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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone !!! can someone help me with one small problem please !!! does anyone has a copy of these mods Sith lagacy ll skin pack for jko mp Kyle jedi stealth gear mod Camo jan skin Darth Vader to desann Kyle's stormtroopers armor Mace windu lightsaber hilt mod Clone wars saber sounds mod for jko Clones skin pack for jko mp Anakins hilt mod for jko Count dooku/Lord Tyranus skin for jko l having trouble by downloading them from game front when l try to download them a weird bug appears file not found l don't understand it l tryed several times by clicking on the download section but nothing still file not found:eekanime::argh: please can someone send me a copy of these mods and can someone tell me what's happening to gamefront ???? P.s l'm having this problem all day please l can someone send me a copy of these mods
  2. Hey everyone !! um who can test my Sith lord Desann skin on jko here is a link http://www.gamefront.com/files/22839202/Sith+lord+Desann+mod+1.0.zip all parts are in the zip file even the readme.txt but if someone can please test my mod ?? thank's so can be ready for the upload to jkofilefront P.S the icons remain the same l'm still working on them
  3. hello!! does anyone knowns is there any star wars knights of the old republic skins pack mods for jko mp becoz l'm looking for some swkotor skins for jedi outcast;)???? please l need some help!!! P.s l'm always having trouble in finding some swkotor skins:(
  4. Hello every one !!! Today l just started to create an awsome map for jka it's called battle of hoth map for jka here as you can see http://i49.tinypic.com/2hnsxeh.jpg this map will be realy huge and it also will have great effects like in "Star wars Empire strikes back" l hope everyone will like it l'm putting lot's of work in to it and also fixing bugs l'm also gana expand this map and lt's gana be full of suprises:) also l'm working on the rebel base and some hiddin caverns and also with the npc's and look at the progress ! Rebel base 10% hiddin caverns 5% imperial attack 2% the milenium falcon's model not yet started effects 50% wheather almost and also this map will be for jko too and someone please give me a support with this map that will nice if everyone wants l cud show all my work with this map but the worst part is l can't find battle of hoth theme but still every details looks good. p.s the harbinger map l will create it next time this one will work the most.
  5. Hello everyone!! today l just goted back to jko and l started playing singleplayer:cool: l'm now at keijim base level but can someone help with the cheat commands!! l wont to known how l can get weapons from the cheat console :confused: only weapons:rolleyes: that l need not all weapons just weapons that l need !!! and also how l can get items(bacta canisters,batiries,...) from the cheat console and how l can get ammo from the cheat console??? P.s l'm new with jko cheats and the weapons that l wont to add is bowcaster,heavy reapeter,blaster rifle,flettche,detonator.
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