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Found 18 results

  1. I had the reinstall the game because M4-78 wasn't functioning properly, but now whenever I load my save files the game crashes! Is there a simple fix to this or do I have to start over? (I really hope I don't have to, I was like half way through the game )
  2. Hello, is anybody still on here? I am having trouble locating my save files in KOTOR 2. I can only find the save files from another character.
  3. Aspyr want to know if people want TSL for mobile. You can sign up to express interest here: click me Not sure why they're being so dithery about it, but still: if you want to see TSL for mobile, be sure to sign up.
  4. I plan on making these character builds for this board just as I do the same thing for K1, for those who still play this game and are interested in trying something new. (Well, do to the new update I'm positive there are A LOT more people playing this again, possibly newbies!) This specific build is going to cover Luke throughout the film, ROTJ as Luke is a Jedi Knight. Anyways, let's get started on this series for TSL. Luke Skywalker Born as the son of the fallen Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and the Queen and Senator of Naboo, Padme Amidala, Luke was raised on Tatooine and hidden from Emperor Palpatine and his father, who had recently become Darth Vader. After losing his first duel with his father on Bespin, Luke has now had several more years to hone his Jedi skills. He has both learned Djem So and built his own lightsaber on Tatooine with help from books at Ben Kenobi’s old home. He has also learned some of the intricacies of lightsaber combat, including Blaster Deflection and Weapon Focus. He becomes very powerful during this time, along with learning the dark rage, mind trick, and force grip powers. Class: Jedi Guardian, Prestige Class: Jedi Weaponmaster STR 12 DEX 15 CON 12 INT 10 WIS 14 CHA 14 ~Feats~ Flurry (3) Critical Strike (3) Dueling (3) Lightsaber Proficiency (3) Finesse Lightsabers (For higher DEX with Luke) Conditioning (3) Regenerate Force Points ~Force Powers~ Dominate Mind Force Kill Force Push Force Immunity Force Redirection Destroy Droid To finish things off, go with the green Lightsaber & a Dark Jedi Robe. Poof Luke Skywalker in KOTOR 2...
  5. I pulled out my Kotor 2 for the first time in a while, installed it, but could not play. As soon as I click on the shortcut or the autorun.exe, a message pops up saying "The game does not seem to be properly installed. Please restore the installation or reinstall the game." I uninstalled and tried again with no success. There are very few threads with this error and none were resolved (each time the OP never responded). But I quickly learned that Kotor 2 has an issue with Windows 7. So I followed the steps here to the letter twice - each time getting the same error. I don't know how to proceed now. When I had Vista, this game installed fine with no errors (very weird considering all the issues I've read of) but now that I'm on 7, it doesn't appear to work. One thing I've noticed is that the swkotor2.exe is not in the root directory, and I cannot drag it from the CD. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Specs: Windows 7 64-bit Core 2 Duo 2.53Ghz 6Gb RAM ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670
  6. Hi all. I've played this game many times now but I have however only gotten to the end part against Kreia Once! (due to me giving up) . The one time when I did get to this end part. I DIED. What gear should I use? >Gauntlets >Robes >Sabers >Crystals >Powers. Thanks
  7. Hi guy, I'm really new at this, but I've been having a problem I hope you can help me with I've had KoTOR and TSL for years, and I've played them through a million times on my old computer. But, the thing is, I've just recently bought a new computer, a laptop, and now with TSL I'm having a big problem! You know when you click 'stealth mode', and your character switches to that cool invisible effect look? I've seen and used it countless times on my old computer for TSL, but now on this new one it's got that silly yellow shield graphic instead. I've done some digging and from what I can tell, it looks like having the graphics option 'Frame Buffer Effects' enabled is responsible for the cool invisible effect, while not having it enabled creates that yellow shield sort of look. So, I'd like to enable it. But the problem is, it's greyed out! In the advanced options settings under graphics options, 'Frame Buffer Effects' is greyed out, and I can't tick the box. Next to it, 'Soft Shadows' is also greyed out and I can't enable it either. The shadows one isn't really bothering me, but I'd really like to be able to put Frame Buffer Effects on. I've looked for about a week now how to fix this, and I've come up with nothing. Also, editing the 'swkotor2' file in the game's program files folder doesn't appear to do anything. Can anyone help me with this, I'm at a total loss When I run the 'scan hardware' thing, it gives me this: [sWKotOR] ReportDateTime=21/05/2013 4:05:18 PM SysInfoVersion=v1.00.60 GameExists=1 GameVersion=v2.00.424 GameInstallLocation=C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\ [OS] Name=WinXP Version=Windows XP v5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 2 Service Pack=None Status=Pass [swapFiles] ?:\pagefile.sys=0 [CPU] CPUCount=8 CPUSpeed=2195 CPUFamily=6 CPUModel=10 CPUStepping=9 CPUVendor=Intel CPUName= Intel® Core i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz Status=Pass [Memory] RAM=4096 Status=Pass [Disk Free Space] C: (NTFS), UNICODE=792.08GB D: (NTFS), UNICODE=3.00GB Status=Pass [CD-ROMs] DriveLetters=E:\ Drives= [Video] Video Card Name=Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Video Memory=2048 Desktop Resolution=1366x768x32 @ 60Hz DirectX=DirectX 9.0c ( OpenGL Version=4.0.0 - Build OpenGL Vendor=Intel OpenGL Renderer=Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Vid Card Status=Warning Vid Card Driver Status=Pass GL Status=Pass DX Status=Pass [Audio] Sound Card Name=Speakers / HP (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) Status=Pass ;Game Options from swkotor2.ini [Display Options] FullScreen=1 Disable Movies=0 Disable Intro Movies=0 Sort Modules=1 Width=640 Height=480 BitsPerPixels=32 RefreshRate=60 [sound Options] Music Volume=85 Voiceover Volume=85 Sound Effects Volume=85 Movie Volume=85 Number 3D Voices=32 Number 2D Voices=32 2D3D Bias=1.00 Force Software=0 EAX=0 Sound Init=0 Disable Sound=0 [Graphics Options] V-Sync=0 Anisotropy=1 Frame Buffer=1 Anti Aliasing=0 Texture Quality=0 Grass=1 Soft Shadows=1 Shadows=1 Brightness=57 EnableHardwareMouse=1 FullScreen=0 [Game Options] UnlockedPlanetSongs=1 Enable Tooltips=1 Keyboard Camera Deceleration=2000.000000 Keyboard Camera Acceleration=500.000000 Keyboard Camera DPS=200.000000 TextureVariation=0 BodyVariation=0 AppearanceType=0 PCGender=0 GameCompleted=0 CurSithLord=0 Hide InGame GUI=0 Use Small Fonts=0 Hide Unequippable=0 Tutorial Popups=1 Subtitles=1 Mini Map=1 Floating Numbers=1 Status Summary=1 Enable Mouse Teleporting To Buttons=1 Mouse Sensitivity=44 Difficulty Level=1 Auto Level Up NPCs=0 Mouse Look=0 AutoSave=1 EnableScreenShot=0 Reverse Mouse Buttons=0 Reverse Ingame YAxis=0 Reverse Minigame YAxis=0 Combat Movement=1 TooltipDelay Sec=1 [config] firstrun=0 [Keymapping] Action286B=8 Action286A=7 Action285B=10 Action285A=9 Action284B=54 Action284A=51 Action283B=54 Action283A=51 Action282B=69 Action282A=73 Action281B=53 Action281A=76 Action280B=69 Action280A=73 Action268=52 Action265=58 Action264=57 Action263=43 Action262=85 Action261=84 Action260=83 Action259=82 Action258=81 Action257=80 Action256=79 Action255=78 Action254=77 Action253=31 Action245=75 Action244=55 Action243=67 Action242=74 Action241=87 Action240=56 Action239=68 Action238=82 Action236=83 Action234=81 Action232=80 Action230=79 Action228=78 Action226=77 Action225=70 Action224=90 Action223=31 Action222=25 Action221=24 Action220=29 Action219=28 Action218=42 Action217=87 Action216=65 Action215=63 Action214=60 Action213=62 Action212=61 Action211=66 Action210=59 Action209=71 Action208=89 Action207=72 Action206=30 Action205=55 Action204=67 [Autopause Options] End Of Combat Round=0 Mine Sighted=0 Enemy Sighted=1 Party Killed=1 Action Menu=0 New Target Selected=1 [Movies Shown] Movie10=0 Movie 9=0 Movie 8=0 Movie 7=0 Movie 6=0 Movie 5=0 Movie 4=0 Movie 3=0 Movie 2=0 Movie 1=0 Movie 0=4 Also, if it's any use whatsoever, my laptop is an HP Envy M6 1220TX, and it runs 64 Bit Windows 8. Please help me guys! Thank you
  8. Ok, let me explain as simply as I can. I have a laptop that is pretty good. It is about two years old. When I first got the laptop from NEC,(because I live in Japan) it had Vista on it with NEC provided drivers. The computer reported that it had Mobile Intel 4 series express chipset installed. With this set up Kotor 1 (as well as many other games that I love from Oblivion to phantasy star) worked great. I could play the game with the graphics set on high and I never had a problem. I don't remember if I had to do anything special to get the game to work I just remember that it worked and my son was happy to cut down sand people with a lightsaber. I brought a copy of Kotor 2 with me from America but I could never get it to work with Vista not matter how many times I reinstalled the game, moved dll files or what have you. It never worked. Then I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 so that I could change the system language from Japanese to English. (Don't ever use a pc that is not in your language, it is a massive headache) Of course with the new system still had the same hardware but now I was working with Windows 7 and a Microsoft provided graphics driver. After I set the computer up I tried to install Kotor 2 and what do you know, it worked. It wasn't perfect but it did work. There were lots of random crashes and sometimes the computer forgot to render the world so my character was running around in empty space but the game did work. After a while I figured out that I couldn't play for longer than about an hour at a time or the game would glitch and I needed to switch between the game and another application about every ten minutes for some reason or the game would crash but once I knew the tricks I was able to get through the game. After beating Kotor 2 a couple of time I decided to go back and play Kotor 1 again because some things HK said didn't seem to add up story wise and I wanted to check it out. But Kotor 1 would not work. I couldn't even get the game to start. It would install fine but I just couldn't get the game to run. I tried compatibility installing, moving dll files, replacing the EXE file, but nothing worked. Then I decided to go to Intel's website and download an updated graphics driver. With that Kotor 1 worked and I could play the game with graphics on high. But there was a problem, now Kotor 2 won't work anymore. It crashes if I load one of my game saves. If I start a new character I can get through character creation but when it starts to load the prologue the game crashes. So here is what I'm looking at with this machine: Vista with NEC provided graphics driver: Kotor 1 works great, Kotor 2 won't Windows 7 with Microsoft provided graphics driver: Kotor 1 won't work, Kotor 2 works with some problems but is playable, just don't use force sight, that crashes the game. Windows 7 with Intel provided graphics driver: Kotor 1 works great, Kotor 2 crashes after character creation The same machine is able to play both games but not at the same time apparently. I have done a lot of the suggestions here to get kotor 2 to work with the Intel driver but nothing works. I've reinstalled with compatibility mode, run as administrator, get a new EXE from securom but nothing works. Please HELP, I am about to pull my hair out. Now I have considered that this just might have to be the way things stay and in that case I am almost prepared to go out and buy a graphics card to update another computer I have so it can play both games but which of the currently marketed graphics cards will play them?
  9. Hi, I'm new to LucasForums. I'm trying to play KotOR 2, but it always stops working after the intro. I can't seem to be able to get he game to patch. I've tried the manual but it a box always pops up that says "Old box not found. however, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match." I also can't get it patched by using SecuROM. I'm not too good with computers, so i need a somewhat simple answer.
  10. Hey people, bought a used copy of KOTOR 2, installed it without problems and everything works...right up until level 1 begins. Specifically, I go through the character creation, the first movie plays, level begins but there's no picture or anything. I get a few sounds and music from the game before it crashes, with the typical Vista error msg: "KOTOR 2 has stopped working properly and needs to close. Windows will let you know when a solution is available." I've run through the research and the forums, tried all the fixes that were applicable to my problem and system; mss32.dll fix, adjusted graphics settings, set the game compatibility for Windows XP SP2, etc. I run a Vista-32 bit Sony Vaio, with all the updates and newest drivers, I have an Intel 956 Chipset w/ accelerated media graphics driver (worked fine for KOTOR 1 and similar games), my RAM is great and my hard drive has enough space for another OS and then some. Someone rescue me please!
  11. hey , this is my first post so if it in the wrong place please tell me. ok, i am runing windows 7 64 bit with a 32" tv screen. it has 4gb ram and plenty of hdd space and is easily capable of running this game. i installed kotor 1 and decided i did not wont to do the taris mission ( i had previously done it before anyway ) because it is too long, so i installed a mod to skip it. everything was great until i walked outside on dantouine. There were random streaks in the air and i tried everything to fix it but i gave up and unintalled the game. today i was planning to give it another shot but tried to install kotor 1 and it sent me to the uninstaller -_- . i ran ccleaner as man people said but nothing happened. i went into regedit but had no luck. Can anyone help me i am in desprite need of playing it, but my pc wont let meeee.
  12. I have another TSL mod request, please bear with me. I'm here to ask any modder that has the time if one of you could please craft for me accurate suits of the 4 members Delta Squad's armor like those seen in Star Wars: Republic Commando, I've seen such a suit of armor before but it was slightly innacurate, basically the body armor was too thin instead of being really bulky and it lacked the backpack that Commandos carry. Basically what I'm asking is for someone to craft the accurate, bulky, replicas of their armor for KoToR 2 TSL, in case you need reference here are some images for a bit better reference http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/c/cb/Delta_Squad.jpg http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/2891/602513-squad_delta_super.jpg http://www.giantbusts.co.uk/acatalog/SWSEV.png and http://media.photobucket.com/image/Clone%20Commando%2007/Red_13_/Everything%20Else/Star%20Wars/Clone_commando.jpg please reply asap with any thoughts or questions you may have
  13. As you can tell by the title, this is for discussion about the Dark Side transitions in the KotOR games. Many people have argued over what they should really be like. I myself have pondered this and I have come to this conclusion: The Dark Side transitions of the KotOR era reflect the times and the state of the Galaxy. Think about it. The Mandalorian Wars caused the death of thousands of innocents and the extinction of entire races. And Malak and Revan's war on the Galaxy only increased the death toll. Perhaps these deaths and wounds sent echos through the force, echos that presented themselves on those that walked the path of the Dark Side and opened themselves up to it. This could attribute to the diseased look of Dark-siders in K1. In K2, when the Galaxy is still healing from the aforementioned wars, entire planets of Force sensitives are being devoured and left void. Jedi are being murdered across the Galaxy and the Dark Side reigns supreme. Imagine the echos that these events could have caused. Not only could the echos in the force manifest on those who walked the Dark Path, but the pure corruption of the Dark Side could also show itself. As seen in the rotten zombie like transitions on K2. During the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, there weren't nearly as many deaths, and the Force was pretty evened out (due to the presence of Jedi and Sith in both eras), which is probably why Palpatine/Sidious was able to hide his presence for so long. That's what I think, tell me... What do you think?
  14. Who do you think is the best lost jedi? Not character-wise really, but moreso who's best fit for the jedi, and who would make the biggest impact on the Order.
  15. I'm somewhat against paying $$$ a month. I'm wondering if they will have a free version. I'm an avid KOTOR fan and this looks great though. Give me your thoughts.
  16. hi there, I installed kotor 2 recently, and right in the beginning of the game i had some lag problems....i tried restarting the game, restarting my pc, reinstalling the game, but it didn't worked I already played the game years ago, in my old computer, and didn't had any problems im using windows XP and my configuration is as follow: nvidia geforce 8800gt intel core 2 duo 2.1 ghz 2gb ram I really don't know what's causing the problem...any sugestions?
  17. Hey everyone, I apologize if there's already some threads reguarding this but, I just finished playing KotOR 2 yesterday, and decided I'd play KotOR 1 today... And, Every time I try to play it, I'm disappointed with their jedi robes. So, really, what I wanted in KotOR 1, is KotOR 2 robes, or at least Jedi and Dark jedi robes. I realize porting is illeagal, but what if someone made a similar model and texture. I've tried myself, but I have virtually no skills when it comes to modelling, or well, modding in general. Thanks for reading, the mod would be an excellent x-mas gift to myself, and others who wanted the same sort of mod.
  18. Hello there, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm bloody searching for a mod which disguises/transforms you into Malak. Although I found some already, all of them have their animations bugged(aka when attacking with lightsaber) Is there any Malak mod which doesn't have the animation bug? Thanks in advance.
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