [email=http://www.freeimagehosting.net/ultq6]http://www.freeimagehosting.net/ultq6[/email] next http://www.freeimagehosting.net/snl6s and http://www.freeimagehosting.net/52eov l hope every one will like it it's a new alora skin that l have been making l wondered there is a great sith skin for bastila what abaut for alora so l desited to create it l have been adding some texture to the eyes and the face to make her more sith and look at the progress !! Alora1 99% Alora2 80% creating a new lightsaber for her 0% to make her a selectable character 0% bug fixing 60% the ligthsaber will be all new and it will be realy great and to make her a selectable will be also included in this mod also there will be new icons for her so please reply to this thread l posted l need some advice l had lots work making it.
  3. Okay here we go:lsduel: l have been seeing some intresting npc and l have been wondering if every one create's some asome npc's l cud too create a npc .But l can't find the right jka tools:argh:. l Wonted to create a Darth Malgus model Jka style with his own animations and sound's but l don't known what kind of Jka tools l need to use and download can someone help a litil
  4. Okay here we go!! l fanaly bagan skinning model's thank's to katanamaru:thmbup1: for the help and here is a model began skinning!!! this a new reborn skin l have been making at abaut two days and soon l will add more texture to it l hope everybody will try it out when l realese it !!!!:saberr: p.s thank's katanamaru for the good help !!
  5. l known it will be crude of me to ask this but please help!!!! l created an awsome reborn skin but l don't known how to make it a pk3 file please help l abaut to finnish a mod!!!!!!
  6. I was thinking, since there are no current plans for another JK game then why not continue the game ourselves. We could create a major collaberoration of levels and other things to continue where the story left off. I think the thing people would most want i the continuation of the dark side option. It would stick you back in Katarn's shoes as he hunts down Jaden. OR You could be Jaden and get imaginative with the storyline. A lot of effort woul be required like Voice overs for the main characters. Other enemies and thing's sounds can be reused from outcast and academy. (I like the imperial officer's voices better from outcast) There wouldn't be much need for new models. Textures could be mixed from outcast and ja as well as created. And the levels could be put together using GTK Radient. New effects would be unneeded so it would probably work. It's only an idea but i think it would work.
  7. Hello the world of JKA = Jedi knight: jedi academy! Here is how it works! mIRC - A big chat program, used by the biggest games.. like cs or WC3. How it works: You join a channel and in that channel theres many other people wich makes it easy to find a TFFA or somethinh else maybe a clan.. You will need this program -> http://www.mirc.com/ Download and install Then start it and connect to quakenet by typing /server se.quakenet.org When you are connected type -> /j #tffa When you are in the channel you can Rename by doing -> /nick Solid-IssE for example.. Now when you are in the channel, done.. In there it will be way easier to find a tffa.. But if we are gonna make this work we need many honorable and brave JKA players to join.. im gonna talk with alot of base clans about it and please spread it! And ja+ers are welcome aswell If you need any help with this contact me on guestbook.. // Solid - IssE
  8. Greetings! =|TD|= is a new clan created July 17, 2009. We are focused on the NF Side of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. We have a server, which can the IP can be found on our forums. Website: http://tranquildomain.ipbfree.com If you are wanting to join =|TD|= you must agree to follow these 6 simple rules. 1. Follow the Server and forum rules at ALL times 2. No Racism. Racism will not be tolerated and you will be banned immediately. 3. No Argueing with or impersonating an admin. 4. Do Not Disrupt The Server In Any Way 5. DO NOT PESTER ADMINS 6. Support the Admins And Other Clan Members Promotions Skill level has nothing to do with promotions. Maturity has everything to do with it. We would rather have someone who can barely play, is a lot of fun and carries with them a sense of integrity, than someone who is PWNTASTIC and acts immature. In holding ourselves to a higher standard of conduct, we lead by example and it is more likely you will be kicked or banned for rule breaking than someone who hasn't joined the forums. Getting promoted also has nothing to do with time in the clan. We cannot stress this enough. It is the effort you put into the servers and the contributions you make to the clan. Some factors we look at include: 1. Your playing time in the servers and love of the game. 2. Your maturity and ability to make the correct decisions in the servers. 3. Your forum activity - Do you contribute to the clan outside of playing the game? 4. Age - We try and keep an even balance between younger and older 5. Donations do not guarantee a promotion, but they do get you noticed. People who donate are mentioned in the news, allowing others to learn your name quicker and so might watch to see if you meet the 4 above requirements a little quicker than someone who did not make the news. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE TO BE PROMOTED. The vast majority of Admins are not donors. The best way to NEVER get promoted is "ASKING FOR A PROMOTION". Just play and have fun. More information is available on our forums.
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